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We are in the last week when writers at the beginning of the journey can enter their manuscripts in the first “Primul Roman” literary competition. Send manuscripts to the address [email protected] It will end up being read by a prestigious jury, and the best manuscript will be published in the Contemporary Prose Library collection.

Here is who is part of the jury of the first “Primul Roman” literary competition, second edition:

Chief of the jury: DOINA RUSTI

DOINA RUSTI has written novels of strong social interest, has been appreciated by literary critics, translated, and received awards, among the most famous of which are: Ghost in the mill (2008), Lizwanka (2009), zagro (2006), but also the Phanariot trilogy of Homeric (2019)Friday night (2017) and Phanariot manuscript (2015). His latest novel is hidden family (2020) followed by a volume of stories: Amorous anomalies of Bucharest fanariot (2022). His writings have been translated into more than 15 languages, including Chinese, and have enjoyed interpretations and praised reviews in many international publications. Among the latest translations of the second edition of the novel Lumino Russo (2021, Rome), dangerous dishes book (2022, London), zagro (2022, Marseille). Among others, he received the Prose Prose Award from the Romanian Writers Union/2008 and the Ion Creangă Award from the Romanian Academy/2009.

Doina Ruști coordinates the contemporary prose library collection at Litera, is a screenwriter and teaches creative writing courses at the University of Bucharest.

Christina Bogdan

Cristina Bogdan is a lecturer and Dean of the Faculty of Arts at the University of Bucharest. Specialist in the history of mentalities and cultural anthropology, Ph.D. in philology (Romanian-French education), obtained in 2007, is part of several national and international academic organizations. He is the author of many studies and books, the most famous of which are “Death and the ancient Roman world. scattering sermons” (2016), the Nominated Volume for the Cultural Observer Awards, for Best Book of Essays for 2016. He chaired several international events, including the 19th Congress dedicated to studies on Terrifying dances and horrific art in general (Bucharest, 2021). He is also the editor-in-chief of the magazine fantasy. Eight reasons.

Emmanuel Elijah

Emmanuela Eli University Lecturer, Faculty of Arts, “Alexandru Ioan Koza” University in Iai. She authored several volumes of criticism and literary history: Wonderful and differentJunimea Publishing House, 2013; hieroglyphs for poetsTimpul Publishing, 2008; Basrab Nikolscu. monograph article, Timpul Publishing, 2008; 2nd ed., revised and added, Curtea Veche Publishing, 2009; The Critical Dictionary of Contemporary Poetry of Yash. authors. Wrote. Topics, Fundația Culturală Poezia Publishing, 2011; 2nd Edition, Revised and Added, European Institute, 2013; Bodies, exiles, cures, Cartea Românească Educaţional Publishing House, 2020. He has coordinated, edited or edited several collective volumes. He is a member of the editorial board of several publications and has a regular column on Literary Conversations. In recognition of his critical activity, he received many awards and honors, the last of which was the National Prize for Literary Criticism, awarded by the Union of Romanian Writers and the Union of Armenians in Romania.

Parvolescu League

Ligia Pârvulescu is a writer, winner of the first prize, first edition of the “Primul Roman” competition. He graduated from the Faculty of Law of the University of Bucharest and from the Faculty of Communication and Public Relations of the Bucharest National School of Political and Administrative Studies, then obtained a master’s degree in Museology and Cultural Heritage. He attended courses in dance and art history, as well as music courses at the Bucharest School of Art. Publishing poems in literary magazines the familyAnd the literary mirrorAnd the sub branchAnd the Delight And so on in 2014 debuted the volume of hair asphalt riversMax Blecher Publishing House. for the novel transparent He was awarded the 2021 Primul roman by Litera, which was published in the same year. The novel was awarded the “Chrysalis Prize” (2022) by the European Science Fiction Association / EUROCON Prize (Luxembourg, 2022).

Click here to view the official competition rules

The invitation to participate in the competition extends to natural persons of Romanian citizenship, over 18 years of age, who have not published any novel until the completion of the competition, or any single epic work longer than 25,000 words.

  • The text entered into the competition can address any topic, while respecting the canons of the literary genre (novel). It will contain a minimum of 60,000 words and a maximum of 120,000 words. The texts of literary creations will be written in Romanian, edited in Word, with diacritics and correct spelling. The font used will be Arial, size 12, at 1.5 lines (the spacing will be 1.5).
  • Literary creations will be sent by email in doc format. (as attachment) to the address [email protected] (between August 1 and 21) and must be accompanied Participation form, with the following personal data: name, surname, age, postal address, e-mail address, phone number, title of the novel entered into the competition, a brief description of it (maximum 150 words), the number of words. .

We remind you that the competition period is: August 1 – September 29, 2022 and includes four stages:

Stage 1: August 1 – August 21 – Registration
Second stage: August 22 – September 15 – arbitration
Third Phase: September 16 – Winners Announced
Stage 4: September 29 – PREMIERE FESTIVAL

About the “Contemporary Synopsis Library” collection

The Library of Contemporary Prose collection is part of the Litera Publishing House portfolio and is curated by author Doina Ruști. The group currently includes a significant number of prose writers of all generations, mostly novelists, some novices. The Contemporary Prose Library is concerned with appearing and prose with a new epic perspective, to complement the Roman book scene with original narrative insights.


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