Atanas Trică, making official Steaua debut directly against his father, Eugen

The match in the first stage of the new season of the second league Steaua – Metaloglobus (score 1-1) also produced an interesting duel on the field in Ghencea.

For the first time in a competitive match, Metaloglobus coach Eugen Trică (46), this summer’s coach, was an opponent of his son Atanas Ioan Trică (18), on loan in this transfer campaign from Steaua de la University of Craiova.

Atanas Tricot made his debut in Steaua in a match where his father, Eugene Tricot, was his opponent

Trică junior made his official debut in Steaua at the end of the match with Metaloglobus. In the 68th minute of the match, Daniil Opricha put him on the field instead of the Bulgarian Tsvetelin Chunchukov, when the score was already equal, 1-1.

Watched from the sidelines by his father, Eugene Tricot, the opponent in this match, and from the stands next to his mother, Lorena Palacci, daughter of former footballer Elie Palacci, Atanas failed to create any dangerous stage in the defending goal. by Gavrilaș. The Metaloglobus coach explained the reason, but at the same time said that he was afraid of his son.

“Atanas came and when I managed to finish the match very well, he didn’t have much space. He is a good player. If he prepares, he will also join the team at Steaua. I think so, because he is a very talented player. I was scared once when he came in. I said: “Just give me a break.”said Eugene Tricot over the DigiSport mic at the end of the game in Ghencea.

Eugene Tricot encouraged his son to choose Steaua: “Now, everything depends on him, to impose himself”

Atanas Knitting is following in his father’s footsteps. The 18-year-old striker from Craiova, who turned 9 July, first played at the University of Craiova, and now, this summer, he has signed with Steaua, the army sports club team.

Trică Sr. said he had advised his son to choose Steaua, but admitted he still had work to do to succeed in becoming a key player for the club from Ghencea.

“Of course. He wanted so much, first of all, to get to Steaua. He knew the history of this club, he knew it was a very big club. It was good for him. As proof of his arrival. Now, everything depends on him, to impose himself, to get Shirt holder. Because it’s very difficult to play here. They are valuable players.”announced Eugene Knitwear.

They didn’t speak in the week before the live match

At the end of the match in which he made his debut with Steaua, even against his father, Atanas Triko said that Eugene tried to find out through him certain details of the tactics that Daniel Oprah had thought of, but he did not betray his current coach, in fact he preferred not to speak last week with his father .

“We haven’t spoken on the phone since last Monday and now just a few words about the match. After the match, now, no.
Because it was not explained, he asked me, he asked me different things, how I sit in the corners. I didn’t want to leave the house and decided not to talk for another week”said Atanas Knitwear, according to DigiSport.

Atanas Tricho, great-grandson of Eli Balaci, made his debut in League 1 in the jersey of Universitatea Craiova, at the end of the match with Academica Clinceni (score 0-0), which was held at the “Ion Oblemenco” stadium on May 26, 2021, in 2020-2021. . In the last edition of the First League, 2021-2022, he earned another 23 minutes in the Craiova jersey in three matches, with Dynamo (6-1 in Stefan cel Mare, when he scored the last goal of the match), “FCU” Craiova ( 2-0) and CS Mueveni (3-0). Otherwise, he played for the second league team, from the third league, where he appeared several times and scored goals. This summer he was loaned to Steaua, where he hopes to become a regular League 2 player.

In his career, Eugene Tricot has played with U Craiova, Steaua, Litex Lovech (Bulgaria), Maccabi Tel Aviv (Israel), CSKA Sofia (Bulgaria), CFR Cluj, Anorthosis Famagusta (Cyprus) and Concordia Chiajna, where he retired from football in 2011. The former striker has more than 400 matches in his career and 4 matches for the national team, and since 2012 he started his coaching career, among the teams he managed were Juventus Bucharest, CFR Cluj, Utah, Metalul Richa, Sportol Snagov, “FCU” Craiova, Torres Oltul Torno Mogorelli, Vitorul Pandori Targu Gio, and from this summer Metaloglobus Bucharest.

Eugene and Atanas were opponents before, but in a friendly match

However, this match is not the first that Eugene Triko and Atanas Triko have met as rivals. There was another one, but not official, but friendly.

In October 2021, when Eugene Trico was coach of Vitorul Pandori and Atanas Triko was at U Craiova, the two teams met in a friendly match held behind closed doors at the Lunca Jiului training camp for League 1 club.

U Craiova next prevailed 4-0, a match in which Laureniu Reghecampf used Atanas as a starter (number. 17) scored the goal 3-0 in the 77th minute.

picture: George Philip, Edward Vinatoro (Medifax Pictures), University of Craiova And the DigiSport captures

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