Constanta Municipal Sports Club presented its identity and strategy

Gheorghe Hagi and Elena Franco, two sports legends from Romania (and not only), sitting at the same table with the PSD Mayor of Combina, Mariana Gago

On Tuesday 23 August 2022, at an event organized in Constanta, the Constanta Municipal Sports Club officially presented its identity and strategy for this new start to the sport of Constanta. Besides the legitimate athletes of CSM Constanța, prominent sports figures and representatives of the authorities have responded to the call to participate in the disclosure of identity and presentation of the strategy.

On behalf of the authorities, the Minister of Sports, Eduard Novak, the Mayor of Constanta Virgil تشيecak, the Deputy Mayor of Constanta Ionoy Russo, the Director of CSM Constanța Andrei Talpeș and prominent figures in Romanian sports such as George Hagi, Eli Floroyo or Elena Franco were present.

Sports Minister Edward Novak welcomed the organization of sports activities under the umbrella of a single municipal sports club, declaring:

“I am very happy to be here, in such a special moment for Romanian sport and the sport of Constanta! Launching the Constanta Municipal Sports Club into official competitions is very important for the community and the athletes alike. Constanta was one of the few major cities in the country that had no such This goal.

However, this city has given Romania many heroes and can now continue this tradition. I am sure that all Romanian sports will only benefit.

It would be a great thing first and foremost for the local community. I hope and am sure that you will attract a lot of people to this sport, because it should be a major focus. I guarantee you that I personally, as well as the Ministry of Sports, are working towards this. We want to get children as close as possible to sports, to love and play sports. Let’s bring people from the business and management environment together with athletes and athletes.

This is why I created Project Hercules and why I gave the ministerial order that 40% of the athletes on the field must be Romanian. This is why we launched the National Sports Strategy. The purpose of the minister is the struggle for sport and the development of athletes.

With the budget increased this year by almost 40 percent, we have been able to give more power to the sport and our athletes.”

Various topics were covered, and one of them was the infrastructure that Constanta needed and wanted to develop. The Mayor of Constanta, Virgil ižek, said:

“The city of Constanta has given Romanian Olympic athletes glory in many sports, from football to tennis, from handball to gymnastics. The names of the great athletes who made their huge careers in the world come to our lips effortlessly. Through large infrastructure projects, such as CSM, Polyvalent Hall and the new stadium, Constanța returns to where it has always belonged – in the national sporting elite. We are waiting for your return to Constana for the finals of the major competitions, to accompany and witness the growth of the performance of our athletes, to live with us the unparalleled and indescribable joy of our favorite victories.

So I am glad to be here today and to be able to share my development ideas with you.

But I am very happy for all the athletes, coaches and all the people involved in the sporting activities of Constanta. “

The Deputy Mayor of Constanta, Yonoi Russo, stated that the CSM Constanța project is one of the most important social projects of the last 30 years of Constanta that needs the support of all those involved in the sport as well as the support of a local community:

“The CSM project represents the most important social development of the last 30 years which will be achieved with your help, with the help of our great heroes and with the support of all the residents of Constanta. We are one team, Constanta.

We must wisely admit that the premise from which we start is that sport is a form of education in itself and must be treated as such. “Without education, no society can progress,” said Constana Deputy Mayor Yonoi Russo.

Andre Talbe, Director of CSM Constanța, stated that the city of Constana needed such a strong, organized and coherent project, noting that the objectives of the CSM would be, among other things, to attract young people to sport, to create the best possible climate for athletes and performance but also to participate with the support of the authorities in infrastructure investments.

Also speaking at the event were Elle Floroyo and Elena Franco, two symbolic and representative names of Constanta who have been involved in local sports and have contributed to its development for decades.

CSM Constanța has officially made its debut in the new men’s handball, gymnastics or table tennis season, and other sports disciplines will also make their debuts in the new season.

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