The price of culture in Arad explodes

I plow. After years when the prices charged by the Arad County Library “AD Xenopol”, the Arad Museum Complex and the Arad County Cultural Center were “frozen”, starting next year, culture prices will rise. It will grow a lot, and in many cases even double.

On the website of the Arad District Council, under which all the above-mentioned cultural institutions are located, draft decisions have been made on the approval of fees to be charged, as of 2023, by the district library, museum complex, transparent and district cultural center. Let’s take them one by one.

At the library, and for years, the annual subscription is 10 lei. From 2023, its price will double to 20 lei, while the price for a semester ticket (for half a year) will increase from 5 to 10 lei. Access to the library for a day will increase by 150 percent, from 2 lei to 5 lei. In terms of xerox transcription or inclusion services for certain documents, there will also be increases of between 25 and 50 percent over the rates that have been exercised until this year. Other services (inter-library loan, conference room rental, halls or garden) will be more expensive starting next year.

If we turn our attention to the Arad Museum complex, then a lot of prices here will double – at least. According to the announced documents, a ticket to the department for adults will be more expensive from 4 lei per person to 10 lei per person. Students and retirees who want to visit the museum’s departments will have to take 5 lei out of their pocket, and not 2, as is the case now, starting next year. Moreover, if until now groups of preschoolers, pupils or students who visited the museum on the basis of a protocol signed between educational institutions and a cultural institution were entered free of charge, they would now have to pay one lei per person. Directory services will see huge price increases. The public guide fee, by appointment, for groups of at least 15 people, will go up from 10 lei to 30 lei, while the special/thematic guide fee, by appointment, for groups of at least 15 people, will be more expensive than 20 lei to 50 lei.

Archaeological research, artistic publication editing, graphic processing, heritage preservation or restoration or other specific services will also become more expensive in 2023. The largest increase, at least 1,500 percent, will be recorded for photography fees. If, until this year, the fee is inclusive, 10 lei, then from next year, those who want to take pictures in the museum exhibits will have to pay 150 lei. And the fee for filming increases, but only by 100%, from 100 to 200 lei.

Not really that big

If we talk about the cultural center of the Arad district, then starting from 2023 there will be price increases here too, but not too high, in percentage terms. School fees at the Folklore School will increase by 20-30 lei per year, depending on what options Arad’s children choose. Regarding housing in the two CCJA-administered camps, in Moneasa the accommodation rate will increase from 50 to 53 lei/person/day, and in Kosoya from 40 to 42 lei/person/day.

Renting a summer theater in Moneasa and the theater located at the foundation’s headquarters, on George Bariţiu Street, will be more expensive from 500 lei to 530 lei per event. At the same time, the wooden booths that appeared recently, in front of the Arad District Council, at various fairs, will be able to rent for 100 lei per day to those who want to display and sell their products. In addition, they will have to pay a fee of 4 lei/m2/day to occupy the public domain, at events organized by CJA or CCJA. Finally, the entrance fee to performances organized by the county cultural center in its courtyard will increase from 5-6 lei, while students will also have to pay 1.5 lei. JA-AG

Next is the vote

As I said, the draft decisions on the tax increase are currently being made with transparency. Until 25.08.2022, those interested can apply in writing in the Arad County Council Register, Monday through Thursday, between 8:00-16:30 and Friday, between 8:00-14:00, or at the address, Suggestions, suggestions, or opinions regarding the draft resolutions presented,” say CJA representatives. After the expiry of this period, draft resolutions will be submitted for a vote to the county council members.

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