The national prose competition “Valentin Arbo” has ended. More than 100 participants

The “Jan Bart” Tulcea Cultural Center was the organizer of an original prose competition. The first edition of the National Prose Competition “Valentin Arbo”, organized by the “Jean Bart” Tulcea Cultural Center from June 1 to August 22, ended and attracted the attention of at least 100 participants, both from the country and from abroad, even if the last In small numbers, being representatives of the Romanian diaspora, from Belgium, but also from Great Britain.

The competition was aimed at authors with a minimum age of 16 who had not made their first editorial debut in prose in their own volumes and was organized into two sections, the Prose Section, where participants submitted texts of 10 to 15 pages, whether they were short stories or parts of the novel, as well as To a section for those who prefer shorter texts titled Narrative Thumbnails, where the minimum text size requirement was 4 – max 6 pages.

“The national character of the competition is underlined by the requirement that the works submitted by the participants be written in the Romanian language, so that, in addition to its mission as a cultural and educational ambassador of the Romanian language, the purpose of “Jean Bart” “The Tulcea Cultural Center also attributes to this competition the task of restoring Moral, as it is dedicated to the memory of the Tulsi prose writer Valentin Irbo (born July 20, 1934 – January 29, 1994), the most prolific and, certainly, one of the most important prose writers of the Tulcea Province, a former member of the Union of Romanian Writers, convicted for his anti-communist views and ideas .

The person of the prose writer Valentin Arbo is already dedicated to the cultural space of Tulcea, by a statue located in the Garden of Characters, by the fact that his name is carried both by the municipal bookstore and by the Municipal Library of Babadag, and by the fact that the district library “Panait Cerna” has allocated a space for him A special show, said the “Jean Bart” Tulcea Cultural Center.

Most of the participants chose the prose section, and fewer than 40 offered the jury’s interest texts in a reduced format, and the abundance of new passages was evidence that the prose genre still had a rich intellectual style to nourish from, which is also gratifying the fact that some of the participants’ work has been explored, even If only some were casual, part of fiction, which Valentin Arbo painted in his writings.

In its first edition, the competition jury was chaired by prose writer Ovidiu Dunăreanu, editor-in-chief of the literary magazine “Ex Ponto”, Constanta, together with Ms. Bogdan Pascal, Secretary, without the right to vote.

For the prose section, the jury decided to award the prizes as follows: the “Valentin Arbo” – worth 2000 lei – from Bacau to Mrs. Liliwara Makova for the work “Mysteries of Meyer Kana”; The first prize – worth 1,500 lei – was won by Mrs. Ioana Rodica Dumitru, from Ploiesti, Prahova, for the work “Semper Invicta”; The second prize – worth 1,200 lei – was awarded to Mrs. Silvia Seramba of Tulcea for the work “Parallel Worlds”.

The third prize – worth 1,000 lei – was awarded to Mr. Nikolai Ion Kirstia, from Bucharest, for the work “Frenetica Esmeralda and the Grace of Uncertainty”, and last but not least, the Special Jury Prize – worth 800 lei – was presented to Mrs. Antonia Leontina Marta, from San Martin, Behor, for the work of “Shadows of Hell”.

The prizes for the Narrative Miniatures section were given as follows: The Narrative Miniatures section’s prize – worth 700 lei – was given to Ms. Dana Stefania Brachov, from Bucharest, for the works of Gottfried and Soro. The first prize – in the amount of 600 lei – goes to Mrs. Adina Kudroza Angour Cirlia of Cluj-Napoca for the works “Lulu” and “Mosca”.

Then, in the same section, Mrs. Liliana Saim from Oradea Behor won the second prize – worth 500 lei – for the works “Always in love with Eva’s smile” and “Wander through Serbia”, and the third prize – worth 400 lei – was awarded to Mrs. Bogorodía S. Ioana, from Tulcia, for the works “The Beast Within” and “A Day Like Any Other”, the only mention – worth 300 lei – of the competition awarded to Mrs. Patricia-Florina Petraco, of Pitesti, Argio, for the work “Flying Through the Darkness”.

We are equally pleased, both by the confidence and enthusiasm of the participants, which has been demonstrated by their unexpectedly large number since the first edition of the competition, and what is more that the proximity to the literary field of prose, requires good reservations from authors polished by general culture, and stylistic perseverance. and formative, and, last but not least, the ability to provide the reader with an imaginary world in which he can find himself”, conveying those in the “Jean Bart” Tulcea Cultural Center.

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