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They collect astronomical sums annually for the average Roman citizen and administer the town halls of Alba County.

The most important people in the administration announced their fortunes declarations, from which we can find out how much they earned in the completed fiscal year, i.e. 2021.

Many of them did not upload their data to the websites of the town halls they operated, where the information would be available to citizens, or when they did, they buried it on the site so that it was very difficult to find.

However, they were forced to submit it on Integrate.eu, where they were consulted by Alba24.ro and where their declared income was extracted.

More information about their assets, not just income, can be accessed here.

Ion Dumitrile – President of Alba County Council

President Ion Dumitrile received an allowance of 164,268 lei in 2021, from the foundation he leads.

His wife, an employee of Apa CTTA Alba, charges 128,158 lei, to which were added meal vouchers worth 3,300 lei.


He did not declare debts and had two accounts with 342 thousand lei and 132 thousand lei respectively, but he also had an empty foreign currency account.

District Governor, Nikolai Albo

Governor Nikolai Albo collected in 2021 $143,550 from the county. In the same year, his wife received income (salary) in the amount of 58,777 lei from Alba Prefect Foundation and 15,725 lei from APIA.

The governor’s wife, according to his statement, also received AJOFM bonuses (6440 lei), and competition commission allowances (1200 lei).

Alba Yulia – Gabriel Peliga

Mayor Gabriel Pleșa receives income from the mayor’s allowance and from the private sector from the family business.

In 2021, Plésa received 164,268 lei from the Town Hall, and from the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, an associate professor’s salary in the amount of 3,599 lei.

The mayor received dividends from two companies: 110,000 lei from Matex SRL and 155,000 lei from VIVA SRL, two companies of his family.

Sippy – Doreen Nestor

Mayor Doreen Nestor collected 118,632 lei from the city council he leads in 2021. His wife, a legal advisor at the Regional Directorate of Public Finance in Braشوفov, earned 76,196 lei.

In the bank, the mayor has 3 lei accounts totaling nearly 100,000 lei and one in foreign currency, with more than 5,000 euros.

Help – Oana Badea

The mayor of Ayud, Oana Badi, announced revenue of 11,921 lei, obtained in this capacity in 2021.

She has no other income, and has not declared any bank accounts. The only purchase he mentioned in his fortune announcement is the 2021 Dacia Logan.

Campini – Dan Christian Baika

The mayor of Campini, Dan Christian Baica, announced that he collected 83,328 lei from the mayor’s office in the outgoing fiscal year.

However, his wife, a family doctor, earned a much better income: her income was 316,180 lei, to which 18,000 lei from Aristur SRL Câmpeni was added.

However, the Pașca family collected the largest sums of money from dividends obtained from two companies: SC ARCOM SRL and SC ARISTUR Câmpeni SRL.

In total, it is about 710 thousand leias shown in the statement below.

The business of the two companies seems to have gone much better than the previous year, when the profits earned by the family were 552000 lei.

Aboud – Christian Albo

The mayor of Aboud announced in the fiscal year 2021, in this capacity, the amount of 100,380 lei. His wife earned 48,000 lei, as an employee of DGASPC Abrud.

Prior to being elected mayor, Christian Albo earned more money as an employee of the Kopro Main Abroad.

In the fiscal year he became mayor, he received nearly 118,000 lei from the state corporation.

Baia de Aries – Traian Pandor

The mayor of Baia de Ares, Traian Pandor, received 92,352 lei from the town hall last fiscal year, that is, in 2021.

In addition to this money, Pandor also received a pension of 49,000 lei. Compared to previous wealth announcements, this time the rental income has disappeared.

In addition, the mayor purchased land within the city in Sigod in 2021.

Plage – Georges Rotar

Plage Mayor George Rotar announced an income of 118,632 lei, which represents the mayor’s allowance for 2021, down from the previous year when he received an allowance of more than 132,000 lei.

The family’s income is supplemented by his wife, the chief assistant at the city hospital, who earned nearly 77,000 lei.

The Rotar family also got 14,220 lei from the rent.

Couger – Adrien Tiban

The mayor of Cougere, Adrian Tiban, announced a subsidy of 118,893 lei, an amount received in 2021 from the town hall.

His wife earned more than 74,000 lei from the high school where she works.

In 2021, Tepan raised another 12,176 euros from the European Commission for the Regions.

His bank savings in one year increased from 44,500 euros to 57,812 euros.

Zlatna – Silvio Bonoran

The mayor of Zlatna, Silvio Bonoran, in 2021, the last reporting fiscal year, received income from the town hall in the amount of 95,358 lei.

The amount is lower than in 2020, when, according to his own statement, he raised more than 100,000 lei.

Bunoran Bank has more than 65,000 lei in the bank.

Teiuș – Meryl Holley

The mayor of Tiwi, Merrill Holelay, has exceeded the 100,000 lei revenue obtained from the Town Hall in 2021.

His wife won 20,288 lei from the movie DAMIPROD SRL.

In his fortune announcement, a bank deposit for his wife was also reported, which brings in an income of 100,000 lei annually, but this is most likely a mistake, the soup actually represents the deposit.

Ocna Mureș – Silvio Feneller

Silvio Finchler, mayor of Oka Muric, won 109,512 lei for the position. His wife, who works at SC Apa CTTA Alba, earned 34,300 lei.

He has no bank accounts, and instead has two loans, one of 75,001 lei, contracted in 2020 and due in 2024, and the other 135,000 lei, due in 2027.

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