Gekko Hagee – “I don’t know what else we should do, let’s all go out into the street?”. Who should revive Romanian sport

Gekko Hagi, Technical Director of the Constanta Lighthouse, once again raised the question of the support that Romanian football and sport should have, again asking for a law to grant facilities to multinational companies, so that they invest in sports clubs.

In Romanian football, we need enthusiasm. Success brings enthusiasm and tradition among us, the fans, everyone, to revive team sports and football a bit. Hopefully, those at the top understand that there must come a facility, a good law, that brings in very good partners, giving stability in the medium and long term. Otherwise, we live from today to tomorrow. We say it too, the press and everyone else, but no action was taken. It’s like nothing is heard. I don’t know what else we need to do, let’s all go out into the street, and ask them to give us a law, under which the multinationals get involved. I think that in Romania, multinational companies should revive sports. Multinational companies! Nothing else, neither commune towns, nor county councils, should build the infrastructure and renovate everything left by the previous regime in the 90’s. Let everything be new, at the highest level. If we want to fight with the neighbours, with others … If not, we stay behind. After 90, globalization took place. Do we want democracy? It depends on the companies, the companies that make a lot of money, billions, in Romania, to come in and buy the clubs, to get into the clubs, so they have very big budgets. I make money in Romania, we are not a country for consumption only. We still have to do that, said Hagee, after the match with FC Voluntari.

Port Constanta is here with us and we didn’t say good morning.

And the “King” believes that in the absence of important support, Romania will not have significant results at the team level.

Let the government give the law. basic! 1,2,3% of the trading volume. To involve multinational companies. We also have it in Constanta, Portol! Constanta port. He’s here with us and we didn’t say good morning. We are so far away that we don’t see each other. It’s so hard… It’s as if we don’t represent Constanta. But is there interest? no! so what? Do we want it or not? We have to say things up front. Do we want sports? Otherwise, he’ll just come out individually, Simona, this boy, Popovici, who takes us into the world, is awesome and gives us hope that it’s possible. I think the Roman is smart, good, but he needs support. When you don’t support a project at the national level, he can’t get out of it. Nobody can do it alone. That’s why I told you I was small. This is my strength, I have nothing else. Other than training and being on the field, I try to do well, but for other aspects I don’t have the money. All clubs in Romania have this problem. I don’t think the budget of any club in the country is more than 10-12 million. And those who have, you don’t know if they’ll start all over again tomorrow. These are the obvious problems of Romanian football, as pointed out by George Hagee.

They also want to appear as champions with the girls’ team

Al-Manara has a strong position for children and young people, but it proposes important goals at all levels, and for this it needs support.

In Romanian football, budgets of 25-30 million dollars are needed. Until we get there… You want the Champions League, but you have to pay the good players. It must be well measured, with money it is abundant for me. I hope Constanta comes too, it’s their team, not mine. Constanta from Dobrogia. We hope they build the stadium they promised us. In 2024, at the latest in 2025, there should be a new stadium in Constanta. brand new! As Constanta is large, it is the fourth in Romania, with Hagee possibly also born here. The beacon made me and what it gave me I must return. I was born here, this is where I am, I come home and we want to make a big club, well organized in all aspects. For a budget and fight with the best in Romania. Unfortunately, at the moment we cannot issue large claims, because we do not have funds for purchases. However, we are trying to develop, and make more fields, bases, kids and juniors center, and girls’ team, which we should become champions in the next two years. Any big club has a strong academy. The lighthouse has another thing we need, and we must do. But it’s not just us. All Romania. At the club level, you have to have a solid budget, Hagee said.

Image source: Constanta Lighthouse

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