TIFF comes to Oradea with more Roman previews than ever before. the program…

The most anticipated Romanian films of the year are preparing for their first encounter with the Romanian audience, between 2 and 4 Septemberin thatFifth Edition TIFF Oradea. Autumn novelties will come not alone to the festival, but accompanied by its creators – actors and directors who have proven themselves in recent years at international film competitions, and who have already confirmed their presence at the preview screenings scheduled in Oradea.

On the TIFF Oradea website, from today, moviegoers will find the full program of events organized during the first fall weekend. In Piata Unirii, at the Queen Maria Theater, in the Philharmonic and Baroque Palace, as well as in the Zion Neolog Synagogue. Also today, tickets for access to performances and gala dinners are also on sale at tiff.eventbook.ro.

On the first day of the festival, very shortly after the world premiere of the film in the competition of the Sarajevo International Film Festival, spectators will preview the screening business menthe latest feature film signed by Paul Negosko. The main actor of the film will be present in Oradea, Iulian Postelnicuwhich moviegoers will see on the big screen in the role of a young policeman caught up in a violent chain of events.

Alexander Papadopol Returns to TIFF Oradea In the the Dragon (Photo), Octave Chilaro’s first appearance, is about a young religious teacher who enters into an affair with one of her students. Even before the film is shown in theaters across the country, moviegoers in their city will see it in the presence of the actor and director.

Equally eagerly awaited by the audience in Romania, Goats with three childrenHorror with Maia Morgenstern and Marius Bodochi marking the director’s debut Victor Kanachlet’s see here a preview, with the participation of its creator and producer Luana Gorgeta.

Sharpan Buffalo Plays a delicious role in Weddings, baptisms and funeralsA comedy of millions with terrifying neighbors and property struggles. The film, which marks the directorial debut of Alexandro Lustig, will be shown in preview in Oradea. The first public meeting will be held in the city nothing about lovea provocative drama about betrayals that destroy friendships and marriages, written and directed by Florin Persic Jr.

The list of filmmakers confirmed for TIFF Oradea 5th edition continues with the cast Serpan Lazarovicy and Marius BobockWho will speak to the audience after the show? metronome Debut for Alexandru Belc, who recently won the Cannes Prize. actor turn Bogdan Farkas You will engage in a dialogue with the viewers who are invited to watch Immaculate, very clean, very organized (Der. Monica Stan and George Chipper Lilymark), a film about lost innocence, was awarded three prizes in Venice. an actress Isabella Nemto Come to Oradea with The lost year 1986director Ligia Ciornei’s debut, about Romanian women having to resort to illegal abortion, after the Chernobyl disaster.

The latest animated film by Anka Damien, The island (Photo) He will benefit from a special show in Oradea, after an impressive international festival that started in Rotterdam and Gothenburg. The surreal comedy inspired by the play Gilo Naoum reinterprets the story of Robinson Crusoe and transforms it into a musical, political and poetic fable.

And for documentaries lovers, TIFF included a meeting with the director on the program in Oradea Sebastian Mihailescupresent at the festival side by side Dan Hoody – One of the multi-award winning champions For me, you are Ceausescu.

Each of the 11 local titles will enjoy a unique show at TIFF Oradea, and in order not to miss the meeting with directors and actors right now, we encourage moviegoers to pre-purchase their tickets available from today at tiff.eventbook. OMR platform.


The fifth edition of TIFF Oradea is organized by the Association of Cinema and Urban Culture, in partnership with the Transylvania Film Festival Association.

Co-organizer: Oradea City Hall by Visit Oradea – Association for the Promotion of Tourism in Oradea and the Region.

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