The zoo in Oradea will be moved outside the city, on a land of at least 20 hectares

The Department of Public Domain Administration (ADP) and Oradea Town Hall are looking for land to relocate and expand the zoo in one of the forests adjacent to the municipality, on an area of ​​at least 20 hectares, three times larger than at present.

“Right now, we have two variants in the works. Last week I went with Mr. Bologan (CJ Bihor – no) and Mr. Birta (Mayor of Oradea – no), to San Martin City Hall. Some projects were discussed regarding the community belt and the connecting train The city is in Cordo, and the third goal was the zoo that we proposed to set up, on an area of ​​20 hectares, on the edge of the Felix Forest. The mayor said he would discuss with the local agents, private parties. And we have another option in the Săldăbagiu forest, where we have to make an exchange of land, because the forest Oradea municipality is outside the forest of Borş municipality,” said Liviu Andrica, Director of ADP Oradea, in Agerpres on Tuesday.

The zoo relocation project is linked to the municipality’s project to build a sports and leisure complex, on a total area of ​​21 hectares (211,664 square metres, to be exact, according to PUZ approved in July), which would be completed in the next five years. The multifunctional complex will be built near the new multi-purpose Oradea Arena, on a perimeter bordered by Făgăraşului Street, Traian Blajovici Street, Bihorul Sports High School and the Zoo. It will allow sports competitions, concerts, festivals and other types of events with a large audience.

The sports base will include a modern 16,000-seat stadium, a night-lighting installation, a 46-room hotel, a 150-seat underground car park, and an outdoor market. Around the stadium, the municipality plans to create a park and playgrounds for team sports, including football and tennis, on the site of the current zoo, which will be moved out of town.

The entire project will also include the protection and enhancement of the Rhedey Chapel within the zoo, a gymnasium and educational pool within the Bihorul Sports High School and the renovation of the Youth Stadium to international standards, namely the athletics stadium with a track and an amphitheater.

This complex project will also serve the needs of the high school with a sports program, the College “Partenie Cosma” and the University of Oradea, whose pupils and students will have the opportunity to practice their sports and study hours in this modern sports base.

The new sports complex will be built by the National Investment Corporation (CNI) to be completed within five years, in 2027.

“The relocation of the park is determined by the construction of the sports complex which is necessary because the stadium project “takes up” about three hectares of the zoo for parks and green spaces. “If we cannot move until the start of the sports project, we will have to reduce the area of ​​the park by an amount,” Andrica said. Half, with an area of ​​7.3 hectares, we are still preparing to move.”

According to the feasibility study approved by the local council of Oradea, the investment in the future sports complex will amount to 45.68 million euros, excluding VAT.

A new area PUZ for the sports complex was recently approved, on July 28, at CL Oradea, the sports complex’s documentation with the burden-free land is sent to CNI and the Department of Development for the purpose of project financing.

Andrica also specified, for Agerpres, that the new zoo would be a very modern one, cognizant of the trend of development and arrangement of zoos in Europe, with animals exposed in areas representing continents, with well-established, informative and attractive avenues for all ages.

“This is what I saw in several places that I visited for documentation: in Hungary, Nyrighaza, Germany and Switzerland. In this way, the park was conceived of the continents and their inhabitants,” said ADP Director Oradea.

August 9 is the International Day of Zoos and Parks. It is celebrated to indicate the importance of species conservation, to promote education and inform public opinion about biodiversity conservation.

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