Romanian sports dreams days. The year does not bring what the week brings

The problem is that these athletes taught us poorly and from now on we at least expect a high performance, even if the training conditions in Romania are precarious in every discipline that has brought us joy in the past few days. Also, the country will have to reward athletes for the model of David Popovici after the World Championships in Budapest. The record is exceptional: 9 gold medals (boat, swimming, gymnastics, rowing), 1 silver (boating) and 5 bronze medals (rowing and gymnastics). To these performances we also add Simona Halep’s victory in the Toronto Championship, and a return to the WTA Top 10. In terms of football, three teams from Ligue 1 qualify for the playoff matches of the European League.

The boat: first world gold after 36 years

Romanian rowing was in decline after the performances of Ivan Batzyshin (world gold in 1973 and 1977) and Uriel Makarenko (world gold in 1986). No matter how hard the coaches and athletes tried, this discipline was unknown. Until last week, when Cătălin Chirilă (real name Kirillov), a Libovian from the village of Sarichioi, Tulcea province, appeared. The result: the world champion in the 1,000-meter canoe and the world runner-up in the 500-meter short track. How did he succeed? He says it himself: “I surprised them. I’m a goof, I was new to them and they probably underestimated me. But I gave my best. I wasn’t even expecting gold and silver. I wanted medals in both races, but even gold and silver I didn’t really wish to be honest.” Honestly, it was the idea that I won before I crossed the finish line. Practically, I wasn’t 100% exhausted at the end of the race and at the last marks I realized I was the first and no one could catch me. It was a very good feeling. Basically, I lived the race from End to end without 100% fatigue, and I collapsed onto the pontoon, as it happens to me. I felt like I controlled the race from the start.”

For Cătălin Chirilă, registered with CSA Steaua, the European kayak championships in Munich will, in just three days, follow on the same track where Romanian rowers won five gold medals last week.

Rowing: Out of 11 crews, 8 won medals. Thank you Elisabetta Lippo!

The next satisfaction also came from the water. At the European Championships in Munich, the Romanian delegation set an impressive record: five gold medals and three bronze, setting the best Romanian record in history at the European Championships. Here is the credit of our great hero Elisabetta Lippo, President of the Federation, who was able to obtain training conditions for the batch. We remember that not far from last year, right after the Olympics, rowing was on the verge of collapse, and although we had Olympic champions, we were on the verge of not participating in the next European Championships and other regattas, due to the lack of funding. How Elisabetta Lippo managed to get paid and how she found training solutions… Only she knows. But he succeeded, and more than that, he also received medals. Many medals. Of the 11 crew members, 8 got on the podium:

– Magdalena Russo, Liana Bohui, Ancua Bodnar, Denisa Tolevscu, Modelina Peric, Amalia Peric, Ioana Francino, Simona Radić and Adi Montino – gold medal In the 8+1 event for the ladies.

– Ionella Cosmic – gold medal In the women’s individual rowing category.

– Denisa Televescu and Ioana Franchino – gold medal in the dual frame test.

– Marius Kuzmic and Sergio Bijan – gold medal In my husbands men.

– Simona Radish and Ankwa Bodnar – gold medal In the women’s double rowing event.

– Mihai Shiro, Cyprien Todosi, Yuan Brundiano and Florin Marian Inachi – Bronze Medal In the men’s four-oar race.

– Madalina Bereş, Iuliana Buhuş, Magdalena Rusu and Amalia Bereş – Bronze Medal In four frames for the ladies.

– Mihăiţă ţigănescu, Mugurel Semciuc, tefan Berariu and Florin Lehaci – Bronze Medal In four men’s frames.

Gymnastics: gives youngsters hope to return to the top

After the Belu-Bitang-trained couple fell into a state of anonymity, Romanian gymnastics shows signs of recovery after several years during which no results were obtained at any level. Now, after the performances of the rookies in Europe in Germany, we hope to have a strong (and especially complete) team at the Paris Olympics in a couple of years. Amalia Puflea and Sabrina Voinea both take gold in the floor and jump straight. Sabrina Foenia also took the bronze on the floor, and won the fourth, bronze Amalia Povlia on the crossbar.

Swimming: David Popovici is the fastest swimmer in the world

Check David Popovici’s promise. He promised to become the fastest swimmer in the world and became. The world record 100 meters freestyle is 46.86 seconds, the record breaker after 23 years, the former record holder, the Brazilian Cesar Celo Filho, congratulates our athlete after the race. At the age of only seventeen, Popovici was unbeaten in the 100-meter and 200-meter individual races at the Tokyo Olympics, when he was only 16 years old, he came close to an Olympic medal. Since then, David Popovici has dominated every race he has entered, big or small, becoming the first simultaneous world champion in both the 100m and 200m since legendary swimmer Jim Montgomery, who achieved the same feat in 1973, before 49 years old Sports press from all over the world compete in the praise of Popovici. He has already been called the “rocket”, “torpedo”, “unbeatable”, “apparent child”.

David Popovici also competes in the 400m, which is a new event for him.

David Popovici’s main goal is to get under 46 seconds in the 100m freestyle. “Such a result would mean a world record that will not be broken for decades, but David Popovici is able to achieve this feat. He is very fast,” commented Corriere dello Sport. “I wanted to swim as fast as I could and it seems that I succeeded. The dream would be a time with 45 ahead, the swimmer from Dynamo told the BBC at the end of the race in which he set the world record.

Next comes the European Under-23 Youth Championship, on September 2-4, in Belgium, and then the World Senior Championship in the Czech Republic, September 17-25. Until then we have extensive training in Italy. Why Italy? Because in Romania we have no place. We cannot train safely either in Snagov or Orshova.

Elisabetta Lippo, Multiple Olympic Champion

Simona, once again in the top ten

Simona Halep re-entered the WTA top 10, sixth, after winning Toronto, a 900-point tournament and reaching the 24th title of her career. It also ranked fourth in 2022, with a good chance of qualifying for the Champions League, in which the top 8 players in the world participate. Also, with this performance, he crossed the $40 million threshold earned from tennis (only tournament prizes count, no advertising contracts). She is behind the two Williams sisters, but they announced their retirement after the US Open. Thus, Simona Halep will become the best active player on the women’s circuit. For her, the Cincinnati Championship (also a 900-point championship), which she did not participate in in 2021, is coming, she has a chance to accumulate points in the world rankings, and the ability to climb to third place. In the first round of Cincinnati, Simona will meet Karolina Mochova of the Czech Republic, ranked 161st in the WTA, which our player of the year defeated at Wimbledon 6-3 6-2.

In just 7 days, Romanian athletes won 15 medals. The Simona Halep Cup in Toronto was also added to them

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