2022-Year Agarpicino (XXXIII): Astra and Revision – There is only one cure…! – A new example of Roman life? – The Duke’s word is so sad! – The distorted sea? | culture

2022-Year Agarpicino (XXXIII): Astra and Revision – There is only one cure…! – A new example of Roman life? – The Duke’s word is so sad! – The distorted sea?

Article “The unity of the soul (…) “ – Written by E. Agarpicino appeared in the magazine “TransylvaniaWe continue the reproduction: «Where is the union of the soul that we did not have to show? a) in partisan political battles where people always argue, mock and accuse each other of the worst things; b) in the pursuit of personal interests in villages and cities alike, when it comes to electing a mayor, local or local council or deputy. The enmities that are born on these occasions prove that we do not have enough unity of soul, the same thought and feeling which should include only the general interests of the village, the city, and the country, and not my interest or your interest, or any other interest. Political party; c) In the lack of interest and feeling when it comes to the pain of brothers from other regions of the country, such as this year’s drought in Bessarabia, which brought famine. How many Romanians helped? And no one was lost to prove the saying: I am your brother, you are my brother, in both of us the soul pulsates; d) In the ease with which we judge and criticize all that is ours and make fun of each other. Here are some of the things where we don’t have any soul unit at all or have very little of it. There is only one remedy: let’s get to know some Romanians better together. If we get to know each other better, we see that we are really brothers, having the same qualities and the same opinions. We will love each other more and appreciate and help each other more. And this knowledge is made through books and learning, through culture. “astral‘Through culture follows this very thing A new example of Roman life: to fill the country with the same thought, with the same feeling, and with the same Roman will. That is, with the same conscious and combative spirit, with the unity of the soul». To discover Agarbiceanu propaganda, we are also reproducing the article “Astra and revisionistFeatured in the magazineTransylvania(No. 6, November-December 1936); we reproduce it in full: “In the midst of his cultural work, to enlighten the Roman people among the Carpathians and Tissa,”astral“He was very surprised and painfully surprised by the statements that Duke Mussolini made, recently, in Milan (No. 1936), regarding the justice to be served in Hungary, which he called”distorted sea“.

It was natural thatastral“To record with greater sorrow than other cultural and national organisations, the great statesman of Italy pronounces, because for 70 years it has been operating in the same territory which the Duke considers to be amputated from Hungary; Transylvania, Banat, Krishana and Maramuri – and she knows very well why her cultural work was so necessary to unification and what makes it necessary until today. Activity “Astra“It was necessary in the past to counterbalance the coercive Hungarian governments, of the interdependent Roman population on these vast lands, in pursuit of the murderous delusion of the creation of a united Hungarian nation-state. If ever the amputated areas of Hungary’s body were Hungarian, there would be no need to Hungarian Governments to convert it to Hungarian, nor”astral“From its cultural activity with which it strengthened the patriotic resistance of the Roman nation from these plains. If the massive Hungarian offensive in the past decades before unification, the idea of ​​the Hungarian nation-state, did not leave deep wounds in the body of the nation, “astral“He did not have to fight even today for the healing of these wounds. In villages where, seventy years ago, the church, the school, and the population did not know a language other than Roman, their mother tongue which they inherited from their ancestors,”astral‘, he would have to fight until today to learn this language again. The testimonies of history prove that the regions that were forever united in the Roman state were never Hungarian and that even Hungary, from 1848 onwards, came up with the idea of ​​Hungary by force, strengthening this policy From dualism onwards So how can we, the provinces of the Western Carpathians, amputate the limbs of Hungary and how can this “disfigured sea” end? The “distorted sea” until the union, the Roman nation wasHer heart, Transylvania, did not belong to the national sovereign. In fact, Hungary did not reach this national territory either with its own body or with its limbs, but only with the antennas of state power, which, due to European conditions favorable to it and hostile to us, increased unnaturally.

These peace treaties cut off these antennas and we and the Hungarians remained as we have lived for centuries: they are in their country, and no one wants to take from them, we are in our ancient Roman country, which we do not give and can’t give to anyone. Here’s why The Duke’s word is very sad Transylvania Society for the Literature and Culture of the Roman People. She knows what she is talking about, because she was born 70 years ago, at a time when Hungary began more insistently in its policy to convert us to its members, the four Roman provinces west of the Carpathians. “astralHe knows how much he fought so that the criminal attempt would not succeed. And it did not work, for we Romanians remained true masters of the regions from which Hungary today wants to believe that it is cut off from its body. It is not surprising that Hungary still harbors desires that go beyond its rights and powers. But do we wonder how a great current leader, of a great sister nation, was able to become a defender of Hungary, even in a speech?

We know: A great man can speak powerful words that equal action. But on one condition: that they be said for a just cause. We mourned him for these two reasons: that Melanie’s statements, regarding Hungary, are from a great Latino and that he balances them on an unfair cause. And more than unfair. We will call it against nature.

For the return of the Roman provinces to Hungary from the Western Carpathians, would be something against nature, how unnatural their rule over these provinces at once. “astral“I worked for seven decades against the unnatural attempt to silence a Latin language and culture here between the Tisza and the Carpathians through Hungarian culture. Romanians from Transylvania took power to lead this battle, establishing contacts with and through Rome with ancient Latin culture in Western Europe. Historians and historians have spoken of Eastern Carpathians about our Roman origin, and through Poland they communicated with the same Latin culture from the West.The Roman nation was lying on the edge of the lake of culture working a miracle and no one was throwing it into the water Even men who learned in Latin countries since sunset in past centuries, we preserved our language And our law only by our being and our Latin cultural heritage.Now a great man, even of a Latin, must support the unnatural demand of the Hungarians that we Romanians from the west of the ancestral mountains – with all our soul, our Latin life and our culture – fall again into the claws of a foreign country Are you still struggling In order to preserve your language and nationality? We say to save, because it is unthinkable to lose it. After we have preserved it, deprived of much culture, through the ages, we will not be able n to lose it from now on, having not only come into contact with Latin culture, but we ourselves are the creators of this culture. We send a voice away from the banks of the Tiber and say to the perpetrator of nationalist Italy today: The great-grandchildren of those immortalized in Trajan’s Columnwhom you may recognize at a glance in the proud peasants of our plains, declares clearly and firmly: “We are tired of being defenders of the Romanian language and lawfrom the Latinity of the Danube, the Carpathians and the sea. From now on, we want to be creative in the same Latin culture and spirit as our older Latin sisters in the West. We want our place under the sun full and free. We are in his possession and will forever hold him in defense of him. Otherwise we will end up not only mutilated, but we will deserve to die“”.

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