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  • Interview with Alexandru Dumitru, writer –

What is the value of that to you? Word Which carved In the opera?

– word that Sculpture (I put) In order to reveal the originality of the writing, it should be, as far as possible, without a face or a recognizable quasi. I’m referring to the novelty you have to bring in terms of literature, to the strength of the message in context. Creation must be credible, even if it oscillates between fantasy and reality, often figuratively, and the point is that intrinsic value conforms to the universal requirement that “the poem heals the world,” as the poet claims. I hope to succeed, for I am not accustomed to using words to describe great phenomena, small miracles or ingenious mechanisms, and even simple things (sunsets that fill the sky with a fire of colour, a little bird migrating over the Atlantic Ocean, lit by flashlights, a smile, the touch of a hand, etc. Through my creations, the so-called “rebusemes,” the desire also to awaken the reader’s awareness of the existence of the divine proportion by which being recognizes and transmits itself in nature, and man comprehends his divine origin.” / It is in me and with us” (“Bathing with Myrrh”, in the volume “Siesta of an Amphora” also in Italian, by Crina Popescu and Veronica Rinero, recently published by the publishing house June From Yash, the group immigrant words). I am convinced that metaphor is always kept alive through words, and for this reason they, words, are so valuable for communication, and are sometimes spoken by thought, like prayers. We wear the amulet of words around our neck, and life is a constant hunger for phenomena and feelings.

  • Who is stuck in your soul: the prodigal son or his brother?

– Had it not been for his brother, the prodigal son would not have emerged. What is important for the soul is the parable that shows God’s mercy and forgiveness, and it is a structural lesson for those who live and love. I would never preach to rely on a balance between the two, with the conviction that it is good that when you make a mistake, you do everything to renew the soul, and repentance is a high probability of returning to the truth and continuing. When thinking, it can also be analyzed in the summary, you can make plans and go to their implementation, and get deep satisfaction when you succeed. Wonderful is to embrace the moral sense that enables the distinction and choice between good and evil, with a conscience that reproaches when you deviate from the right path. It’s all about trusting yourself and the person close to you. The universality of good takes precedence and remains to serve the world and remove evil. Only in this way “nothing is lost, everything changes” or “nothing changes until you change”. What is important is the human relationship we have with ourselves. So I can conclude with verses from my book “This is the idea” (Baku, Editora Babylon2021): “The poem is like holy water / Defends and preserves the good victor / Always threatened and lost / In the labyrinth of hostile thoughts. / The deification of any being or non-existent / Described by words or on the horizon, not only / As the radiance of my body, oh Lord, / Much more when the sincere jihad / Strengthens and multiplies desires and thinking / and actions according to your image / and likeness, O Lord.”

Do you sometimes hang out and fight with God?

For me, there has never been a “fight” with God. The supplication was always, and in moments of crossroads, the “Our Father” prayer and the sign of the cross “opened”, protected even if all my desires were not fulfilled (I mean “serious” and not sweets or various whims). This is why “God’s help” is always at hand. There is a saying among the people: “The Lord gave, the Lord took,” which justifies a loss that you do not bear, but it may be connected with chance, because good and evil, as always in people, a man makes it with his own hand, sometimes randomly. It goes without saying that quarreling with God means revealing a thought that can be closer to the truth, because it cannot be simulated, being a continuous siege on my universe, and the meaning explains eternity, after its maturity is closer to what carries the transparent error.

  • Is it a utopia of heaven and hell, or realistic versions of your future home?
  • The question is provocative. About Heaven and Hell You’ll realize later what they can mean. In childhood and youth, the concepts were a bit abstract to me, but as I get older they seem to be indispensable in my thinking. As you can see, a valuable work that weaves fiction and truth, utopias, facts, and the balance between good and evil. Care must be taken, because the good always wins. Many peers were predictive of what would happen, but most of the time they could not tell anything about their fate. Another book of mine “The Labyrinth of Eden” (Baku, Publisher rovimed, 2016), outlines as closely as possible my view of what heaven would be like and the context for getting to where it is good if you do good. There is also the possibility of veering toward utopia, but life lessons often provide some answers that are corroborated by facts in their existential evolution. You will not be able to be satisfied with yourself, unless you first believe in yourself and in what you do to leave a mark of less or more divine providence, but long overdue.
  • When betrayed, what did you sometimes feel: contentment, hatred, liberation, remorse?
  • I cannot say that there was a so-called “betrayal” on my part, but only a “split” on the part of the one who opposed me. There were faults towards my colleagues, but without direct intent, and they were never condescending, hateful, or any other reprehensible feelings. I’m a follower of the one who ignites (gets pissed off) quickly, but just as easily turns off. I had no grudge, and if I had a quarrel, I reconciled, and apologised deeply. In other words, the act of treason is attempted to be justified, but is not supported by morality. It is said that Julius Caesar exclaimed: “I love treachery, but I hate traitors.” I cannot support traitors, nor can I consent to betrayal no matter what the purpose or cause. In history, due to acts of espionage, treason is the order of the day. Secret services use double agents, but the betrayal itself remains unjustified and reprehensible.
  • If you can patching Basically something from pregnancy originWhat is this goal? revision?
  • “Creation” is an attribute of God, in which man has been and will be. Repairing or modifying an inappropriate past “perception” is like trying to heal a wound, but the scar still remains, with the use of all cosmetic ointments and procedures. Everything that is artificial is not alive, and if you change (modify its course) its nature, sooner or later you will be punished by … “Mother Nature”. The ingenuity of the Creator so fascinates me that I cannot even think of a change, even if it is meaningful. However, there is a great deal of interest in appreciating and preserving what exists. Natural phenomena still sometimes have a devastating effect, if we refer to earthquakes, floods or fires during hot weather. I believe that the concept of “creation” contains at its core an answer to vagaries, where human intervention is useless when the plague is unleashed. However, there are precautionary measures related to the maintenance of ecological balance, and perhaps this is where I would like to intervene substantially and concretely, without artificial changes to what nature offers, so as not to provoke the universe. The power of God has a “Word” to say here too, towards a positive solution, so that the world may perpetuate.
  • The verse, the phrase that you have Timid bone?…

– The words of Mihai Benyuk so far impress me: “I am a woolly apple, a road and no fence. / On my branches, red apples burn. / The road, take it without fear, / You shall not have to give account to anyone.” Undoubtedly, I wish and hope that my ‘pacifications’ will decorate the roadside ‘Fruit Tree’, for readers, as much as they exist. If turbulence is to be deciphered, to be closer to what the answer should express, I recall that there are many lines or phrases belonging to famous authors of lyrical and cosmological philosophy that need not be expressed now. Discomfort is enjoyable, but sometimes painful.

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