Oradian was chosen at the young actor’s party

The annual edition of the Young Actor HOP Gala Concert – UNITER Program under the artistic direction of choreographer and director Răzvan Mazilu – will take place at the Student Cultural Center of Alba Iulia, from 25-27 August 2022.

Those who wish to attend the performance of young performers can purchase tickets for three days at the headquarters of the Puppet Theater “Prichindel” in Alba Iulia, respectively via the Internet, at www.teatrulalba.ro.

Twenty-one actors will compete for the HOP Awards and prove that they have all the assets needed to make history in the field of musicals and that they are able to respond to all the challenges of a contemporary show.

Tudor Manya, a leap in quality

Tudor-Grațian Manea is one of the pre-selection winners of HOP Gala 2022. Tudor studied Theater and Performing Arts (majoring in Acting) at the Faculty of Theater and Film at the University of “Babeş-Bolyai” Cluj-Napoca (semester Filip Odaño, Cinco Ferenc and Diana Aldea).

The young man from Oradea fell in love with the theater since childhood, when with his aunt (Dr. Corina Snezan – editor’s note) he watched theatrical performances in Oradea, but also at various festivals in the country.

“I didn’t really understand what was happening at that time, until the eleventh grade, when I accidentally ended up volunteering at the“ Regina Maria ”theatre in Oradea. I went every time an hour and a half before each show and helped with everything I could: from distributing leaflets to checking Tickets or audience placement in the hall. I would watch a show five or six times and sit in the last rows when the actors rehearse certain scenes before performances. I started going to the theater for fun, after the experiences I had with the theater through the prism of music,” he revealed Theodore Manya.

Before being accepted into college, Tudor took very few theater courses, unlike some of his peers who were part of theater groups, where they had the opportunity to play and participate in various festivals.

“I didn’t have any of that. My connection to the scene was through music and light music festivals in the country I attended. I studied singing – light music for a long time at Mrs. Maeda Harjan’s school. When I entered college, I realized the amount of work behind the show and how much The importance of teamwork, especially in the theatrical field, where it depends on the relationship with the other.”

For him, the nomination for the HOP Gala is a tribute to his work so far and gives him confidence in what he does.

“It’s a boost that helps me continue my art work on an optimistic note,” he says.

Throughout his studies, Theodor Manya played roles in several theater productions. He gave his final performance to the class at the Turda International Theater Festival, where he was awarded the Mention Award.

“It was the first award I received in this field and it meant a lot to me. Now, I am happy to have the opportunity to participate this year in HOP Gala, the theme of which is “Musical”, because my passion for theater started from music. I really want to find a balance between the two fields and combine them with the most beautiful way. On the other hand, at the moment I want to discover myself artistically. And the awards are important, because they are, like a nomination, proof of my work, but the experience and what you learn on stage, in relation to the audience and colleagues, is very much something that changes your vision and your perception of life both as an artist Or as an artist”, is the opinion of the young artist.

Online campaign

Until the competition at Alba Iulia, we invite the public to get to know the artists by following the GALA HOP campaign online. Total voice actor!

Every day, between August 10-24, 11 artists selected in the singles section and the four groups step onto the stage and introduce themselves through short, self-made video materials.

Live on Facebook and YouTube

On August 25 and 26, from 18:00, the public can watch the competition live from the auditorium of the Student House of Culture, or via live broadcast on the website https://galahop.uniter.ro/, the Facebook account of HOP Gala (https://www.facebook.com/GalaHopGalaTanaruluiActor), UNITER’s YouTube account (UNITER ROMANIA). On August 27, from midnight to 4:00 pm, the public will vote for their favorite actors on www.galahop.uniter.ro.

The Audience Award will be announced during the Awards Ceremony scheduled for Saturday, August 27th at 7:00 PM.

Tudor will be able to vote at the Gala Hop party, starting August 27, 2022, from midnight to 4:00 pm, at www.galahop.uniter.ro.

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