Parents “key actors” behind a career in sports: 70,000 euros a year. The national system does not support high performance

Sports are not free, so parents have to pay for everything: courses, coaches, equipment, even trips and camps. The Romanian state does not move a finger to help them, then we complain that we do not have a recruiting base and we no longer perform.

Tudor is registered with a club in Bucharest and dreams of playing for Barcelona. He started playing football from his parents when he was just 5 years old and it was not love at first sight.

Tudor, student at Science Bucharest Polytechnic: “I liked Messi a lot and I would like to follow in his footsteps. I like to play as a midfielder and like to shoot a lot. It was difficult, at first when I went to training I wasn’t serious, I made little towers of pellets and didn’t listen to the coach’s instructions. Now I’m serious, I come to training every day and listen to everything the coach says!”

He’s in bootcamp at Science Bucharest and has two training sessions a day on the performance team. Likewise Matthew.

Matty, student at “Science Bucharest Polytechnic”: “My wish was, when I was younger I was walking with my grandmother in the park, I saw the older kids playing and that’s what I wanted to play with too. You sacrifice your sleep time, time with friends. But it’s worth it.”

Sacrifices are made, first of all, by the fathers of future professional footballers

Christian Nodrag, Sr.: “For middle-class parents, there are very high costs to keep a child in a football environment. A child has to come to football around the age of five and a half, to start, and after that he will go through novice training. Equipment, football boots, downtime, fuel For matches, somewhere around 2000-2500 lei per year, maybe better. I haven’t met for free anywhere, since I started, for 6 years with my child, I paid everywhere.”

The right food should also be added to the menu. In addition, parents should take the time to take them to training and bring them home.

Valentin Brizino, Coordinator of the Bucharest Science Center for Children: “With us the monthly cost for the parent is 300 lei. We have groups from 2010, 12 years, to starting groups, 2016, 4.5 years. There are specialists working with them, coach, psychologist, physical trainer, nutritionist.”

Swimming is definitely the star of summer among children’s sports. Depending on the number of hours spent in the pool, the costs are up to eight hundred lei per month, even double if we are talking about courses taught by a personal trainer.

Simona Savastiţa, swimming coach: “Children can start from 6 to 8 months old. They are about 3.4 years old for adults, and we also have members over 30 and 40 years old. They come here first to learn to swim properly, and then if they have a performance inclination, we guide and prepare them for competitions also “.

The road to performance isn’t cheap at all

Parents of children who play tennis know performance is better. It is almost impossible to achieve international competitions without a sponsor.

George Morgescu, tennis coach: “Unfortunately our national system does not support very high performance in tennis and so the parent is the main actor who will guide their child.

In addition to tennis lessons, physical training is added, and psychological preparation is difficult to determine. Domestic and international travel … All kinds of calculations were made: 50 thousand euros per year. 70,000 euros a year.

Introductory courses are a little cheaper. It costs 600 lei max per month

George Morgescu, tennis coach: “It is important that the children want to play sports. We do conditioning courses. We are waiting for children from 5, 6 years old, we have an international program that we implement in our club. The court begins with small tennis, red balls and more emptying, so that they are not afraid.”

Baby: “I love tennis because you can play with friends.”

Baby: “I saw a lot of people playing tennis, when I was young I didn’t like it, and now I like it a lot.”

The Ministry of Sports also has a training program for children in several sports disciplines. Students can discover from karate, fencing, gymnastics, basketball, or handball to cycling, kayaking or snowboarding. It is only necessary for the little ones to understand the importance of an active and healthy life. The Ministry program is free, but it only works on school holidays.

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