Petition: Speed ​​Limiters and Changes in One Direction on the Streets of Alba Iulia. Requests signed by dozens of residents

Dozens of Alba Iulia residents have signed a petition calling for changes to one-way and speed limits on the streets in the Kaufland area.

The deadline for completion is August 23, and on August 24 the petition, along with information sent by the signatories, will be sent to Alba Iulia City Hall, the Governor’s Foundation and the Alba Iulia Police.

“Until August 23, we are waiting for the residents of Setati, the market district, on the streets of Detonata, Konstantin Noica, Nada Florillor, Nazareth Illit and the neighboring streets, to show their support for the petition, in order to eliminate the risk of injury to children who play in the only small playground in the area, To facilitate traffic and eliminate the discriminatory privileges granted to residents of nearly 20 homes on the street that complement the Detonata District and ensure access to the Cauffland District and Ciati Square,” the initiators announced.

What are the requests?

The petition was initiated by a group of tenants from the periphery of the Cauland shopping district, between Mircea Eliade and BV. revolution. over hereAnd the appearance of the petition.

Request 1. Placement of speed limiters at the intersection of Constantin Noica and Nada Florilor Streets (On Constantin Noica Street, at least 2 next to the stadium and the intersection.)

justification: “At the intersection between Constantin Noica and Nada Florilor (see Google Maps capture) there is a small children’s playground. It is located in the immediate vicinity of the streets in the intersection, without a green area or protective space. Children come to this playground from 3 adjacent ANL complexes, but also Of the houses and other buildings in the surroundings.About 50 children play in the playground, but also on the paved street of Deda Florillor, on the intersection of Constantin Noica paved with Deda Florillor and on the bridge at the intersection that crosses the water collecting canal.Due to the one-way street it imposes City Hall, cars entering from Toporașilor Street can hardly see a speed limit sign of 30 km/h (it is located at a height of about 1.5 m and is blocked by cars parked near the intersection with Mircea Eliade), and when entering the right lane of Konstantin Neuka Street towards Nazareth Illit Drivers drive the car at a speed of at least 50-60 km / h.

So far, no children have been hit by cars, but the brakes of cars are often heard, and the little ones on the playground are always running and can always escape from their parents’ attention. The fact that all children playing in the area inhale car fumes should not be neglected.

For this reason, the speed limiters are placed on Constantin Noica Street, in the area of ​​the intersection with Nada Florilor, respectively about 10-15 meters before and after the intersection, as well as marking the asphalt with zebra, for pedestrians to cross from the dew Florilor across the bridge over the collecting channel, represents Citizen protection and road safety measures, which are measures by which children and citizens are protected by the local administration.”

Request 2. Change the direction of traffic on Constantin Noica Street, by creating a one-way street from Nazareth Ilit Street to Toporașilor

Justification: “This measure is very important to protect children and pedestrians, but also to simplify traffic and reduce the amount of noise pollution and noise generated by all cars speeding through Constantin Noica Street. First of all, a one-way change of direction will force drivers to enter Constantin Noica at low speed, regardless about where they came from from Nazareth Ilit – the vertical street and driving at low speed near the stadium (the distance between the arrival junction and the stadium is about 50 meters), especially if there are also speed limiters.At the same time, the movement of access on the other end of the street will be simplified, At the intersection with Toporașilor As can be seen from the map, there are currently two short roads of about 50 meters on Constantin Noica that go in both directions, at the intersection with Nazareth Illit and the intersection with Toporașilor, the intersection with Mircea Eliade (currently opposite one direction), through which the connection is made At a 90 degree angle with two-lane or two-way streets, or with a continuation of Mircea Eliade, a one-way street to Transylvanian Avenue.

A change of direction is the best solution to ease the access from Micești to Calea Motilor, from the large number of cars that cause traffic jams in the morning, facilitating access to Revoluției Boulevard and Transilvania, accidents, unnecessary parking in traffic, pollution or car accident risks.”

Demand 3. Establishment of Constantin Noica Street as a street inaccessible to the exception of residents and abolition of the one-way street in Nichita Stănescu

justification: “During 2021, the city council has decided that Nichita Stănescu Street will become a one-way street. Strada Nichita Stănescu is a street with two traffic lanes, with sidewalks in both directions, and traffic on the road is going in both directions as a continuation of Detunata Street (blocked street). 4 storeys on one side and villas/houses on the other) through it to and from the business district and the main street – Motilor Street.The modification, managed by City Hall, by one-way construction, is not made along the entire street to and from the business district of Detunata Street which It continues with Nichita Stănescu.

In Detonata, traffic currently runs in both directions, with drivers zigzagging or slithering parallel to other cars between the cars of several renters of apartment blocks parked on one lane, and from the intersection with Florilor Dew, the street continues on one-lane and is currently running on only one of the two tracks available. One-way imposed only on a section of the road with villas on both sides of the street, a high-quality asphalt street, with pedestrian sidewalks and a speed limiter, where one of the lanes between the two existing lanes became a parking space for villa owners, free parking unlike other tenants In the blocks who pay for their parking space (and struggle to catch the star in the queue for a spot), but all villa owners have ample yards and enough room to maneuver to enter the yard with vehicles. Thus the application of this decision proved to be discriminatory, contrary to the easing and easing of heavy traffic on Motilor, and not in the interest of the majority of citizens. The abolition of this method is a measure that will establish the equality of powers and the good management of public money.

Second, this section of street – Nichita Stănescu is actually the 3rd street in the area (see map) that has the same one-way traffic, of 4 streets in the area connecting Revoluției Street and Calea Moților. The only street that has one different direction, Constantin Noica, which takes up all the traffic in the area, including heavy traffic, where access is through a 90-degree turn. And two short sections about 50 meters long in which traffic flows in both directions. It is important to note that in Constantine Noica, the two freshly poured asphalt layers have no edging or edge reinforcement, the asphalt layers have raised the running area from ground level by 10 cm, it is a one-lane street that narrows towards Florillor dew, there are no sidewalks , on the one hand the water harvesting channel, and in other houses/villas, where the homeowners’ cars are parked on the parts, so as to enter the courtyard. From this street with one-way traffic is very difficult to implement as it is only one bandwidth space.

Last but not least, after paving, this street was used by the peul people for sports training, obligatory walking in the case of performance athletes or for young people from high school sports, by citizens for walking with children, a running path or wheels for bicycles or pulleys. Now, all who still have the courage to walk or exercise on this street, where there are no sidewalks, run the risk of injury, and we, the tenants who have houses near Nada Florillor and Konstantin Noica, already have cracks in the walls of the newly built houses caused by trucks, trailers and all Other cars traveling at high speed and gauges on this street.

Establishing a prohibited entrance on this street except for residents, along with other required measures, will not prevent drivers from driving, but the number of cars will be reduced, children in the area will be able to play safely in the park, citizens will be able to resume their walking or sports activities, and the Stop the damage to the walls of houses in the area.”

Dozens signed the petition

By Friday morning, 40 people had completed the petition.

Other suggestions from those who have signed the petition so far are:

  • “As a safety measure for children, I suggest enclosing the park on Nada Florilor Street with a fence.”
  • “It will also be necessary to install the speed limiter in the area of ​​Nishita Stanescu with Nazareth Elite (Bl.c), since they are coming from Kaufland at high speed, those coming out of Nazareth have limited left insurance (there were many collisions at this intersection) , as well as there are many young children in bl.c ANL, who carelessly go out on the road!”
  • “Borders on the entire Konstantin Noica Street”
  • “It is necessary to conduct an analysis/study of the traffic in the entire Cetate neighborhood of Alba Iulia to determine the traffic directions/directions of several streets on a strict basis”
  • “It is not normal for the children’s garden to be one meter from the street and without a protective fence for them. Until a calamity occurred in Romania, no measures were taken.”

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