Exciting meeting in Alba Yulia. A child meets his heroes: the drivers who donated €25,000 for his operation

Eli Mate, the “Man of the Roads”, told on his Facebook page about a very emotional incident that took place last weekend, in Alba Iulia, at the Truck Festival in Şanturile Cetății.

It is about a meeting with Tudor and his parents. Who is Theodore? It’s the kid that Ellie talked about in his interview with alba24.ro. The child for whom the Romanian Professional Drivers Society donated €25,000 for a heart operation.

“This is the case of a fellow driver whose baby was born with a serious heart problem, and the doctors gave him little chance of survival. The family needed €25,000 for surgery, and around Christmas the drivers started collecting donations.

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The money was collected, and on Saturday, August 6, the family from Roman came to Alba Iulia to meet people from the community. “They stayed for an hour, met the drivers who had donated and went home,” Eli Mattei said in an interview with alba24.ro.

And the organizer of the festival in Alba Iulia, Florin Tomoa, donated a large portion of the money, Elie Mattei said.

The heart surgery was successful. Over the weekend, Tudor’s parents came with him to meet with those who had donated for his operation.

Below is Ilie Matei’s Facebook post:

“These days I felt like a child being thrown into a huge room, full of toys… That was for me in a few words, the atmosphere at Truck Tunning Art.
The thousands who attended the event think you totally understand me.

The most emotional moment for me, as a person, was another moment …

I admit that I am not the most emotional person, and at some point, on Saturday noon, in all that scorching atmosphere, we managed to sneak up to a table, in the shade, together with the organizers of the Romanian Pro Drivers’ Competition to talk about what was going to happen in Bucharest on 27 and 28 August.

Do you realize that for a simple driver like me, to take part in the TTA Alba Iulia, to get so much attention and kindness from the organizer Tomiflex, and on the same day to be at the table with the team of friends from INFOTRUCKER organizing a competition for professional drivers in Bucharest, it’s something I never dreamed of A few years ago when I started writing about my life and your life on the roads.

I thought it couldn’t be better than that… But what happened next I can’t describe in words…
Two young men with a child in their arms approached our table … It was as if I knew them from somewhere, but in all the fuss I could not clearly show the film …

The boy’s father just said this:
It’s Tudor…
I didn’t know how to react, from 40 degrees it was at that moment, my temperature rose to the boiling point of water… I knew exactly who Tudor was… and you know who Tudor was too.

Tudor is the child the doctors gave him six months to live before the winter holidays.
Tudor is the same kid who mobilized thousands of you and together we managed to raise €25,000 for him to run in the clinic in Turkey!
Theodore was there smiling at us!!

I bit my lip to stop the tears!!
The parents from Romain came straight to the festival to thank us that our colleagues were born alive thanks to you!!

The irony is that when I announced that we needed help with Operation Little Kid, the first person who texted me for help was Florine Tomoa, the organizer of the Truck Tunning Art event.

Together with Mr. Alex Păun, Director of Blue River, they made the largest donation in this case.

They both asked me not to give their names, but I would be ashamed to hide this thing.

There is no coincidence in this world. Tudor, who had a minimal life expectancy by 8 months, was laughing with the thousands of people who were honoring and enjoying celebrating his parents’ career.

Most of those present there were those who saved him, and the organizer himself was the first to respond!!

I am proud to tell you this story and my hands are trembling as I write it!!

This kid is smiling because of you, all of you who make a living behind a wheel… and he was there at our celebration, making me freak out when I think of how much we can get done together like he did!

Tudor is the clear proof that we only have each other on the roads!! ’,” Elie Matty wrote on Facebook.

Image source: Elie Matte “Man of the Roads” / Facebook

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