“The symbol of President Klaus Iohannis’ failure”

The new education laws introduced by Minister Soren Combino are “anti-liberal projects, which further politicize education and central political control over it”, claims the USSR, which is demanding their withdrawal.

“The USSR cannot accept the minister becoming the custodian of Romanian education and request that the projects be withdrawn. Otherwise, the USSR will oppose all regulations identified as harmful to the education system in Romania. The main problems identified are detailed in the projects of Cîmpeanu-Iohannis , as well as the USSR’s vision of education, in the policy brief entitled “Brejnevist Education Reform”, prepared by the USSR Department of Public Policy in collaboration with parliamentarians from the USSR group for Education”, reports USR in a press release.

“Educated Romania”, rather than being the new political project to resettle Romania’s future, turned out to be “a symbol of the failure of President Klaus Iohannis, which ends ironically in small pockets of people who are well placed in the education system, who wish to expand their control and raise Unofficial levers yet to the level of law.”

“After a process of deliberation allegedly conducted over several years, President Iohannis and his loyal executor, Minister Søren Combino, defender of plagiarism, came up with a set of laws that are in fact a restoration in the field of education. “Brenife Reform,” through which Klaus Iohannis appears Himself as the junior politician from the USL who comes to block any progress.’Educated Romania’ fails to provide the required answers, ignoring the voices of children who have lost their way and the voices of companies that cannot find employment. In fact, no vision can be found in the bills. After several incomplete education reforms, the PSD-PNL coalition introduced a new design: closure and restoration.In addition to amplifying politicization, the USSR believes that the new education laws also represent an attempt to bribe teachers for elections, with the promise of significant salary increases.However, Salary increases to date, based on the law in force, can be granted if Minister Soren Combino, who is in his third term, really wants it ”, according to the report of the USSR.

Depending on the political composition, salary increases are granted through the state budget, not through education laws, and the Cîmpeanu projects do not provide for any salary scale for faculty members. The Pre-University Education Act clearly provides for only one salary change for apprentice teachers, with two contradictory conditions: in one subject, the apprentice’s salary is equal to the average salary in economics, and in another subject, the apprentice receives the salary provided by the Apprentice Salary Act.

At the same time, the projects do not mention the financial resources for the salary increases announced by Minister Cîmpeanu, who promised an average education salary of 9,300 lei, up 43% in a row.

The USSR believes that education reform must follow four strategic directions:

Education, which is treated as a unified system, with the pupil and the student at the center

Education – the moral foundation of society

Real management at the school level

All children in school Reduce school dropout as a country goal.

Therefore the USSR considers that there is a need for:

Curriculum reform that focuses on general culture, critical thinking, practice, creativity, and interdisciplinarity rather than information transfer.

– Introducing a new concept of the baccalaureate, but ensuring a complete path between pre-university education and higher education, for all types of education.
The main BAC test should be the test that tests functional reading and writing skills: Literacy, Mathematics, and Science. At least one of the mandatory exams must be from a specialized field.

Maintain standardized assessments. Although the international trend is at odds with standardized assessment, which does not capture the specificities, inclinations, talents and interests of each individual student, Romania still needs, for a transitional period, for a standardized assessment, which gives an opportunity to all children and collects data on the basis on which to build public policies Avenue.

Adequate funding for research, with a clear mention of a percentage of GDP and linking universities to relevant public and private actors, from all areas of society, from economics to public administration.

– Annual research on the phenomena of reflection and plagiarism in the classroom and the preparation of progress reports.

Maintaining the CNADTCU as a central body independent of the political decision of the Minister of Education, with the following powers: to collect and examine data for each university / Create a program for a mandatory university unit on academic ethics, research paper writing techniques and copyright / Resolve accusations of plagiarism and other forms of university fraud quickly and based on Clear standards of integrity.

There are no penalties for the administration of the school and the university. Introduce a ban on occupying administrative positions in pre-university and university education and in all educational administration institutions for citizens who have been finally sentenced to custodial penalties for crimes they have deliberately committed, until a state is entered that removes the effects of conviction.
Applying corporate governance principles in the education system and not politicizing leadership positions.

Abolition of school directorates and transfer of responsibilities at the school level.

A mandatory, but not optional, increase in the standard cost per pupil of 25% for disadvantaged schools.

USSR Senator Irino Daro from Braشوفov says the laws represent the last nail in Romania’s educated people.

“Successful Operation, Dead Sick is the battle cry of Johannes and Combino, hiding in the shadow of an educated Romania and a disastrous new set of laws, harming the idea of ​​reform in education and sacrificing an entire generation, by a combination of knee-bending, servants to impostor friends and fellow deans. It has been Expose the perpetrators of this process and they should step down. If the legislative package comes into effect, there will be no significant improvement in education in the next ten years”, stated Ireneo Darrow.

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