Update: union protest from the police. They are not satisfied with their wages and say their rights are not respected

Police unionists began an “indefinite series of protests”. On Tuesday, they staged a sit-in at the headquarters of the Ministry of Finance.

The police claim that their rights are “blatantly challenged” by the government. Mention the project of the Ministry of Labor according to which “only a few ministries, with all their regional structures, benefit from a 15% increase in the basic salary”, and for them, only half of the difference deferred for two years is to be expected.

The unionists participating in the protest say they have written demands, which they have sent to the government, the Ministry of Trade and Industry, and the Ministry of Finance, and have also requested discussions with Minister Adrian Chiu.

Trade union representatives from the National Prison Administration, from SCMD, as well as from other police unions are also participating.

Update: The average salary of a prison police officer is 5,000 lei, including food allowance, and a salesman at the mall earns about 4,500 lei.The head of the Federation of Trade Unions from the National Prison Administration (FSANP), Cosmin Dorobano, told Agerpres on Tuesday that Romania is the only country in Europe where politicians show contempt for police work.

“We are not satisfied with the fact that the two ruling parties, the PSD and the Libyan National Party, lied to us about the fact that they are implementing the Unified Wages Law, as the current ruling coalition voted on it a few years ago.

We also held negotiations at the headquarters of the political parties with elements from the leadership of the Public Security Directorate and the leadership of the National Liberation Party. We also had a meeting with the Prime Minister of Romania in which we promised that he would give us at least one of the remaining installments for 2022.

Here we are in August and we are not anticipating a salary increase, i.e. non-compliance with the Payroll Act, as it was voted on by the same political decision makers, six years ago. This led us to take to the streets at the Ministry of Finance, and then we will hold the next protests in the Ministry of Labor and Social Solidarity, because we have learned from the sources that Minister Boday (Minister of Labor, Marius Bodoy, no) one is saying publicly and another is negotiating in the PNRR and that makes us very unhappy.

If military pensions were changed to the contribution principle, as negotiated in the PNRR, the military pension would be somewhere around 1,200 lei, with a maximum of 2,000 lei. Since December, we have decreed a salary freeze for budget employees. They say it’s not money, but every time we see that money for other things that aren’t so important. We are the only country in Europe where politicians show such disdain,” said Dorobantu.

Police officers equipped with equipment from the 2000s

The union leader asserted that Romania could no longer have police officers equipped with equipment from the 2000s, due to insufficient salaries.

“You cannot have a group of policemen and prison policemen who are out on the streets in front of citizens with bad equipment, from the 2000s, in uniforms that no longer guarantee the quality of work and performance. The minister said he would identify solutions, but there were the same lies And the same delays.Remember that we are in August…The average salary of a prison police officer is up to 5000 lei, including food allowance.Salaries are not high in Bucharest.

You know very well that even a salesperson in a mall ends up earning close to 4,500 lei…and then it causes you to fall prey to temptations, and the quality of the work of the police and prison officers also affects the citizen, because he will be the beneficiary of our incompetence,” he said. Head of the FSANP.

On the other hand, Dorobano clarified that he had filed a criminal complaint with the Finance Minister for misuse of the position, as the emergency law that “frozen” the salaries of budget employees was not published in the transparency of decision-making.

“From my experience, I can tell you that on the first day of the protest, no one came to speak to union representatives. We will continue the protests tomorrow and the day after tomorrow in front of the Ministry of Finance next week again – Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Also at the beginning of the year we had another protest in front of the Ministry of Finance and Minister Adrian Cassio invited us to negotiations. However, his main concern was for the undersigned to withdraw his criminal complaint, which she had filed against him at the beginning of 2022 for abuse of office. He broke a law obligating him to make the emergency bill that froze the salaries of budget employees transparent. If a legal organization, a trade union, requests a meeting and discussion of the project, it is obliged to do so, but it has not. The project was sent to the government and prison police salaries were frozen. As a result he harmed us and we filed a criminal complaint. Until this moment, he has not been called to the prosecutor’s office. It is possible that if he was a Roman he would have already been arrested and convicted, but being a minister, he would probably benefit from a different treatment”, claimed Cosmin Croetoro.

Trade unionists’ demands

Statement of the National Federation of Police and Contractors:

“Our rights and the rights of the entire professional family in the defense budget, public order and national security, but also to military retirees (reservists in the army and police, who can be called up at any time, depending on the system, in activity, according to Law No. 446 / 2006), are still brazenly challenged. by the current government.

Moreover, through a legislative draft initiated a few days ago by the Ministry of Labor (officially confirmed by the relevant minister in the coalition), the chaos in the budgetary, discretionary and politicized salary system continued, so that only a few ministries were elected. On the eyebrow, in addition to the INS (as for the “complexity of the work performed” – we quote from the Evidence Note), along with all regional structures, you will benefit from an increase in the base salary by 15% (let us be clear: we do not underestimate the value of work in areas different activity and always avoided looking at other people’s yards, but such a justified phrase, invented by the initiator of the OUG, is incomprehensible, referring to us and other budgetary functions).

A significant increase, up to 50%, will be granted to all state employees, working in the field of European funds (including SNAOPSN), while our professional family will only benefit from half of the difference deferred for two years, which should be granted in full in 1 January 2022 (small amounts from 150 to 200 lei that have been canceled due to hyperinflation in recent years). So, another postponement, another challenge!

We cannot endure indefinitely the preferential decisions of the government and the coalition that have generated it, because all this year, during the discussions and negotiations conducted at the highest level, the decisions that concern us have been passed from one to the other, without scruple!

  • – For the ruling masters, the “complexity of our work” does not exist!
  • – Hundreds of cases of angry policemen or dozens of cases of fellow debtors are just some of the numbers given by the complexity of the census work, and that’s it!
  • – Daily occupational risks and really difficult tasks – whose complexity is real, not caused by a pen – in the fight with Romanian criminals or importers for more than six months, with the outbreak of war on the Romanian borders, an alliance is not possible!
  • – the sleepless nights and the great efforts of colleagues from the borders, from immigration, from the fight against organized crime and the fight against drugs or from other structures, to secure the borders of the European Union, but also the challenge of thousands of judicial police officers, who support the activity from the prosecutor’s offices and the entire Romanian criminal process , on salaries frozen at the lowest level, none of these problems or tasks are considered so “complicated” for the Conservatives that the idea of ​​implementing the Payroll Act, which they also voted in Parliament, gives them!

If we do not have a positive response from the government, as soon as possible, we will expand the demonstrations, legally, at the national level, resorting to unprecedented protest measures! “

Image source: SNPPC – Facebook

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