26 years of promises destroyed the headquarters of the Philharmonic in Iasi

Often, chords of folk music or maneles can be heard from adjacent rooms. Violinist Bujor Prelipcean says the Moldovan Philharmonic Orchestra risks playing in the street if the budget adjustment is negative. Moreover, Bujor Prelipcean says that fewer and fewer young people are coming to concerts and that spectators with subscriptions are beginning to not tolerate the conditions in which the Yash Philharmonic Orchestra plays.

The deterioration came gradually. Alarm bells and pleas for money went unanswered. In silence came the moment when the building became a danger to the public. For over eight years, no spectators had ever set foot in the Great Hall. But the members of the orchestra rehearse here at their own risk.

Bujor Prelipcean framed the building permit for the new hall. He shows her with a bitter smile:

“What do you say here? Building permit! It refers to the Musical Building. Yes do you see it? Number 121 of 25 at night I can’t see all the way there.”

March 25, 2021. We are now in August 2022. So it was supposed to start a year ago.

for more than a year. And the? green leaf; ready. They did not start. Just kidding, I’m a funny guy today. As a rule, I am not very cheerful when I talk about the construction and construction of the Philharmonic. Because I’ve been struggling for 26 years, I mean, I’ve been a director of music societies for 26 years and I’ve been struggling to fix this building and I haven’t succeeded yet…”

Nothing has happened in 26 years!?

surely! that happens. Well, what do you think I’ve only tried in 26 years? I tried 26 times. I kept trying every year and I think I tried 26 times a year. I have promises. And now I have promises. I have a quiver full of promises and promises and promises. We have brought all the Ministers of Culture that we had brought to this Philharmonic, to this ruin.

I also remember a lady Minister of Culture who came and hung here, visited the ruins of the orchestra and tore her stockings. Mrs. Mona Musky, let’s get out of the house. He said to me “Oh, oh, what’s wrong with me?” You helped him get up! He says we have to fix it. Yes, but they all said we had to fix it, all of them. And Adrian iorgulescu was here and Karametro and … aoleu, but who wasn’t there? Only Andrei Pleșu who I could not bring! He was very young at the head of the Ministry of Culture. With Andrei, I was really good friends.

Where does the Philharmonic Orchestra play, which also hosts guests from abroad?

Well, in the House of Culture for Students! Thanks again to Directorul Cruceanu and their management staff that we can still perform there. But I don’t know how long it will last! Because the prices for energy, light, cleaning, water, everything are going up for them too. Very elegant man told me. It was the start of the vacation. I asked him to postpone the discussion, to see what money we had left for budget corrections. Those corrections you know are made downward rather than upward in the vast majority of cases.

What is the importance of the hall to the orchestra and the audience?

Until then, nothing is sung! Any century is welcome there. Folk music, manele, light music is played. They dance while the Philharmonic plays. Sometimes the drums or the bass beat louder. This is the situation. What do you want us to do where we sing?

What do foreign conductors say when they find out that they have to perform in the student house hall, what are their reactions?

I call people of common sense … they take their pay, and say nothing. I say thank you and leave. But you had to put it differently: What do the upcoming conductors think? And I want to tell you that only the leaders of elite orchestras come in.

On the one hand, there are the young people I invite from the International Jeunesses Musicales competition, where I have been a member of the jury for more than 10 years. On the other hand, certified conductors already come from our country. We open the season with Mr. Christian Mandel. Here comes Mr. Tiberiu Soare and he comes in circumstances in which I know he sometimes makes a sacrifice. As Horia Andreescu, Vlad Konta.

What are they thinking? What a pity they tell us, because it’s the best orchestra in the country. What a shame you don’t have a headquarter that has been repaired. The former residence of the Philharmonic where we felt the best and where the hall was filled…the audience! Lots of my friends… I called them and told them I didn’t see them at the party. I was an ordinary prom! Well, I don’t want to hear the philharmonic there! Anyone can enter the student house stage. The band deserves something else. I can’t come and listen there, don’t worry, I’ll wait until the Philharmonic Hall is ready. I told someone: Make sure you don’t die until then. Please, please, stay alive, because we don’t know when it will be ready! I don’t know when he’ll be ready either, and I promise I won’t die until then.

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