Judges have extended the driver’s license for a driver who was found guilty, in the first place, of the worst accident in the history of the Bucharest motorway

  • The driver, initially convicted of the accident, was given a two-year and five-month suspended prison sentence.

The driver was found guilty of causing the worst accident in the history of Bucharest – Constanta Motorway requested and obtained in court an extension of the right to drive! The judges accepted his request and ordered a 30-day extension of the defendant’s right of movement.

The decision is not final!

We note that the tragedy occurred on November 5, 2016, and 30 cars, two minibuses and a truck took part in it.

60 people were involved in the accident, 41 were taken to hospitals, and 16 others refused to be transferred.

Four people died.

In the first instance, judges sentenced the driver who was found guilty of this accident to two years in prison and five months suspended.

The decision was appealed to the Supreme Court, the Bucharest Court of Appeal.

Through Indictment No. No. 561 / P / 2016 of 01.07.2021 issued by the Prosecutor’s Office attached to the Court of Calerace, the prosecutors decided to refer the defendant (DS) absolutely to the court for crimes: “involuntary manslaughter”, formerly. of art. 192 paragraph. 2 and 3 NCP and “Negligence Bodily Injury” prev. of art. 196 paragraph. 2, 3 and 4 NCP, both with art application. 38 paragraph. 2 point of contact.

In the court file, the plaintiffs showed, among other things, that on the morning of 05.11.2016, while driving a Mercedes minibus, a Benz Sprinter model, km. 66 + 824 m, against the background of not adapting the travel speed to the conditions of forward visibility (very low – dense fog), the defendant crashed into a group of vehicles consisting of a tractor and a semi-trailer.

The investigators showed that a group of vehicles were stopped in front of him in the same lane.

The accident killed two people, as well as injuring three other bodily victims (all passengers of the minibus).

Prosecutors also said that the minibus was moving on the A2 route, in the first lane, at a speed inappropriate for road conditions, in conditions of low visibility, a succession of fog alternating in intensity, so that at a certain moment, in a kilometer area. 66, the defendant was surprised by the presence of a semi-trailer (part of the group of vehicles consisting of a DAF tractor and a SCHMITZ semi-trailer loaded with sunflower seeds), which was on the first track, in front of him, whose speed was close to zero.

Although he suddenly braked, the defendant violently entered with the front of the minibus behind the semi-trailer, and it was necessary to move the group to facilitate the landing.

After the specific investigations were completed, judicial sources announced, to ZIUA de Constanța, that the driver referred to the court is accused of the death of two out of the four who lost their lives in this accident.

In the second group of cars that were involved in the accident, the driver of the minibus, who did not adapt the speed to the road conditions, namely the conditions of thick fog and got into a frontal collision with the rear of the road, was convicted. The train that managed to stop without hitting another group of cars involved in the accident in front of it.

According to investigators, in the first part of the collection, it was not possible to establish the guilt of some people responsible for the deaths of two victims. (They died in two different cars.)

“The responsibility of two people who could have been employed did not lead to their prosecution, because the victim did not file a complaint. It was the fault of someone who was driving at low speed in lane No. 2. The car was the first in all this insanity. In this case, both experts confirmed that he was traveling At a slower speed in the second lane. And the fault of the one who collided with this car (the second) who did not cover the legal distance from the car in front and because of that he could not stop. These two guilts were proven by both experts. In the second car was a victim who did not file a complaint. After that, The second car hits all the other cars coming from behind. They all crashed into this car. You can’t blame anyone, among those hitting each other. Some even manage to stop without hitting each other head-on, but they get hit five or six times. From behind by other cars. In this way, the deaths of the two victims in the first accident also occurred,” judicial sources announced to ZIUA de Constanța.

Documentation source / motivation The National Portal of Jurisprudence – rejust.ro


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