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This year, town councils in Alba County have refrained from sending their employees to courses at sea, with one exception, one in Alba Iulia.

Most budgets have taken courses online, for free, or have been sent to paid courses already with European funding.

But not in Alba Yulia, where this summer budget employees benefited from training courses in the Black Sea, each paid tens of thousands of lei.

Some of Gabriel’s subordinates went to Mamaia, Venus, and Saturn for public money, in the middle of the summer season, and thus continued their former city administration practice.

Public institutions are obligated by law to send their employees to training courses and to provide them with the opportunity for professional development.

However, in some cases, this is just a legal loophole through which some budget workers who are in the employer’s blessing are rewarded with paid stays in tourist areas, especially at sea, during the summer.

Vacations paid with public money with the family, disguised as courses and vocational training courses, are a national sport in Romanian public administration.

Tens of thousands of budget workers “take advantage” of what they imagine is a “legal” gateway to free vacation with their families, without, officially, on vacation.

Purchasing is in most cases per individual cycle, which allows for direct purchase, thus eliminating the need for auction, which would be more straightforward and cumbersome.

Trips of this kind have been accepted for many years by all state institutions, from the Audit Bureau to anti-corruption structures that see no problem in these phenomena.

Alba24 requested information from city councils and municipalities in the county. Below, the answers.

Alba Yulia City Hall, cycles in Mamaia, Venus and Saturn, in the middle of summer

Alba Yulia City Council is spending 85,500 lei for training this year for 35 officials. Many of these cycles are scheduled during the summer, at sea, respectively on Venus, Mamaia or Saturn.

Courses Held by Alba Yulia Town Hall:

Geospatial World – Braشوفov, July 7-8, 4 people, 1081 lei per person

Urban Planning Documents – Alba Yulia, 28.03-01.04 2022, 18 people, 850 lei per person

Legislative news in civil status – VenusJuly 24-31, 1 person, 5680 lei

Legislative news in civil status – VenusJuly 24 – 31, 1 person, 5680 lei,

Civil status, implementation of SIIASC – VenusFrom August 21 to 28, 1 person, 5180 lei

Organizing civil status activity VenusFrom July 18 to 24, 1 person, 5750 lei

Civil status documents and people’s records – parentsJun 26 – Jul 3, 2 people, 4,170 lei per person

Social status and population records – parentsFrom August 17 to 23, 1 person, 6440 lei

Social status and population records – parentsAugust 7-14, 1 person, 5970 lei

Records of persons and marital status – parentsAugust 7-14, 1 person, 5970 lei

SIIASC Civil Status Application – parentsFrom July 17 to 24, 1 person, 6440 lei

SIIASC Civil Status Application – VenusFrom July 17 to 24, 1 person, 5680 lei

Civil status documents and people’s records – SaturnJul 17-24, 1 person, 4280 lei,

Cargo Transport Manager – Alba Yulia, May 30 – June 18, 1 person, 500 lei.

Alba County Council, Free Online Courses

Alba Provincial Council reported that the Foundation’s employees participated in 6 courses, since the beginning of the year until now.

Foundation representatives said that all courses were held online, and participation was free.

3 employees participated in a course on corruption and anti-corruption, 2 in the information department and 1 person in courses on preparing technical and economic documents, strategic planning, project management and digitization.

In August and September, the institution’s employees did not take part in any courses, CJ Alba representatives say.

Blaj City Hall, courses for local police officers

Blaj City Hall staff participated in two courses intended for local police officers, organized at the MAI – Orăștie Initial and Continuing Training Center.

4 local police officers participated in 2 shifts in a course related to public order and traffic.

The total cost per employee between April 4, 2022 and July 1, 2022 was 8,673 lei.

Between October 4, 2021 and December 31, 2021 (the same cycle), which was completed due to the epidemic only on February 11, the cost per employee was 2,911 lei.

Another local policeman also participated in the management course, which took place between 11-15 July 2022, at the center in Oriti. The cost was 618 lei.

In total, Blaj City Hall paid for these tournaments an amount of approx 24000 lei.

Iod City Hall

Aiud City Hall staff also participated in two courses for local police officers at a total cost 22237 lei.

According to the information provided by the institution, it is all about training courses for local police officers, but also about a course on the use of computer systems.

Course name: A course in the use of computer systems It was developed within the SIPOCA 512 project “Effective Local Public Administration for Citizens”.

The course was held between 30 March and 11 April 2022, in 3 sessions of 3 days each, 8 hours a day, with a total of 60 participants (officials and contract employees of Aiud City Hall and affiliated institutions), meaning 20 people per course.

The course was held at Ayod City Hall, both physically and online, through an e-learning platform.

The total cost of the course conducted within the project with European funding was 8410.50 leiStraight 140.175 Li / Participantwhich represents catering services.

Course name: Initial training program “Local police officers with tasks in the field of public order, peace and road traffic”.

This course was attended by 2 local police personnel, which took place between 4 April and 1 July 2022, in the town of Oriti.

The total cost of the initial training program was 13,827 lei, respectively 6,913.50 lei / participantwhich represents the cost of the course, per diem and transportation.

The total budget for the two sessions attended by the staff of Aiud Municipality Hall and affiliated institutions is 22,237.50 lei.

Cugir, online courses and zero costs

Cugir City Hall informed that it did not have any costs in connection with the courses that the institution’s employees attend.

Employees participated in a course related to the protection of personal data held in Sibiu (1 participant), a course on digitization in the public sector held online (14 employees) and a course on human resource management (1 employee).

Two other employees participated in an online course “MySMIS2014 – Intermediate Front Office Level”.

The courses were held with European funding through the National Agency for Public Officials and the European Ministry of Investments and Enterprises.

City council representatives also say that the funds for 2022 for staff training, through the end of the year, from the foundation’s budget, total 5,000 lei.

Teiuș City Council

Between January 2022 and until now, the Foundation’s employees have participated in the following training courses:


a period


number. participant


Technical and economic documents





Training in human resource management/professional management





Topic Workshop

*Personal assistant for the severely disabled * (Personal assistant course according to Law 448/2006)

June 2022

Culture House of Teos City, Decebal Street


8910 lei

public procurement





project management





Strategic planning





The funds for 2022 for training civil servants in Teiuș are 18,000 lei, city hall representatives said.


Abrud City Hall reported that one of the institution’s employees participated in a course held at Alba Iulia.

The course, related to accounting matters and the CFP visa, costs 550 lei and is organized on March 28-29.

6 employees also participated in the free courses organized under the SIPOCA 870 project, MySMIS2014+140086.

Two other employees participated in the free courses organized by the National Agency for Public Officials (ANFP) in partnership with Babeș-Bolyai University, between December 2020 and June 2023 as a beneficiary, in another European project.

Saturday: 11 officials and 6 courses

Representatives of the Sibi City Council reported that the institution’s employees participated in 6 courses, but the costs were zero.

In total, 11 employees participated in courses related to public procurement, project management, strategic planning, preparation of technical and economic documentation, transparency and non-compliance.

The courses were held online, but also in physical form, in Alba Iulia and Bredal.

Okna Morio Town Hall It reported that it did not organize training for staff and collaborators between January 1 and so far and that no such training was scheduled for the following period.

Similar specifications have also been sent Campini Town Hall, Baia de Ares and straight Zlatna City HallWho did not organize the courses.

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