Refer the revolution file to the judiciary again. Ion Iliescu, accused of exaggerating the psychosis of terrorism and endangering the population

Prosecutor Gabriella Scotia announced, on Wednesday, the return of the Supreme Court of the Revolution dossier, in which former President Ion Iliescu, former Deputy Prime Minister Gelo Voican Voiculescu, and Joseph Ross, former head of military aviation, were accused of crimes against humanity. .

Initially, the file was sent to the Supreme Court in April 2019, but the judges returned it to the military prosecution to fix several problems in the indictment, according to Agripress.

“By the indictment issued by Military Prosecution No. 11/P/2014 of July 29, 2022, in the criminal case named “Romanian Revolution of December 1989”, the accused Ion Iliescu – the former President of Romania – were sentenced to the trial of the accused; Gelu Voican Voiculescu – former Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of Romania and Joseph Ross – General (retired) – former head of military aviation, each for the commission of crimes against humanity, stipulated in Article. 439 para. 1 lit. a, g, i and k of the Criminal Code, with Application of Art. 5 of the Penal Code, “said Gabriella Scotia, at a press conference.

The Prosecutor explained that after the Supreme Court returned the file to correct some irregularities in the indictment, on March 21, 2022, the appeal of the criminal case was ordered, and in May, the criminal case against Ion Iliescu, Gelo Voican was again returned to the Voiculescu group and Iosif Rus.

Irregularities found by the Supreme Court were also removed, and the three defendants were ordered to be referred to court.

“The investigations conducted in this criminal file (11 / P / 2014) were conducted under a new procedural framework. The subject matter of this case is limited to behaviors that include crimes against humanity, as defined by Article 439 of the Penal Code, since in relation to common law crimes committed In the period under analysis, there was a res judicata or statute of limitations for criminal responsibility intervened.With regard to the typical elements of a crime against humanity, the provisions of domestic legislation, the provisions of the Statute of the International Criminal Court and the concrete characteristics of the events from 17 to 30 December 1989, the present indictment considers Only the criminal responsibilities of persons at the top of the hierarchy of political and military decision-making are reserved in Romania, for the entire aforementioned period,” said Scotia.

According to the indictment, Ion Iliescu, as Head of State and Government, Chairman of the CFSN and the Supreme Military Council, with the aim of obtaining popular legitimacy, maintaining and consolidating political power since December 22, 1989, at 4 p.m., 00, has consistently, repeatedly and systematically misled public opinion through his appearance televised and the issuance of communiqués (a mechanism for exercising state power) and carried out, between 22 and 30 December 1989, the systematic process of misleading public opinion practiced by military cadres with leading positions in the MApN.

These facts generated and amplified generalized psychosis of terrorism, a psychosis that caused many cases of generalized sibling shooting, thus, between December 22 and 30, 1989, there were 857 deaths, 2382 injuries to people, and 585 serious deprivations of liberty in Violation of general rules of international law and 409 cases of severe suffering.

And the actions of Ion Iliescu themselves generated, from December 22, 4:00 PM – December 30, 1989, a state of imminent and grave danger to the existence of a large part of the civilian population, of the entire territory. Romania.

Gelu Voican Voiculescu, as the political and military decision-making agent of the CFSN (a body under the Supreme Military Council), with the aim of preserving and consolidating the political power obtained, but also of legitimizing it before public opinion, December 22, 1989, 4:00 pm, He systematically misled public opinion through his televised appearances and the issuance of communiqués (a mechanism for exercising state power) and assumed, between December 22 and 30, 1989, the systematic process of disinformation. Public opinion exercised by military cadres with leading positions in the Ministry of Defense.

According to the Prosecutor General’s Office, General (Retired) Yosef Ross, as the commander of military aviation, deliberately, between December 22 and December 30, 1989, through his military orders, systematically looking into the process of misleading public opinion.

The Romanian Revolution of December 1989 was marked by a series of justified popular protests, demands of a social and political nature, street battles, mass demonstrations, and violent armed repression, which began in Timisoara on December 16, 1989, and then continued in Bucharest and elsewhere. Romanian cities starting in the afternoon of December 21, 1989, culminating in the departure of the headquarters of the Central Committee of the Romanian Communist Party (CC of PCR) by the presidential spouses Nicolae and Elena Ceauشيescu, on December 22, 1989 (12:06 pm), a moment which meant their loss of the privileges of power The state and the end of the communist dictatorship in our country.

The Prosecutor General’s Office determines that, starting in the afternoon of December 22, 1989, a large, systematic and particularly complex military act of disinformation and unique in national history, was deliberately launched over the entire territory of Romania with the result that a large number of Too many dead, personal injury, mental suffering and severe deprivation of liberty.

The circumstances that led to the numerous deaths and injuries in December 1989 have, over time, been the subject of an investigation into many criminal files exploited by military prosecutors.

Research activity began on 12/22/1989, when the first investigations were conducted into the death of the Minister of Defense, General Vasily Melia.

Later, as a result of the complex situations that the events that took place throughout the country generated an unprecedented dynamism, the research activity was extended to all regions and localities of Romania where some people were killed or shot, respectively, some were arrested. Participants in anti-communist demonstrations or the partial or total destruction of buildings.

Over time, the events of December 1989 were investigated in 4,544 criminal cases. In 112 cases, the military and other military prosecutions ordered the trial of 275 people, including 25 generals (10 from the Ministry of Defense and 15 from the Ministry of Defense), and 114 officers (32 from the Ministry of Defense). and 82 from the Department of Defense), 13 non-commissioned officers (8 from MApN and 5 from MI), 36 conscripts and 87 civilians, who were found to have contributed to the losses recorded during the events of December 1989, through actions or actions taken among civilians who were Send to court and convicted former members of the Executive Political Committee of the Central Committee of the Chamber of Deputies and former ministers.

Most of the people sent to the court were part of the political and military command structures of the former regime, which were proven to have taken measures or acted in order to suppress demonstrations against the communist regime and the dictatorship of Nicolae Ceausescu.


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