“If you come to my house, this is how you find me!”

Maria Radu, leader of Taraf from Vărbilău, told what happened when she was invited to sing at a special event for the billionaire. The artist revealed that she cannot sing barefoot, and the moment Eun Sriak saw her was an unforgettable moment.

“I can’t sing with shoes on, that’s it. I can stay with the shoe for 5-10 minutes, but then I have to take it off, because I can’t. I also won that in my looks. Among the first times I sang in Bucharest, I went To a special event at Mr. Seryak’s residence.

When I entered there and saw me, Mr. Chariak was astonished and told me that he had never seen anything so authentic. He told me, “Never change.” But believe me, I act like that at home too. If you come to me, this is how you will find me: with a hood and a pleated skirt, Maria Radu told Libertatea.ro.

Billionaire Ion Sriak’s plan for two-time world champion David Popovici

David Popovici won gold in the 200m freestyle and 100m freestyle at the World Championships in Budapest, becoming, at just 17 years old, the second swimmer in history to achieve a “double”, after American Jim Montgomery, in 1973, until In the first edition of the World Cup.

Ion Sriak had a brilliant plan for David Popovici. Some time ago, the Romanian billionaire wanted to send the 17-year-old to the United States to perform the sport he loves.

The billionaire recently revealed that he was totally impressed by Popovici’s dedication and tremendous work and even wanted to make it a resounding proposition, as.ro wrote.

Ion Sriak wanted to send David Popovici to the United States to develop more in the world of swimming, but everything fell apart after a discussion with the leaders of the Romanian Swimming Federation. The main reason for the champ to stay in Romania appears to be the different school calendar in the US, which would have spoiled the 17-year-old’s schedule.

‘I can’t recommend anything to David Popovici! I let myself call the chief, who said to me, ‘Hey, Sriack, there’s no way you can get him to go to the States for training.’

Since he still has two years of high school, they have a different calendar, February, March, April. And our calendar, with the European and World Championships, comes three months later. And we can too! “

Why is David Popovich so good? Astrologer Kristina Dmitrescu explained

David Popovici became the two-time world champion at the World Championships in Budapest, which was held at the Duna Arena, and thus became one of the biggest discoveries in Romanian sports, and not only, in recent years. Astrologer Kristina Dmitrescu explains the reason for the phenomenal success of the only 17-year-old.

“We become what we think. This boy’s mindset doesn’t waver and it all started from a medical condition. When other parents panicked, David Popovici stayed the same. A life lesson about the fact that nothing is accidental, about the fact that sacrifice is rewarded around work and discipline. Military is about love and calling.

If you don’t like what you’re doing, you better do something else. short and two. The tracks that lead you are not friendly, but with a little care, they work. I’m not the second Alexander Popov, I’m the first David Popovici.” Excellent! For many years, Simona Halep announced that she was happy to reach the final and to meet Serena Williams, and it was hard to beat the mentality of the second place. In the sport, unfortunately for the efforts of many, only the first place It is he who writes history,” Kristina Dmitrescu wrote on her page on social media.

How much will David Popovici of Romania get two gold medals in the World Championships

The Ministry of Youth will reward David Popovici for two FINA titles at the World Championships in Budapest.

After winning two world champion titles, David Popovici will be duly rewarded by the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

He sang the national anthem twice and returned to Romania with two gold medals.

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David Popovici will receive 56,000 lei for each first place order, or 112,000 lei, equivalent to more than 22,000 euros, according to AS.ro.

However, there is a possibility that the amount will be doubled by the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

Also, let the dynamo give the double world champion.

The club from Ştefan cel Mare can give him a maximum of 50% of the prizes offered by the Ministry, and COSR can intervene and provide an amount of money to David Popovici’s accounts.

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