Carrefour expands its partnership with Cărtureşti in 16 hypermarkets

Carrefour Romania has partnered with Cărturești to implement a project aimed at placing book islands into retail stores in Romania, continuing the French retailer’s approach to supporting Romanian businesses. The project takes place in 16 hypermarkets in the country, where customers can choose from a wide selection of 1,000 volumes and more than 50,000 world-famous titles, as well as titles belonging to some of the most famous Romanian writers.

In 2021, the project was implemented in partnership with Cărturești in three major cities linking important regions of the country: Montenegro – Bucharest, Moldova – Iasi, Transylvania – Cluj. For the current year, the two partners have strengthened their local footprint by expanding the project nationally in two directions. Thus, depending on the size of the supermarkets, customers can choose between 250 addresses, representing small stores, and more than 1,000 addresses within large stores.

“Partnering with Cărtureşti honors and strengthens our position as supporters of Romanian business with a strong local footprint in the store, helping us to offer an in-store shopping experience to our customers. In this sense, from the first phase of the partnership, we focused on developing it at a national level, enabling us to reproduce the charm of Cărturesti bookstores in the mega 16 Carrefour Romania stores included in the project, said Julian Munch, CEO of Carrefour Romania.

Carrefour – Serturisty Partnership

Thus, Carrefour customers have access to a variety of curated book titles, from fiction and personal development to business and history books. The presence of Cărtureți bookstores has put 16 Carrefour hypermarkets out of the entire network of more than 370 stores open across the country at the top selling in the adult book category.

“For many years, Cărturesti has been going where he is needed. Through our projects we have always tried to be where our readers are: in bookstores on the streets and in shopping centers, in the capital and in as many cities as possible in the country, in the historical center, but also in Obor Square.We enjoy cooperation with Carrefour,which allows us to surprise and make the day of those who go shopping more beautiful.Some of the 16 book islands in Carrefour hypermarkets give us the opportunity to meet readers from cities where there are no bookstores yet, which makes us very happy.We believe that food for the mind is just as important as food for the body, so the image of an everyday shopping cart where books sit alongside bread, milk, fruits and vegetables can only intrigue us.The book should be among the essential products and we hope to impress as many people as possible So,” added Anna Niculescu, Crturești actress.

Carrefour Romania offers its customers a world of safe shopping possibilities: directly in more than 370 stores in the country, where with the Carrefour application and self-service cash registers, the shopping session becomes quick and easy or through online shopping services with home delivery or Click & Collect: www. and the BINGO and Glovo platforms, available for free on Google Play and the App Store.

Carrefour supports the communities in which it operates through long-term national programs and initiatives, with a positive impact on society: Cooperativa Agricola Vărăști, the first of its kind founded by a retailer in Romania, Deschidem Vinul Românesc and Creștem România BIO, within which the brand was introduced for the first time in Romania On conversion to membership. At the same time, it launched the Act For Good program, which turns shopping into a personal experience with social impact: with each shopping session and more, users receive Act For Good points, with which they can do good deeds, but also benefit from personal discounts and offers. Carrefour Romania operates in Romania through four legal entities: Carrefour SA, Artima SA, Columbus Operațional SRL and Supeco Investment SRL.

Cărturești is the first conceptual library in Romania, opened at the end of 2000 and is dedicated to a new experience of buying and promoting books and cultural products. Having become the most important bookstore chain in the Romanian market, Cărturești currently includes 38 spaces that redefine the idea of ​​a bookstore. Among the main bookstores of the brand, Cărturești Carusel, included in Telegraph’s list of the most beautiful libraries in the world, Cărturești Verona, the largest reading and book supply space in Bucharest, or Cărturești Modul, the library that brings together lovers of visual art.

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