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Ten NGOs file a public appeal and ask Mayor Gabriel Pléza and members of the Alba Iulia local council to rescind the decision to expropriate certain buildings (dwellings) located on Arnsberg Street, no. 20, Block G2 “Turturica”.

On Tuesday, representatives of the organizations sent a letter to the Prime Minister, the Minister of Labor and Social Solidarity and the Minister of Development, Public Works and Administration notifying how “the mayor of Alba Iulia understands the alignment with national strategies.”

Read the letter to the mayor and local councilors of Alba Iulia (.pdf)

For the mayor of Alba Iulia – a parking place trumps the right to adequate housing

In Alba Iulia, the city council is evacuating many vulnerable families to build a car park. The building to be vacated and demolished is a building that used to have social housing and privately owned housing. Since 2010, the city council has refused to extend the leases of these vulnerable people, and in 2017, evicted all families who did not have property rights to the building (former social housing tenants), leaving the building to decay. Now, in 2022, he wants to empty the entire building so he can demolish it and build a multi-storey car park on the building’s grounds.

The last six people remaining in the building (out of a total of 26 owners) are now at risk of imminent eviction, despite the apparent impossibility of buying another home for the nearly €6,000 that they will receive from the local public authorities. The solution proposed by the mayor – transport in containers, with rent – goes against all international standards that refer to voluntary relocation, with the express consent of the people, and the need for safe housing alternatives (obviously containers are temporary housing structures that they cannot hold in place. dwelling). In recent years, the Legal Resource Center has documented this case and released a report available here.

10 NGOs submit a public appeal to USR PLUS, requesting that party request the Mayor of Alba Iulia to issue a new order rescinding the expropriation order. Ironically, the party that coordinated the PNRR Plan, a plan aimed, among other things, specifically at projects that lead to the reduction of social inequalities in Romania, has as a mayor member who decided that parking spaces are more important than access to decent ones . Living. Today I sent a letter to the Prime Minister, Minister of Labor and Social Solidarity, and Minister of Development, Public Works and Administration, in which I notified the manner in which the Mayor of Alba Iulia understands the alignment with national strategies. She also sent a request to the mayor and local council members Alba Iulia to annul the decision of the local council deciding the expropriation.

Read the Open Letter to the Prime Minister – Social Protection Measures for Vulnerable Groups

We consider this decision a form of direct violence against vulnerable groups. Despite the discussion of strategic documents at the national level in the public discussions proposing a solution to the acute shortage of social housing, most local public authorities are completely uninterested in social housing, despite their direct responsibility towards this sector.

Recently, the Government of Romania publicly discussed the National Housing Strategy 2022-2030. The document notes the acute shortage of social housing and the need for support policies to improve housing conditions for vulnerable people. It is clear that the decision taken by the Mayor of Alba Iulia and the local councilors is contrary to the solutions outlined in this strategy.

Moreover, this year two other documents prepared by the Ministry of Labor and Social Solidarity were discussed – the General Policy for the Social Integration of Homeless Persons and the National Strategy for the Social Integration of Homeless Persons for the period 2022-2027. The two documents specifically target measures conducive to reducing insecurity Residential and street living.

Also, in June 2022, Romania adopted the Lisbon Declaration on the European Platform against Homelessness, in which European countries pledged to combat the phenomenon of street living. The document, assumed by Romania, expressly states: “Evictions shall be prevented whenever possible and no one shall be evicted without assistance in order to find a decent housing solution.” Furthermore, General Comment No. 4/1991 and General Comment No. 7/1997 of the United Nations Economic and Social Committee are highly critical of forced eviction practices and stipulate the right to adequate and safe housing. However, the proposed resettlement solutions do not represent a secure form of housing, as there is no title to it and it is a form of temporary housing. By resolution E/C. 12/ROU/Q/6 of 15.11.2021, Romania will have to inform the United Nations of the measures taken to respect the right to adequate housing and to prevent forced evictions.

We believe that the eviction and demolition of a block in which social housing was located despite the fact that there are owners who have no alternative to a decent and safe home, and that the construction of parking spaces, is blatantly contrary to all the principles it presupposes. Romania through the above-mentioned documents, at the community and national levels,” the representatives of the undersigned organizations sent in a statement.

The undersigned organizations publicly warn that in the event of the eviction and demolition of this building, they will report this case to the attention of the Social Protection Committee, at the level of the European Commission, the body that monitors the progress of member states in the field of social policies as well as to the United Nations Economic and Social Commission .

The signatories to the letter:

  1. active watch
  2. E-Romnja – Association for the Promotion of the Rights of Roma Women
  3. Rise OUT . Association
  4. Public Creativity Center
  5. Villa Center
  6. CeRe: Resource Center for Public Engagement
  7. The common front for the right to housing
  8. B-Stop Association
  9. Civic Association
  10. ARAS – Romanian Association Against AIDS

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