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When we talk about serial killers, we are also talking about some of the biggest atrocities of all time.

Although it is not a very pleasant topic, it should be discussed for a very simple reason: you should know that in this world there are also those people who, for one reason or another, are ready at any moment to get rid of life. Living in a bubble will not escape what might happen to you, on the contrary, it will make you neglectful.

Of course, there are many classes of serial killers. Since some are motivated by political motivation or convictions (here is simple if you consider authoritarian regimes and members of propaganda), others have reasons that belong to other, hard-to-understand realms of a man declared to be clinically healthy.

I don’t know what the others are like, but to me, the second category, seems the most terrifying of all, and I’ll explain why right away.

Psychologists have studied for decades what causes people to seek pleasure in killing others (perhaps in long agony). So, they discovered that somewhere in the brain, there is a specific component called the amygdala (no, not the amygdala you’re thinking of) that favors such behavior. The immediate consequence is a lack of empathy (the impossibility or difficulty of feeling feelings, actually feeling something).

Oddly enough, this type of thug wants to feel a little excitement that they can’t get from normal daily activities. They cannot fall in love, they cannot feel pity, and perhaps most importantly, sexual stimulation cannot be achieved through ordinary means.

So it is easy to understand why many serial killers in this place can only feel sexual pleasure when they commit heinous acts. Studies show that sex is closely related to the horrors committed, as they feel really “powerful” when they control another human being. Or, if you’ll excuse me, we’re talking about a kind of personality cult that Americans can translate as “the God complex,” when the ultimate motivation becomes the idea that they can control someone else’s life, and they’re also deciding when and if they die. For this reason, most serial criminals in the described category do not rush before killing their victim, preferring to enjoy the fateful event as long as possible.

With that being said, let’s take a look at the most notorious, yet terrifying serial killers of all time.

Top 10 serial killers who terrorized the USA

Before we review this list, perhaps we should discuss a little about the fact that the heyday of serial killers in the United States was between the 1950s and 2000s, so the most famous names belong to those years.

It should be noted that “there was nothing in the air” at that time, so the large number of “monsters” is not necessarily related to those years, the reasons are completely different.

Serial killers have been around since time immemorial, and people with these instincts will continue to exist.

Starting in the 1950s, television and radio spread, so it was much easier to hear such events in the news. This doesn’t mean they weren’t there before, just that you weren’t aware of it. And since I also mentioned the end date of the “peak” of serial killers (first decade of the twenty-first century), I will immediately explain why now, in 2022, you have not heard of such feats so often: in the meantime, police technologies have developed greatly and the best example of That is the evolution of DNA testing that did not exist in antiquity or was not sophisticated enough to provide tangible results. It is quite possible that if these people were active today, they would be caught from the first crime.

We have, of course, one more thing to clarify: why only in the US? No, it wasn’t just happening there, but the Americans were always the center of attention, so the marketing was done more aggressively than in other parts of the world. There is also Hollywood.

The most terrifying serial killers of the last century in the USA.

  1. Ted Bundy – I find it hard to believe they’ve never heard of Bundy. His life has produced some good films, some not so good, but also a lot of documentaries. Officially, he killed 20 people, but he admitted that he had already killed about 30 people. However, it was suspected that the number was, in fact, much higher than that.
  2. Albert Fish – or “Grandfather”, killed about 9 people, although the total number of his victims is unknown. He may not have been as prolific as Bundy, but Fish was known for mostly infanticide, accused of both cannibalism and pedophilia.
  3. John Wayne Gacy murdered more than 33 children and teens, but not before sexually molesting them. In his spare time, Gacy posed as an honest man, with a completely normal life. The bodies of his victims were found buried under his house.
  4. Aileen Wuornos is probably the serial killer you can sympathize with. With her very difficult life, Eileen, at one point, found herself in a situation where she had to kill one of her clients (she was a sex worker), otherwise she would have died herself. This opened his appetite for killing, which he saw as a way to make money, and later rob his victims.
  5. Ed Gein was accused of seven murders, but only two, and his name is connected to a much more sinister story. The man, who was suffering from mental illness, used the skin of his victims to make various decorative items. For example, a lamp made of human skin is found in his house, but many other people also love it.

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