Gross theft from farm. The thieves harvested 30 hectares of sunflowers and left 70 tons of the crop

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Mass robbery from a farm where thieves took advantage of the holiday to enter the field and harvested the crop of sunflowers on a large scale. The damage covers 30 hectares and amounts to about 210,000 lei, according to representatives of the affected farm who are appealing to fellow farmers, local authorities and ordinary citizens in the area, if they see anything suspicious in the past few days — including loading trucks, to report to police from Siuchina town, Ilumica Prefecture. .

In the company of Agromec Balaciu of the municipality of Ciochina, Ialomița province, the thieves managed to harvest the crop of sunflowers and disappeared with a huge amount of production, without being seen. The company’s employees were preparing to start harvesting today but yesterday when they went to the fields to see if the conditions were right for picking they were shocked. Much of the crop has already been harvested.

“Last Wednesday, my colleague was in the field and did a moisture test on the sunflower crop, after which we decided to harvest this week. The weekend passed, and we also had a little holiday with Monday when we were not working, and we went yesterday, Tuesday morning, at about 11:00 am, straight to the field to see if the road is good after the rains of the last days, to be able to enter the harvest. Then I found out that a large area had already been harvested. So at first we estimated the theft of about 30 hectares of sunflowers” Agrointelligence-AGROINTEL.RO, Antonio Galvão – Head of the farm within the company Agromec Balaciu.

The thieves chaotically harvested sunflowers from about 30 hectares

The ‘accidental’ harvest option is excluded.

The farm manager considers it highly unlikely that the harvest on the lands of Agromec Balaciu will, by mistake, be carried out by one of the land’s neighbours. Especially since the cut surface is large.

“If the neighbor came, we were talking about a maximum of one hectare, it could be harvested by mistake. But there are about 30 hectares that are obviously taken with bad intention. The land was cultivated along its length and not harvested from the ends, but only where they entered, they are thieves, and they They grab it, in the middle. I mean from the road, if you don’t walk exactly in the middle of the plot, you can’t even see that it’s being harvested, everything has been calculated, they’ve made the plan clear,” said Antonio Galvão.

He added that he had not heard of other thefts in the agricultural area because there were no previous records in this detention.

“This is the first time something like this has happened to us. And I haven’t even heard of production being stolen from such a large area. I think they came with a set or even two, as well as trucks they were loaded in. It was something organized and thought out in advance. Someone couldn’t He comes by chance and says ‘Look, I’ll start the harvest here.’ Obviously everything is planned, I mean they have analyzed where they go in, how they go in, how they harvest, all the details. You realize that if it’s another farmer in the area, he has no problem, and he can To say that he produces and sells it well, legally, as if it were from his own land, ”emphasized the head of the farm.

In addition, he also said that the harvest was done in a hurry, and the plant was not cut down as in the usual harvest: “They left whole plants behind, and the harvest was in full swing. In some places they left, in others they collected everything. It can be seen They did everything in a hurry, to take up as much of the space as possible. They don’t care what they left behind.”

Damage is large: 210 thousand lei

For the community in Illometa County, the damage is enormous. In addition to losing the money that it can get from the harvest, the company also faces the delicate situation of not being able to fulfill part of the contracts.

“We, by eye, estimate somewhere around 30 hectares that we will not be able to harvest anything anymore. We are waiting for the police to come with a GPS to determine exactly. I repeat, we have not proven anything clear as to the damage, but if the average is 2.5 tons Per hectare in 30 hectares, we lost about 70 tons.Moreover, it is simple if we talk about an average price of 3 lei per kilogram (3000 lei per ton not) we have about 210 thousand lei loss. In addition, we also have Decades we have to respect and the amount lost is very large, and we are still talking about 70 tons we lost. In this way the drought affected the culture, and now this problem has arisen”, explained Antonio Galvão.

Farmers are prevented from harvesting the remaining areas in the field

Realizing the theft, representatives of Agromec Balaciu immediately reported it to the police in Ciochina. Law enforcement officers registered the complaint, and today a team will go into the field to take the necessary measurements to determine how the theft occurred. But in the meantime, until the police find out, the farm’s activity has stopped in terms of harvesting the rest of the produce that escaped from the thieves.

“The rest of the plot is completely dry and it’s time to start harvesting to save something. But now we’re stuck until the measurements are finished, and today we’re waiting for the police, they come with forensics, to find out. We hope he comes so we can also complete the harvest, Otherwise we lose what’s left. That’s what they promised us, let’s watch that they come today. I gave everything that was needed in the morning and the station master from Ciochina said they would come. They couldn’t do it this morning, but we wait. He needs to see the traces that are, If it was from a reaper, from a truck, we did not even interfere, we took pictures from afar, so as not to spoil the evidence, ”the head of the farm indicated.

Agrointelligence-AGROINTEL.RO Ciochina farmers who have seen something suspicious in the past few days or have pictures on video cameras of trucks that passed through the municipality during the St. Mary’s mini holiday are appealing to notify the municipal police.

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