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The government wants to encourage women to start businesses and is launching a simple aid program specifically for them. The Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Tourism (MAT) announced Thursday that the call for funding for the Entrepreneurship Program 2022, which has a budget of more than 150 million lei, opens on August 18.

According to MAT, the main objective of the minimalist scheme is to stimulate and support the creation and development of private economic structures created and managed by women, to improve their economic performance, and to achieve intelligent, sustainable and inclusive economic growth, in the context of problems related to maintaining a balance between family and professional obligations and prejudices that still List at the local level.

Entrepreneur Program: Who Can Participate

Eligible companies must comply with the standard under which at least one of the associates must be a woman and own at least 50% of the shares/shares of the company if applying for an SME. For companies incorporated under Law No. 1/2005 regarding the organization and operation of the cooperative, the condition is considered fulfilled if the majority of the members of the board of directors are women.

The maximum program budget for 2022 is 157,624,000 lei, and beneficiaries can receive a maximum of 200,000 lei/comp. The number of benefiting companies is about 785 for 2022.

The IT application for registration and management of the Femia Antrepreneur Program will be available from August 18. Applicants have 30 calendar days to apply for funding.

By implementing the program in 2022-2027, it is estimated that the minimum aid will be given to 5,000 beneficiaries, and the estimated budget for the whole period is 1,000,000,000 lei.

“The Women Entrepreneurs Program will be the third open call in 2022 for SMEs in Romania. This time, we aim to reduce the gaps between female and male entrepreneurs, especially since only 36.84% of partners/contributors are women.

In addition, we note that in recent months, the share of partners / shareholders in legal entities has been strengthening the gap between female and male entrepreneurs.

Although the number of women affiliated/contributing has increased nominally since the beginning of the year, the increase is much less than the increase in the number of men contributing or associated with companies.

The program also contributes to the achievement of the OECD Standards for Gender Equality in Entrepreneurship, being a subjective measure that ensures access to funding for women entrepreneurs.

Constantin Daniel Cadario, Minister of Entrepreneurship and Tourism, said that equal opportunity is achieved, first and foremost, by reducing the current systemic deficit.

Female Entrepreneur 2022: How to Register for the Program

Registration in the program, in addition to the implementation and development of the support procedure, will be carried out exclusively online through the application of the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Tourism IMM-Recover https://granturi.imm.gov.ro, which is one of the information technology system developed in partnership with the special communications service that It allows a complete digitization of the relationship between the administration and applicants, which completely eliminates the interaction between officials and representatives of applicant companies, as well as the submission of documents issued by other state institutions.

The date of activation of the IT application for registration and management of the Woman Entrepreneur Program is August 18, 2022 on the website https://granturi.imm.gov.ro, starting at 10 am, the call center number for information on specifics of the support scale is 021-9059. Applicants have 30 calendar days to apply for funding.

Entrepreneurship Program – Documents:

Here: ProcedureWonderTechavizatCCDIMM_CC10082022

Here: Annex-1-FormularInscriere_FemeiaManager2022

Here: Appendix 2 – Announcement-aid-from-minimis_womanTech2022

Here: Annex 3 – Announcement – IMMwomanTech2022

Here: Appendix 4-calculation-enterprise_womanTech2022

Here: Appendix-5-Agent List_WomanTech2022

Here: Annex 6 – Financing Agreement_WomanTech20222

Here: Appendix 7-reimbursement-request_WomanTech20222

Here: Annex-8-decont-form_WomanTech2022

Here: Annex-9-pre-wedding application_WomanTech2022

Here: Appendix 10-enablement_WomanTech2022

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