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Ildiko Serpan, jokingly, admitted, more seriously, that the publication of his “Trenul de zece i un sfert” is a kind of “public suicide”, since it touches on such a taboo subject. Almost forbidden love, in the age of globalization where you think such problems no longer have a place: the drama of an interracial love story, between two “opposing” parties: a Hungarian party and a Romanian party, in a region where hatred reigns. Despite the fiction, the story has its roots in the life experiences of the author, who, despite being of Hungarian origin, considers herself an authentic Roman.

“The book is Golgotha, through which I heal, and through it I can say that Ildiko Urban is a writer who swims in the Romanian language, purifying herself of all the experiences she had in her youth.”The author said at the book’s launch event that took place Friday afternoon, in the garden of the Arad County Library. How does Ildiko Zurban swim between the letters! Her literary skill and talent was recognized from the very beginning, when she released her first book, a volume of poems that immediately received the first prize of the Romanian Writers Union from the publishing house Junimea. She has since written five books, including the one that came out on Friday, the fourth being her first epic composition, The bird’s nestfor which she received another award, from the Cluj Literary Circle, of which she is also a member. A train from a quarter to ten As a result of this award, Colorama Publishing House funded the publication of this new book, with such a controversial topic.

At the launch event in Arad, poet Vasili Dan, teacher Rodica Rose and psychologist Crina Stan spoke, and the event was moderated by Lucia Piebaro. Between the speeches, the audience also had musical moments, presented by Annamaria Porco (a conservatory student with an angelic voice) and her friend, Gianni Soruggio, who accompanied her either on guitars or keyboards, depending on the song.

Vasili Dan begins his talk with a foray into the history of love stories between different Roman characters with people of Hungarian origin and vice versa. “They are old, hidden and unknown lovers to the public (…) The first strong character is Iancu de Hunedoara who married a beautiful Hungarian woman. The one who defeated the Turks in Belgrade is the father of Mate Corvin, also of Roman blood … Even Avram Iancu was smitten in Cluj with Joanna Farcas, who helps him escape to Campini to take his belongings, to defend himself, surprising Lucien Plaga’s moment in Avram Iancu’s play, which also shows the deep love between them, a love that cuts through seemingly incompatible things, such as language, race, and religion, In history, and today we have wonderful relations between the two sides. I launched this campaign to draw your attention to the fact that this reality is far from reconciled (…). But in the book we find a love that includes drama at its core, a kind of seemingly impossible, love between the book’s narrator – at a young age – and her lover…”Vasily Dan said.

And the poet appreciated the talent of Ildiko Zerban, noting that he considered her the most expressive and distinguished literary presence in the region, after the writer Andrei Mukota. “I consider it a great asset to literature in this part of the country, and therefore to literature itself. It’s a name that has already been codified in the country’s literary journals, and has been published in some highly demanding journals, such as Romania Litară”As Vasily Dan said, he advised her to find her “place” in the future, to “settle” to a certain style, either poetry or prose, and combining the two is difficult, although – she admitted – in both cases he proved his talent.

However, “The Verdict” came from Rodica Rose, a sharp character, who admitted that she is not a fan of poems, but a very fickle reader and that both of the two signed prose writers by Ildiko Zerban conquered her. “Stick to the prose! “urged. “In recent years I have not read such good prose as ‘The Nest…’ which is why I have been eagerly waiting for the next book”She forced herself to read the book in as short pieces as possible, in order to lengthen the experience, said Rodica Rose, complimenting the writer with what she called the ultimate praise.
One element that surprised her and seemed really original, as opposed to the idea of ​​a simple and difficult love story, was that she noticed two types of narrator included in one: the narrator’s character is formed in two poses, feminine and masculine. It honestly enters the mind of both man and man. And about the conflict between races, Rodica Rose said that she felt such experiences on her skin, it is a real phenomenon, and Ildiko Zurban “He had this manliness to say about this conflict that already exists. It is so exciting to live and love in a land where coexistence is almost non-existent.”As Mrs. Rose said.

Psychologist Crina Stan discussed the psychology of characters, and drew a comparison with the psychological concept of the “skeleton in the closet”, about the traumas we experience. “I felt a confession in the mirror, in which a woman accepts her wounds and seeks a normal life. Get rid of the skeleton in the closet, accept … and Ildiko makes an exemplary role in this bookMrs. Stan said.

Vasily Dan added: “Her prose is intensely confessional, she opens her soul and puts it on the reader’s table.”

In the end, the author also spoke, emotionally thanking everyone present for their participation.

“The fact is that, as Mr. Vasily Dan said, every author uses autobiographical elements in his writing, otherwise it would not be banal. Otherwise, literature would become dry. You can convey feelings only if you have experienced them yourself. This is my opinion. Since I reappeared. In the literary world after a 20-year hiatus, I have done nothing but write. And I will not give this up to the end. I write as I am: complex, simple, as my head takes me, as inspiration takes me, and I will write until I close my eyes, no matter what style grinds me. If I feel a desire to write poetry, because I have entered into the union of writers with poetry, I will write poetry … If I have to write prose, I will write prose. I am very attentive to the things that I feel that hurt me, and I write about them”Ildico Zurban said.

The writer also announced the following topic that she will address in a new book she wants to write: “I’m thinking of a novel, somewhere around 700, 800 pages, in two volumes, about a home for the elderly, because it seems to me that our seniors are an age group that has been eliminated in those places. From a social point of view I am objectionable. Well, death is an order To be sure and very clear, we all die sooner or later, but if we grow old, like this, with diseases, and anguish, and unfulfillment … I think this age group deserves a book “, Ildico Sherban said.

Until then, those who want to read her new book, which has just sold out, can purchase it online, from the Colorama Cluj publishing house’s website.

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