When exercises and diet fail, Accent Prime is the answer to body and face reshaping!

For firming and reshaping the body and face, as well as for the treatment of cellulite, Dr. Amalia Angell, M.D., primary dermatologist at The Skinmed Clinic, relies on Accent Prime: “When exercise and diet don’t solve our weight and aesthetics issues, we turn to Accent Prime. This wonderful platform changed the paradigm in terms of Body and face reshaping, enabling practitioners to deliver the ideal solution for all skin types with unsurpassed and clinically proven superior results. We are talking about the latest generation of the Accent family of products, which has been able to reduce fat cells using new ultrasound technology and stretch / tighten the skin thanks to the latest developments in radio frequency. The treatments are painless and short and their results are permanent because the destroyed fat cells are completely broken down.”

Accent Prime has no competitionComplex!

Sagging cheeks, double chins, swollen armpits, swollen stomachs, prominent hips, thighs and knees with excess fat are just a few examples of areas of the body where many people do not respond to diet or exercise.

Based on the expertise of the specialists of the Skinmed Clinic, as well as the latest devices from ALMA Lasers®, the fight against aesthetically disturbing fat deposits can be won easily today.

how is that possible? Thanks to the combination of radiofrequency and ultrasound applications in one device. Introduced in the international markets in March 2016, from Alma Lasers, the global innovator of laser solutions, this device surprises both specialists and patients with its amazing results. The platform combines the most advanced innovations in ultrasound and Unipolar™ radio frequency technologies to quickly deliver visible and long-lasting results for all skin types.

Radiofrequency: The effect of radiofrequency treatment is based on heat and causes the old elastin fibers to shrink, eliminating fat cells, and at the same time, instant and long-term skin tightening.

Ultrasound: Accent Prime features a patented combination of longitudinal and transverse ultrasound technology. This wave is called the shear wave, which allows it to selectively target fat cells while leaving the surrounding tissue unharmed. Shear wave vibrations disrupt fat cell membranes, which leads to the gradual breakdown and release of stored fat. The damaged fat cells are then removed from the body through the lymphatic system.

How treatment with head tone?

During ultrasound therapy, petroleum jelly is used as a contact medium and the corresponding body area is uniformly heated to about 39-42°C in circular motions. With the new ultra-fast grip, a full tummy can be treated in just 20 minutes. During the post-treatment with radiofrequency, anhydrous oil is used and the corresponding body area is also heated to 39-42 ° C in circular motions.

The RF application device is used on cellulite, body circumference reduction, skin tightening, skin sagging improvement, and lymphatic drainage. It has the highest power on the market (up to 300 watts), has a variable power distribution at different levels of depth, transmits 40.46 MHz up to a depth of 20 mm, and is a unipolar (through one electrode) process. It increases the skin temperature and maintains it at 42-48 ° C without causing inconvenience to the patient. Thanks to microplasma™, a unique microplasma technology, the Accent Prime Pixel RF™ unit delivers a skin resurfacing treatment by exfoliating and heating the skin. Through controlled perforation and focused energy delivery, Pixel RF treats the affected area while leaving surrounding healthy tissue intact. In this way, it removes fat and unifies skin tone in the same session. “, Dr. Amalia Angell, dermatologist, adds.

What do the beneficiaries of the miracle technology say?

Romeo Fiscathe actor you can see as Vali Dinca in the series “Adela”, a production that aired on Antena 1, turned Accent Prime after having to gain a few kilos to land the character: “I resorted to the services of the Skinmed Clinic because I wanted a way to get back into my optimum shape and be able to maintain as good a level as possible during the difficult period of Covid-19. When all gyms were closed, the only option was to exercise outdoors, exposing Myself somewhat to the virus.Then I discovered this accent PM,Mrs.Dr. Amalia Angell explained to me in detail how it works and what benefits I can get if I follow exactly the adviceI was given.And yes, I can say that after only 3 sessions(one in week) I managed to lose a few centimeters of my stomach area. Being an actor and working in the show business, the image is very important to me. Accent Prime has helped me tremendously. I think anyone who needs improvement in their appearance can confidently turn to Accent Prime because I tried and found it One of the few ways you actually get results quickly, obviously with a balanced diet.”

denying, an artist and composer, is one of the girls who successfully used a scalpel to lose extra pounds. Although she currently has the figure of her dreams and her ideal weight, Navi followed the protocol she outlined Amalia Angel: “Because I wanted it and because it was possible, I chose to perform a body sculpting procedure using the Accent Prime, a miracle machine I found at the Skinmed clinic, which not only melts fat from the depths with the help of ultrasound, but also uses radiofrequency to “smooth” It strengthens the skin and reduces laxity, stretch marks and cellulite.

I had a feeling of insecurity in the waist and especially in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe arms, it always seemed to me that they did not have a harmonious shape at all, they seemed very thin, no matter how many kilograms I weighed and in which position I sat – a bonus, I found out at the first consultation For Accent Prime the left side was 0.7 cm longer “Fat” from the right. After 6 sessions with Accent Prime, my arms became much softer and toned in shape, I lost 7 cm from my waist, and I reached 61 cm! I never would have imagined that I would have the waist of a supermodel

I’m basically at my doctor’s target weight (50kg) and all I do now – healthy eating, fitness, body shaping – is reaching my full potential, feeling and looking as good as I can, to fully thrive and enjoy myself. Look at the best years. After a long period of my life where I felt like I was fighting my body, I now finally feel in harmony and balance with it – and I absolutely love it!

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