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Respecting the traditions of recent years, the Luduș City Council has approved a proposal by the City Council to organize the cultural and artistic event included in this year’s calendar, which promotes traditional cultural elements. For this purpose, a cooperation protocol was approved between UAT Luduș and the “Grai Ardelean” association, which organized the “Gheja in Sărbătoare” event on August 13-14, 2022.

On the first day, sports dominated

On Saturday, August 13, since the morning hours, the first to open the series of demonstrations were members of the “Ludo Bird and Small Animal Breeders Association 2011” who opened their booths in the neighborhood sports field. Present were President Avram Theodor Sebastian and Vice President Colin Marian, who along with Valentin David and Trouznay Martin from Balda, Donnelly Varga, Varga Kasaba from Lodoy and Ioan Kriocho from Bogata presented their passion to an informed audience.

Avram Theodor Sebastian told us: “At the next exhibition, which will be held on September 10, 2022 in Ludo, we will present ourselves with many more producers and more exhibitions.”

Teachers Loredana and Emil Alecu Stan were the organizers of interesting and educational games for children. The number of participants was large and so were the prizes offered. Daniel Ropa, Mihai Malney, Mark Dejan and Sergio Stoica received diplomas (for first places); David Bohazy, David Stan, Kirsty Patrick and Szabo-Andre (second) and Kirsty Mark, Darius Bossa, Mathieu Timea and Marius Treff (third). David Urban (6 years old) was awarded the youngest contestant, and Mara Sabo was declared the “Best Organizer”.

Young people – old people, equality

A match of competitions that over the years have proven winners from both camps this year ended in a draw, or maybe the youths, or the Veterans, won, it’s not exactly known. The outdoor movement, the success of some executions, as well as the sportsmanship of both teams were important. The match was also an example of two teams from Mureșul Luduș FC, which this year will celebrate its century of existence. The students from the 2011-2012 group, coached by coach Dorel Rațiu and president of Mureșul Luduș Club, Ioan Orosfoian, made a good impression on the spectators. A good impression on the athletes was made by Mathieh Timea, goalkeeper of the boys team, who has remarkable talent and ambition. Andre Dan, a well-educated child with special physical and technical qualities and Talos Oscar is ambitious and technical, with a lot of will and constant movement. These three, and others, have good prospects for advancement in the sport they play.

Cycling with motorbikes

As new to this celebration was the initiative of two young men from Gheja, brothers Adrian and Marius Sabău, motorsport enthusiasts. They were neighborhood motorcycle promoters and without being affiliated with any sports club, with expenses incurred out of their own budget, they set up an amateur motocross circuit. Brothers Sabo, Dan Tribune, Dan Sentigan, Sebastian Panti, Christian Elia, Bogdan Sabo and others, amateur athletes aged 14 to 47, participated in exhibition races. Cyclists Adrian Sabău, George Sabău, Claudiu Rus, Sergiu Coman Moruțan and George Mâln performed on a road with minor changes.

Efficiency rating

During the presentation by Ioan Astoloi and moderated by the beloved folk music soloist Ionella Moruán and in the presence of Mayor Christian Moldovan and PSD Deputy Domitria Gleja, local councilor Jelo Boya, the main organizer of the celebration, distributed certificates on the professional performance of some citizens. They received “Diplomas of Excellence” Paul Blaga – Associate Ph.D. at the University of “Babeș Bolyai” in Cluj-Napoca, Adrian Mihai Olariu – Project Manager at Microsoft USA, Ligia Alexandrina Focșan – Professor of Chemistry in the USA and Ioan Astoloi – Plastic Artist. Priests Eli Doyan and Vasily Sersel, Professor Vasily Tribune, Colonel. (r) George Bubba, veteran warrior George Baguio, farmer Horia Germann, Dr. Daniel Ray, and pigeon breeder Rary Bogoten – multiple champions.

To restore the collective memory of the neighborhood in past times, at the place where the festive hora was held, the dancers of the “Ardealul” Luduș troupe came down from the stage and invited the spectators to a game “Like la Gheja”. It was an emotional moment for both the seasoned dancers and some of the youngsters who stick to tradition and want to continue the local folklore. This task is difficult but not impossible.

Ewan A Bourgovan

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