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Today, the Romanian Football Federation is expected to announce the formation of the tenth series in the third division, which will start its championship next weekend, on August 27. Those withdrawal from Sporting Juniorul Vaslui, which was added to Hușana Huși’s older waiver, forces a first series reconfiguration. Last year, CSM Bacău was in Series 1, while Aerostar and FC Dinamo Bacău played in Series 2. What will happen now?

There was a lot, and there was very little left. Theoretically, only a few hours. After a long wait, the Romanian Football Federation is preparing to announce the formation of the ten series of ten teams of the third league championship, a competition that will start next weekend, on August 27, with three Bakuan teams starting on the network: Aerostar, CSM and FC Dinamo. Creating a chain is a real puzzle.

This is due to the many withdrawals that led to the vacancy of several places. Against the backdrop of concessions, the French Football Federation (CSM Bacău) club regained the relegation to the second tier of the tournament, but the return of “CSMeilor” to be directed by Kristi Popovici in the new season, partially resolved the problems in Series 1, where recently, Sporting Junior also withdrew Fasluy. Thus, at the moment, in Series 1 we will have the following 9 teams: Dante Botocani, Foresta Suceava, Bukovina Rodiucci, Sihlul Piatra Neamt, Umoz Volticini, Stenza Miroslava, CSM Bacau, and the newly promoted Vitorul Darabocani. Since CSM Bacău, unlike CSM Bacău, had relegated the other from Series 1 at the end of the 2021-2022 edition, CSM Pașcani declined the FRF’s invitation, at one point the option – silly, by the way – to complete Series 1 with Aerostar was circulated.

It would have led to a Super Series in the northern region of Moldova, with strong teams such as Foresta Suceava, Dante Botocani, Chihlul Piatra Neamt, Aerostar, Miroslava and Bukovina Roducci, in stark contrast to Series 2, which only has two groups with claims: CSM Focșani 2007 and Metalul Buzău. Therefore, the variant with the Aerostar ported to Series 1 is as absurd as it is fanciful. There was also talk about the possibility of inviting some teams that missed the promotion barrier to the third league. In addition to the fact that, at the moment, there is no legal framework for such a process, another major drawback is the extremely short time – just one week – during which some of the losers from the group must prepare for League Three – A. .

An eloquent example? Honest sport. After being defeated in the promotion category by Rapid Brodoc, the Bacău County Champion sent a title to FRF a month and a half ago, in which he showed his willingness to play in the third league if there were any vacancies. Recognizing that at the next meeting of the FRF Executive Committee a clause will be voted on that will give the green light to the Third League losers from the promotion barrier, Sportul Onești will have serious difficulties in meeting the call.

“Given that after our previous request, we received no response from the federation, we have prepared for League 4. We don’t have the budget nor much to start next week in League 3, should the problem arise. At best, we ask for a 24 hour break to discuss with the sponsors who We promised support in case of upgradeSport Onești director, Daniel Monteno, said.

However, several sources of the newspaper invalidate the novel by accepting the losers from the dam, revealing that “The French Football Federation gave all the assurances that it already has hundreds of teams registered in the third league.” To find out what they are and, in particular, how they will be distributed over a chain. The latest information confirms the idea of ​​completing Series 1 with a team from Harghita or Covasna. Moreover, there is a possibility that in the first series we will have two teams from Harghita and Covasna, so that all three teams from Bacău, Aerostar, CSM and FC Dinamo are put together in Series 2. So many calculations and only a few hours until everything will be nailed .

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