The first 53 contracts were signed under the “European Village” programme.

Last week, the first 53 contracts worth about 195 million lei were signed to implement local development projects within the national program “European Village”. This was announced by Andrei Spino, Minister of Infrastructure and Regional Development.

According to the Minister, 17 projects for the construction and renovation / rehabilitation of public buildings have been signed, including through measures to improve energy efficiency (increase energy performance) of public buildings:

– Răzeni municipality, Ialoveni district (major renovation of the Town Hall)

– Village of Caracui, Hîncești County (Major repair work in Grădinițe)

– Ișcălău municipality, Fălești region (modernization of the internal electrical system in the kindergarten)

– Ștefănești village, tefan Vodă district (reconstruction of the roof of the early education institution “Ghiocel”)

– Șuri municipality, Drochia region (major repair of the roof of the IP gymnasium “Viorel Ciobanu”)

– the city of Cimișlia, the district of Cimișlia (the capital of the reformed kindergarten “Andries”)

– Micleușeni village, Strășeni region (modernization of the House of Culture through energy efficiency and equipping it with contemporary acoustic equipment)

– Mărculești village, Florești county (reconstruction of the roof in the “Guguță” early education institution)

– Horești village, Ialoveni district (reconstruction of the roof of the House of Culture)

– Ișcalău village, Fălești region (modernization of the internal electrical system in the kindergarten)

– Mașcăuți village, Criuleni district (repair and furnishing of the kindergarten in order to open a nursery group)

– Chetrosu village, Anenii Noi district (construction of the roof and thermal insulation of the facades of the kindergarten “Prichindel”)

– Zgărdești Municipality, Telenești District (repair of the combined roof of the gymnasium and kindergarten)

– Horești village, Ialoveni district (reconstruction of the roof of the House of Culture)

Kokoara Village, Kahol District (Updating and Equipping the House of Culture)

– Village of Corbu, Dondozini region (replenishment of the capital and endowment of the kindergarten “Andrie”)

– Dubăsarii Vechi Village, Criuleni County (Repair of Building A in “Romanița” Kindergarten)

16 additional projects for the construction and reconstruction of sports buildings, including buildings intended for the development of social services intended for residents of socially vulnerable groups (care centers for children, the elderly and people with special needs), including medical infrastructure:

– Morozini Municipality, Orhei District (Getting a Safe Education)

– Municipality of Baimaclia, Căușeni District (construction of a small football field with artificial cover)

– Corlăteni Village, Rîșcani District (construction of the tennis court and its equipping with sports equipment within the multifunctional sports court)

– Tănătari village, Căușeni region (creation of a small soccer field with artificial cover)

– Chiryanka village in Strsenyi district (children’s playground development)

– Calarasi City (improving sports conditions for children)

– Taxubini village, Fălești district (construction of a children’s playground next to the early childhood education institution)

– Stăuceni municipality, Chisinau municipality (construction of a public park with children’s playgrounds)

– Maramonovka village in Droushia region (equipment of educational institutions with furniture and modern technologies)

– Village of Korgova, Kryolini Region (rehabilitation of the Sports-Cultural Center)

– Drăsliceni village, Criuleni district (reform of the capital (reconstruction) of the gymnasium)

– hours. Singera, Revaca Village, Chisinau (football field construction)

– Codreanca municipality, Străseni region (a complex of playgrounds for a beautiful childhood)

– Vărvăreuca municipality, Florești county (repair gym, block B, in the gymnasium)

– Mileștii Mici Village, Ialoveni District (Major repair of the canteen and gymnasium at Mihail Bîrcă Theoretical High School)

– The village of Birbwini, Nesborini region (equipment of the sports field and the multifunctional hall of the Kindergarten “Rawda” with sports equipment and inventory).

else 12 projects to build / extend / rehabilitate / modernize water supply and water treatment and wastewater treatment systems, intended for general objectives of local interest:

– Fălești Noi (the tap water for the villagers)

– Cernița Village, Floreti County (Extended Sustainable Drinking Water Supply Service)

– Moșana village, Dondușeni district (water supply)

– Drebkoti village, Brishini district (drilling an artesian well, supplying the town with water)

– Ordășei village, Telenești district (replacement of the worn-out castle)

– Hitrești Village, Sărata Veche Municipality, Fălești District (Water for a Better Life for Residents)

– Viișoara Commune, Glodeni (Improving residents’ quality of life by ensuring access to sanitation)

– Dondușeni city (extension of drinking water networks)

– Municipality of Valea-Trestieni, Nisporeni region (construction of internal water supply systems)

– Dîngeni village, Ocnița district (student health block inside a gymnasium)

– Văscăuți Village, Florești County (Extended Sustainable Drinking Water Security Service)

– Congazcicul de Sus, UTA Gagauzia (Water Supply and Sanitation Networks)

5 projects to install public lighting:

– Vasilcău village, Soroka district (installation of street lighting networks)

– Brînzenii Noi municipality, Telenești district (increasing the degree of street lighting coverage)

– Albinețul Vechi Commune, Fălești (renovation and expansion of the street lighting network)

– Mîndrești village, Telenești district (creation of public street lighting)

Ciorești municipality, Nisporeni district (extension of basic local services to the population)

Two projects to restore/rehabilitate/rebuild/preserve specific historical monuments/structures of traditional rural architecture in a specific area, intended for general purposes:

– Cîșla village, Telenești district (theme park development)

– Delacău Village, Anenii Noi District (Central Park Development)

General Urban Plans Development Project:

– Municipality of Zurili, Orhei District (Development of the general urban plan)

Minister André Spino urges representatives of the local public administration to invite the National Office for Regional and Local Development to sign the financing contracts as soon as possible. It can also be digitally signed.

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