There will be secret agents in the taxis and licenses will be revoked! video

Constanta’s deputy mayor, Yunoi Russo, was at Studio Replica on Tuesday, August 9, to discuss administration, city problems and solutions, politics, and other topics of interest to citizens. He explained the state of business in the city, and answered the question of some Constantinople, namely: “Why is there no work at night”, but also to others, but he also dealt with such topics as: taxi drivers, the organization of roads, and events. Constantinople sports.

“I will begin by apologizing to everyone who suffers from this point of view because it is our intention to complete these modernization projects and we hope that these projects will be completed in a reasonable time and we, the people of Constanta, will be happy. The city is as we wish. Unfortunately, after a long time, it began to occur more and more of Accidents, which are things we take into account because through these projects we want to reduce these events,” Yunoi Russo said.

Why don’t you work at night?

“All things City Hall, those in Confort Urban do business at night, companies that win contracts hire subcontractors and operate as they please in a way that meets contractual deadlines,” the MP replied. mayor.

At the same time, the residents of Constanta do not understand why they see the asphalt being paved and then broken in the same place.

“I would like to provide clarification when we talk about these works. This layer is a layer of erosion and not permanent, and I am not happy to see what happens either. I was curious and asked questions, there are several stages of rehabilitation. These works are the responsibility of the companies, not the residents. Russo added that That layer of asphalt is not final.”

Organizing roads in the city: “We did not leave aside the projects of underground or above-ground corridors”

“Not only intersections are subject to inspection, but also circular intersections. On Lăpuneanu Street, in City Park – Dobrogea district, roundabouts will be removed from that area. In Păpădie district, roundabouts will be resisted. An intersection on Mamaia Street will be resisted. Last week, we conducted Discussions with many citizens and guess what they asked of us: to create unique meanings in the neighborhood. It is not an ideal solution, but technically the least expensive alternative. Of course, we did not ignore projects related to underground or above-ground corridors. “Traffic in One Direction is the easiest to implement.

“I don’t think the situation in Mamaia is so dark”

“The mayor of the city was elected to save this city, and we, the liberal team, have shouldered our shoulders, and what is happening in Mamaia, I can’t believe what is being said and the situation is so dark. We are in constant contact with the resort operators, there are better times and worse times,” the vice president said. Municipal “We want to create an OMD for Mamaia Resort, and we will see the good things right away.”

As overnight parking is no longer paid for, Constanta residents with a subscription say they can no longer find places

“Unfortunately, I tell you that when we have an influx of tourists in Constanta, it is difficult to solve this situation. We do not have enough tools to solve this problem. There are not enough parking spaces, not only in Constanta, but all over the country. The police are trying. Local to be as active as possible in the hottest places, there are many complaints, it’s true. We made this decision, but the regulation is not perfect, changes will follow and will be uploaded with public transparency, we will come to the citizens, to all concerned, following the legal path and then to the table city ​​council,” said Rousseau.

Taxi drivers alerts: there will be secret agents and when these things come true their licenses will be revoked

“We are very careful about this type of behavior. There is not a day that we don’t get at least 10 complaints, so I encourage you to come to us and report issues. There will be checks, there will be secret agents, and when these things come true, those licenses will be revoked.” There is a very strict regulation and some taxi drivers do not take it into account and seem to laugh at it. Let’s not forget that taxi service is a public service in the interest of citizens. Air conditioning is mandatory when getting a license. We are ready for citizens and encourage them to inform us, we have zero tolerance With this kind of behavior. I have someone in the audience who wants to see why his license was revoked. I will attend more and more hearings about this kind of problem,” Iono Russo explained.

In response to a question from one of the replica followers: “But how do you check Boltt and Uber?” Vice Mayor Yunoi Russo replied, “There is a legislative problem where we cannot have that kind of control.”

Relationship with Felicia Ovanesyan and Mayor of Czecak

“We are colleagues, we say hello. We are there for the good of the citizen and not just to satisfy my pride in front of anyone. I have an excellent relationship with the mayor, a constant dialogue, a dialogue of ideas and projects. We have beautiful things to do, things we want,” Vice Mayor Yunoi Russo said. Finish it until people are satisfied.”

Why so much hate online for local government?

“I would like to answer you with an exercise that we do constantly when we go to the field, things are not like the Internet. People create problems, the very important thing is to find solutions to their problems. Constanta is a building site, Constanta is changing for the better day by day, the results are showing. The world is running out of patience because The world is tired of waiting, and unfortunately there are a lot of factors that make this process difficult. The deputy mayor replied, I would like all these things to be done overnight, and when everything is ready, the world will be satisfied.”

“As long as nothing is done in this city, anything you do will upset the people.”

“I’ve never talked about the difficult legacy, and I’ve never talked about the past, I tell you one thing: As long as nothing is done in this city, anything you do will upset people, because in Constanta nothing has happened for a long time. Everyone is nervous, there Business is everywhere in the city, and the bad part is that there are businesses everywhere, and the good part is that when you are finished, it will all be over,” Yunoi Russo said.

Weekend events in the parks

“I was talking a few days ago that nothing is organized in Constanta, now, everywhere you go in Constanta is full of cultural events, in the area of ​​Oleg Danovsky Park, concerts are organized every weekend, and in Ovidiu Square there is an event that is organized every Almost once culturally, there are cultural events everywhere in the city, taking place in the open air, a fact determined by the renovation of theaters and performance halls.We are constantly on the lookout to find some spaces where we can offer the public the opportunity to participate in cultural events and in the off-season. We received the sun and the sea from God, our role is to extend the summer season, to begin in April, and end in October, November, to have a very long season, due to the multiplicity of accommodation, and operators of companies that are open for a short time in certain locations, to come to their aid, in order to be able From extending the period of their activity, to being able to hire employees throughout the year, to being able to create a business plan during the 12 calendar months. With this extension to the summer season, we will be able to bring more money to the local administration, and the money we will invest in the Culture, education and tourism development,” explained Vice Mayor Yunoi Russo.

The support provided by the Ministry of Sports to Constanta will be able to start the necessary projects for sports

“Sports is very important to us. Young parents do not have a place to take their children to nurseries, places where children can play sports, which is why we need this municipal sports club. We will invest as much money as needed so that the parent knows that he will have the child in an environment Safe and controlled, and where it can develop harmoniously, the productivity of the parents will also be different, without multiple concerns,” said Russian Yuno.

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