Alexandria receives a concentrated dose of culture

Until Sunday, the weather Idio Ideas Back to the city streets Alexanderthrough a series of workshops for teens, exhibitions and murals, meetings with artists and professionals rethinking community engagement, film screenings, but also children’s theatrical activities and performances, staged outdoors, at Vedea Park.

The festival phenomenon from southern Romania, Idio Edis, includes more than 150 high school students, but also many actors, directors and creators from the cultural field and NGOs.

The multi-purpose youth center in Alexandria will be the meeting place for fans of stories told on stage.

Here, festival evenings will provide the audience with the opportunity to discover five professional theater performances and many unique opinions on topics relevant to contemporary society.

Liviu Romanescu, Director of Ideo Ideis, at the opening ceremony

“I am so happy that we are all here, in the city where Idio Edes was born, and to which we are returning after two difficult years. Two years of challenge have encouraged us to find the courage (to re-imagine) this festival, your place – the place of youth, in this festival, but also our place as a festival In the Alexandria community,” he announced Monday evening and Livio RomanescuDirector of Ideo Ideis.

“The Ideo Ideis Lab continues the process of cultural revitalization of our city started by Ideo Ideis. We aim to do this using the tools that they have mastered over the 17 years of the festival. The difference is that this time around, we can ensure a continuous flow of events over a longer period of time, within the multi-center Purposes for young people in Alexandria, our new play space,” he confirms. Silvia Ciobotaro (Go)coordinator of the program that started in July in Alexandria.

The full program is available on, and theater lovers in Alexandria can purchase tickets on the Eventbook platform or at the ticket office of the Multipurpose Youth Center.

Four new murals prepared in preparation for the festival can also be admired across the city MARIA BURUI, ANDRE VELIA, MARIA ZORBAGIO And the Irina Mukanowho reimagined the urban landscape through the visual arts.

For 10 teams of high school students from across the country, Idio Ideas It also means a week of exploration and discovery through theater and related arts, with the guidance of professionals.

High school students who are not part of theater groups, but wish to experience personal development workshops through theater, with the support of Gabi Costin and Liviu Chițu, can apply by filling in the online form available at the website .

For their part, teachers from Alexandria and Roșiorii de Vede have been invited to practice their creativity in theatrical workshops they organize in the city, during which they will work under the supervision of actors Mihai Prijban and Sânziana Tarța (Alexandria), I. Kovalchuk and Nicoleta Hanko (Royori de Vidi).

The series of artistic events that will enliven the city during the festival days will be complemented by dialogues and debates with professionals invited to IDEO IDEAS #17.

Thursday evening, from 19:00, moderated the lecture Vlad Tausans Viewers will be challenged (re)imagining their world, in a relaxed discussion about community and community involvement, volunteerism, and art and its impact on various social spheres.

They will be invited to the discussion Annamaria Hankofounder of Let’s Do It, Romania, Madalina Dorobanțu And the Ionot Operathe people behind the Ferentari Association and the PlayHood Ferentari Guides, and Silvia Ciobotaro (Go) – Psychiatrist, psychotherapist and director of the Ideo Ideis Laboratory. The event will take place at the Youth Multipurpose Center, with free entry.

On Friday, at the Storytellers’ Evening, the audience is invited to meet Irina Radulescu, Carol Ionescu And the Morgenstern . cabin Three young actors whose fathers made history in the world of Romanian theater and cinema.

From the discussion he moderated Irina Margherita Nestor, the audience will discover what it is like to grow up in a family of artists, what advantages do you enjoy when an entire country sees your parents in the cinema, on stage or on TV, but also what challenges will come? With such a legacy package.

Public admission to the event scheduled from 8:00 p.m., at Vedea Park, will be free.

Ideo Ideis #17 for kids

On Tuesday from 19:00 and on Wednesday 17 August from 18:00, the little ones are invited to meet tulips and talking dollsventriloquist show with Crina Zvobodă.

Music and magic will be the stars on Friday: from 18:00, children are invited to practice their passion for music at karaokeFrom 19:00 the whole family will enjoy the show In accordance with MAGITOT.

It will start on Saturday at 10:30, along Clara and free timeFrom 17:00, children of all ages are invited play in the garden.

On Sunday, the last day of the festival, the fun continues from 11 am. All children’s events will be held outdoors, with free admission.

The seventeenth edition of the festival Idio Ideas powered by free europe romania.

Over the next few days, with the help of interviews and photos, free europe romania It will seek to show how the initiative of some young people has shaped culturally, for over 16 years, the city of Alexandria, but also in the perception of high school students from all over the country about theater and the applied arts.

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