Men’s Handball – European Universities Championship. Suceava’s champion team received congratulations from the local community and the university

The men’s handball team of the Ștefan cel Mare University of Suceava is back as the European League champion once again. Suceava has successfully represented Romania, winning all six matches they have played in the competition, against competitors from Israel, Czech Republic, Spain, Germany and Portugal.

Having just returned to the country after success in Poland, the handball players of Susievan, in a festive atmosphere, were congratulated by the leadership of the local and university community. Mayor of Suceava, Ion Longo, President of USV, Valentin Popa, Dean of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports, Pietro Gervan, Vice Deans Mihai Demian and Stefan Boricci, Director of CSU in Suceava, Soren Ray, as well as their teammates are already out of student benches.

“I came especially to congratulate the team that brought us a special photo supplement for the Suceava community. We want to strengthen the cooperation with Suceava handball and hope to repeat the European Cup final from 2009.

At the moment, the Suceva flag team is the men’s handball team, it has a promising future thanks to the junior teams and national medals and is worth investing in.

We have funded Suceava handball and will continue to fund it. We have a very good cooperation with the University “Ștefan cel Mare” and we want to continue the support of handball from Suceava.

I know there are associations being made with the upcoming election campaign, but that’s not the case at all, I’ve always loved sports and will continue to support it.

We have completed the discussion with the builders of the future multipurpose hall. The deadline to complete implementation is 20 months, but 30 months seems to make more sense.

I congratulate the university handball team from Suceava and assure them that from the point of view of the local community they will not have financial problems.”

The only European Universities Championship match in Poland that could be watched live was the final between USS Suceava and U Granada.

“You made us proud to be Susivan and thank you for that. I would like to see you in the final again next year and would like to see all our games supported by the media and the local community.

Ștefan cel Mare University does not have the potential of the local community, but this time it will try to offer a reward commensurate with the performance as was the case with the first European title. The amount I will be proposing to the USV Board of Directors for approval will be much higher and I anticipate another extraordinary result next year.

As Professor Pietro Gervain said, I know there will be a period of hard work for the Suceava team that plays in the Bison League, but we will try to create the best conditions for them. I hope that at the end of the next tournament we will be among the top seven teams in the tournament” set the goal of the president of the league, Valentin Poppa.

The best player in the competition in Poland, Adrian Tîrzioru, wanted to thank the support of the local community and the USV, as well as those who sent out continuous messages of support.

“We are glad that our work has paid off. The Dean of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports, Pietro Girvan, concluded with the basis for the upcoming tournament, four components of the Romanian national junior national team, who will be our students.

The performance to win the European League title is quite impressive, coaches Bogdan oldănescu and Ilian Andre, physiotherapist Octave Andrica and the 12 players who were part of the Suceava team in the tournament in Poland must be congratulated: Darius Macaria, Yunoy Andreescu – Adrian Terzioro (captain), Claudio Lazurchi, Leonard Stefan, Georges Mihalcía, Julian Roro, Pavel Loeck, Cosmin Lobo, Alexandru Bologa, Adrien Ordo and Alex Dasclo.

It should be noted that the Ștefan cel Mare University team is not in the first achievement of this kind, it succeeded in repeating the 2022 performance in the 2017 edition of the European Universiade, from Málaga (Spain) and winning the title. Bronze medals a year later, in Coimbra (Portugal).

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