The 25th edition of the HOP Young Actor Concert will be held at the Student Cultural Center in Alba Iulia from August 25-27 and will be broadcast live on the HOP Gala website by roEvents. This event has been organized by UNITER since 1998 and has had institutional and financial support over the years that would not have reached this point without it. We would like to thank all the partners who made sure HOP grew well!

Prior to the HOP competition, between August 22 and 24, 21 competition actors will participate in vocal technical workshops with Maria Alexievici and body plastic and acting with Răzvan Mazilu.

The HOP Gala program will also include three training meetings for contestants with theater critic MARINA CONSTANTINESCU, director DRAGOȘ GALGOțIU and actor LUCIAN IONESCU. And in order to establish the “1/10 Award for Film in TIFF”, the acting director FLORENTINA BRATFANOF will meet with all the competitors in the cycle.

Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the 1st Edition with a Poster Gallery “Hop Gala. 25 years old” Which can be visited between 25-27 August, in the lobby of the House of Culture for Students. We invite you to step into the world of HOP! You can buy tickets for the three days of the event at the headquarters of the puppet theater “Prichindel” in Alba Iulia and on the Internet at And do not forget that on August 27 from midnight to 4 pm, you can vote for your favorite actors on the celebration website:

This is the second HOP concert in Alba Iulia and we are glad to have been invited here before another theatrical celebration: the puppet theater “Prichindel”, in which we are organizing a party for the young actor 2022, celebrates its 70th anniversary this year! On this occasion, on September 4, the square in front of the Roman Catholic cathedral in Alba Iulia will host many events dedicated to this anniversary. We wish the puppet theater “Prichindel” many years full of successful performances! We bow to the team and to the people on stage and behind, who work wonders to keep the spirit of childhood alive in the magical world of theater and stories!


HOP 25 Concert Theme: Musical = Total Actor + Total Show.

Technical Director: Rozvan Mazzello

Jury: Marina Konstantinscu – theater critic, Lucien Ionescu – actor, Elena Poria – actress,

Carmen Stancio – theater expert, Lucien Forndane – cultural director

Awards Granted:

“Ştefan Iordache” Award, Grand Prix of HOP . Ceremony

Best Actress Award Single Section

Best Actor Solo Division Award

Cornell Today Award for Best Ensemble Cast

“Sică Alexandrescu” Prize, Special Jury Prize

Audience Award: Actor, Actress, Ensemble

Other Awards, Hosted:

Award “1/10 for FILM at TIFF”

Performance, Theatrical Speech and Physical Expression Award from Actress DORINA LAZĂR

competition program

Thursday 25 August
18.00 HOP 2022 Opening Ceremony

Individual competition section and required test

Cydonia Duicasugar, butter, flour

Theodor Manya Tiffy’s curse

Laura Gabriella OanaLadies lunch…

Gabriella Burumbako Bad luck

Vlad Nikolici Catch me if you can

Anna Vino I am the greatest star

Department of competition group and required test

“There must be something better than this!”with: Cristina Dano, Catalina Neo, Lukremiwara Soare

“I love you but not you”Screenplay and Group Direction, with: Edward Cruciano, Andre Morgenho, Mihai Andre Belissa, Sara Bongrac and Paul Stephan Tonka

Friday 26 August

18.00 Individual competition section and required test

Larissa Belcia underground lady

Christina DanoSexual

Alex McAfee Heaven with a coffee machine

Maria GrossZoza from 14 g

Robert AgabiGod I hate Shakespeare!

Department of competition group and required test

Tango Maureenwith: Sidonia Duica, Mara Cibuliac

“(Another) musical!”with: Andrei Duțu, Dragoș Ioniță and Laura Gabriela Oana

Saturday 27 August

19.00 Awarding of prizes. Musical … total width!

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