They hacked their WhatsApp! SRI officers, spun by the SPP in the government!

Today we publish the first part not only for hallucinations, but also from the perspective of national security, among the heads of the protection and security apparatus. Whether among themselves or with employees of the Government of Romania or other vital institutions of the Romanian state, such as the Chamber of Deputies or various ministries. Heads of SPP targets, including from the Victoria Palace and other facilities, provide real-time day and night reports to the SSI officer, Felix Decaux, on all movements of VIPs in the Romanian state, government employees or Parliament. And even about the Romanian intelligence officers in the center!

Part of the evidence that Bahonu’s SPP officers are political police

And even if these conversations that can be made available to criminal investigation bodies at any time no longer represent “irrefutable evidence of political policing executed in an orderly fashion by guard and protection service officers about the directives and objectives of the government that they are obligated to protect even by operating law, then look , we are “leaving” the first pictures from our “photo library”!

The government in a “live” broadcast!

With the explanation that figures from the Romanian state and SRI officers are being spied on and photographed by duty SPP officers at Government House, on the orders of Colonel Felix Decaux. This practically monitors “live” all the movements of the characters and even the undercover officers from other secret services! The loss of consciousness of SSI officers and guards Section 3 of the Protection and Guard Service was so amazing that they are communicating in an encrypted suite of applications where the pictures of their underage children are their profile pictures! I share pictures with a secret SRI officer responsible for protecting members of the Romanian government from Russian spying! Although I know their official quality! But the “blonde captain from SRI” is spying and taking pictures in the government cafeteria, which he mocks “easy to break”!!!

It’s the head of the SDI, Colonel Felix Decaux!

All conversations are centered on WhatsApp, but also on Signal, entered into our possession by the user “GIGEL COSTEL MOTĂNEL”. The one who asks the heads of targets of the Romanian government to inform him of everything that moves in the Victoria Palace, to which a dignitary enters and leaves, photos, from the buffet and the car park, which hangs on the “reserve groups”. and “Guiding the people of the goal in this sense”. And as other messages that we do not publish today show beyond doubt, GIGEL COSTEL MOTĂNEL is in fact Colonel Félix Decaux! Which, as we revealed in the August 8 “Strike” titled “Geoană seller, Colonel Felix Decaux, new head of the SPP” was appointed to head the Information Documentation Department of the Protection and Guard Service! The man who reports directly to Colonel Domitro Voronino. And now to Generals Daniel Ion Bolacha and Lucien Bahono!


If even officers like “ZOZO” Z. ended up being media-exploited in this way by Felix Deco’s experts, then even the most optimistic initiators of the regime could no longer cling to the hope that the “andramaua of Pahonțu” could still be “re-evaluated” “!

Especially if, from the moment this first evidence of political police was published strictly prohibited by the Constitution and all applicable laws, it was not “immediately” established that we still have CSAT in this country! And the military section of DNA! And then we will “blast” and “nuclear weapons”, despite the imminent danger of external weakness of the most important institutions of the Roman state. But if the SPP is spying, then instead of taking measures to protect these structures and the SRI has not been able to “cover” even its own people from the government, why are others doing it…?

But for now, let’s turn today to a few conversations on WhatsApp between the current head of SDI at the SPP, Colonel Felix Decaux, and one of the very objective bosses from Victoria Palace…

A short session. I’ll come back.

– Good.

– I did not see him. what is her name?

– Christina David

– Screenshot on her profile

Let me define it.

– Look at it and it has “signs” that it exists.. there are many

– I understand

– Now he is an advisor to the Cabinet of State Oana Bolai


I understand

I wish I had given you extra work

I also know that she also works in Parliament. He has two salaries, as I don’t know.

He may also go to Parliament

Not that she works there. The second problem…

– That’s how I know

– Did you see the Secretary of State … in the government office?

– yes

– what does he say

– I don’t know what he’s saying.

– Aren’t you talking to him?

Maybe we’ll talk… in detail

Yes, keep calm


– Spends. I was telling you that there is a seemingly inexplicable connection from where and to where… Bobby…

– He might want a job

G: If he doesn’t already have…scabies…part-time…

Z: I was checking

– OK

Have you seen Nagi in the area?

– I could not hear

(…) – Good evening, is that true? Was there any movement last night?

– I don’t know anything, I’m trying to find out.

– Is there something attached to that set?

– No, nothing, deploying inf. Liviu Constantinescu, but quiet. (…)

(…) – salary. yes. where is she?

On a table far away.

in tourism projects


Was it set there?

What is your hand…

– Learn more about the lady with her, her mouth is broken

– Who is the lady?

– He’ll be an SRI captain, but he’ll break easily

one from here

– Is he in SRI?


Or assumptions?

– What is his name?

she does

Yonut Ritual

– to me…

– Capital?

– Wasn’t his wife his chief of staff…during the PDL?

– surely

– on CD

Yes, but not the Chief of Staff

– what? she was?

– She was the head of the legislative department of CDEP

The groom was Radu Cambiano

– Fabulous

– He was in the PNL district

– Or Eld, now …

– The girl is waiting

– the wife?

– yes

– He left, right?

He left for a better life. He wasn’t the same height as Janie’…

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