Cleric responds to those who claim UNTOLD is ‘changing youth culture’: ‘Festival canceled, stay calm, other temptations are coming’

After a priest from Cluj chose to publicize his experience at UNTOLD, and dispel the “myth of satanic rites” that supposedly took place there, several churchmen began expressing their opinions regarding what the priest had revealed in the case.

Many were astonished, even shocked, at what the priest from Cluj had said, but some agreed as much as possible, including A young theologian decided to express his opinion publicly on the matter.

“About the unspeakable and how trite and spiritually unwise …”

I went to Untold! I am going for a few years. Well, I worked there this year. So all I will say here is experimental. During this period, year after year, posts or comments on social media are imbued with poison and stem from misunderstood piety or hypocrisy. Some diplomatic, others scandalous. Five of them I decided to share, some ironically, because I couldn’t take them seriously, and some more diplomatically‘, announced the young theologian.

“The Devil Serves the Unspeakable”

Probably, year after year I searched for altars specially prepared for these practices, in order to document accurately… Maybe it didn’t catch my eye, my fault, I’m still searching… And by the way, you are not allowed to bring food inside until you can bring a calf or Carry my sacrifice to Satan next to your soul, how sad, what people …“, He began.

“The indescribable is a source of negative energies (in fact, this comment, which belongs to an Orthodox priest, aroused my interest)”

Your Holiness, you see that your veins are bursting with the aura of holiness that you manifest in public. Do you know what the problem is with you and who enjoys your feedback, Dad? That you never set foot in a festival like this to see that all the people there, even if they don’t know each other, are friends. that you have never set foot in such a festival to see that all the people there are united, smiling and enjoying themselves, which I think will please the Savior more than the bleak and hardened face of many of these Christians who rulesaid the young man.

Then, you have never set foot in such a festival, but wish to make the ineffable fill your heart, and by hearsay from others who, in turn, have never set foot in such a festival but love rating. Most of what you hear, I tell you, I assure you, is wrong. Nothing sloppy ever happens, except that it involves only pleasure which, by the way, is a human need, and by implication, you also practice it, being human. And one more thing, we complain that young people do not come to church. We have jobs in parish bodies specifically dedicated to this issue. But let’s not be surprised. Such situations are one of the causes of this problem. ITO brand events I just got drunk with cold water, my opinion … but that’s not the topic of the day‘, the theologian declared, too.

“I know many friends who want to come to church but don’t understand what’s going on there”

We complain that young people do not come to church. But many of the values ​​I saw there and I told you above I don’t see in the church space. I know many friends who would like to come to church, but they do not understand what is going on there, are bored, and are not moved by anything in particular. In addition, they also clash with the face and attitude of some ultra-Orthodox and the collection is complete. Well, in Untold, it doesn’t exist: no boredom, no sad faces, and I understand what’s going on there. There must be a priest, row after row with the festival-goers, to convince them that the church is neither a pestilence nor a monkey from the trees. This elitism of us/you write, barren activities with a few youngsters just for the sake of advancing their degree and Facebook photos aren’t circulating anymore…“, He says.

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“Unspeakable is changing youth culture”

The problem with this observation is that we do not understand the concept of culture. According to DEX, culture represents “the sum of the material and spiritual values ​​created by mankind and the institutions necessary to communicate these values.” So, the culture includes not only Eminescu, Cioran, Beethoven, Mozart, Michelangelo and Grigorescu. Suppose this is a perennial crop. But in addition to this, there is also a culture that varies from generation to generation and from one people to another. Electronic music, snare, rap, techno and manele are all trademarks of a culture. This is not for everyone to taste… no competition… tastes are not discussedThe young man shrugged his shoulders.

Here I will also defend the Orthodox, because next week the pilgrimage will come from Nikola. The worship of icons, the worship of relics, is all a matter of culture and taste. So I am also angry at the comments of friends who see only fanaticism, stupidity, crowding and brainwashing in such events. No, it’s the same style as Untold, people driven by common tastes. Some like to jump to “left, left, left, right, right, right” and yell “Eeeeeee, oooooo,” and others like to bow, make a holy cross and sing “Mommy, I came to see you later” (I love that you do both). I do not consider this division into camps and infighting among them through silly and ostentatious comments auspicious. A little respect between us wouldn’t hurt‘, he declares with a laugh.

“Infinite in complete fasting”

Good, worth discussing. We will take the matter from the general interest to the private interest to see that the ineffable belongs to the former, while the function belongs only to the latter in this case. Untold is an international festival. Thousands of people and dozens, perhaps hundreds, of these people’s religions (plus a large percentage are atheists, anti-atheists, or agnostics). They do not have this post. Do we cancel the feast because the Orthodox and Catholics are fasting? The interpretation that we are a majority Orthodox country is incorrect. Let’s stop lying and be honest with ourselves, let’s ignore the statistics: How many countries do we assume Orthodoxy? How full are churches every Sunday and not just on holidays? Perhaps 20-30% of this large percentage declared Orthodox Christians. Then, coming to the Orthodox and Catholics (even presumed ones), what is the significance of fasting in their lives? How many people are still fasting? Do we cancel the feast for the least fasting people?added the theologian.

“The feast has been cancelled. Stay, dear Christians, for more forgetfulness to come.”

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaadsssssssssssssssssssssssssssss on on the impeccable Christian life, which leads implicitly to salvation, is also the resistance to living amid waves of temptations without judgment, living within the mors with all that it implies: traffic and inherent curses, excitement and bustle. And the hustle and bustle and thousands of rude situations, festivals, fairs, clubs, etc. Saints have kept their balance in such contexts, so why can’t we?asks the young man.

“After the indescribable, there will be exorcism services and a blessing of the place where the event took place”

There is no point in bothering to comment on these reactions. Just a few keywords: foolishness, bigotry, over-zealousness, hypocrisy, complete lack of empathy. That’s it. Let’s learn to live together. We’ve tried this for millions of years and the process still needs to be improved…He ended with disappointment at the reactions of those around him.

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