This is the correct comparison with Hungary.

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Invited to the GSP podcast “Profu ‘de sport”Journalist Christian Teodor Popescu also spoke about the Prime Minister of Hungary, Viktor Orban, who sponsors several clubs in Romania.

Christian Teodor Popescu: “Victor Urban, like Ceausescu, like the Soviets, believes that sport can bring him an additional image”

Speaking of infrastructure, since we were talking about Hagee who keeps asking for infrastructure investments, does it in any way bother you or what impression does this enduring report make on Hungary, where Orbán has imposed significant infrastructure investments? The Romanians still yearn: “Look, sir, you can do it here, they have everything. And swimming pools and gyms. We don’t have anything except some new stadiums. At the level of the infrastructure for team sports, we are at a great distance from Hungary “
– Well, do you want Viktor Orban as prime minister of Romania? I’ve heard texts like this before: “Sir, the Chinese, look how the Chinese are, where the state intervenes, there is order. Hungarians, look what the Hungarians are doing!”. Well, these are dictatorships! What is in Hungary now is a dictatorship! What to do with non-liberal nationalism. Obvious dictatorship! This person rules this country, he has his people in all areas, he makes huge sums of money from the business controlled by his gang. He is a complete dictator and in a dictatorial regime the allocation of resources is discretionary. It’s very simple! Victor Urban, like Ceausescu, like the Soviets, believes that sport can give him an additional image to stay in power and that is why he is investing. I do not want Romania to become Hungary!

– I mean…
– I saw remorse of this kind also at the political level: “Look, sir, the Hungarians get cheap gas from the Russians and we pay dearly! Look, sir, how they deceive the European Commission, they do not obey, why do we obey?” And so on. I don’t want to live in Hungary now. I would like to live in Romania as it is. But it is not a dictatorship in this country. This is the correct comparison with Hungary, since the Hungarians have no better human material than the Romans, and they have no exceptional trainers, technicians, and officials. Quite simply there is this political decision.

– The money is pumped for political purposes.
– I repeat, this is not the way. And I don’t want Romania to reach the pre-1989 performances by pre-1989 means.

CTP indicates the hidden stake in the investments of the Viktor Urban regime in sports:

Viktor Orban, the conservative Prime Minister of Hungary, Photo: imago

– How do you explain the massive funding, across Hungary, of sports in Hargita and Kovasna? Do you discover anything here other than concern for the health of the people in those areas? Is it a geopolitical thing?
– naturally! The same thing he does in Hungary, Orbán also does in the three central provinces of the country and in general for the Hungarians in Transylvania. It does the exact same thing: invest, put money in there. There are a sufficient number of Romanian citizens of Hungarian origin who also have Hungarian citizenship and have the right to vote. Also, the image you have is important in the Hungarian diaspora, which is why I make these investments. It is a clear political goal, in favor of ethnic Hungarians who play sports with money from Hungary. The question is: can you block it?

– It seems not.
– And that wouldn’t be true. If the Hungarian country wants to make some money here for these teams, you can’t prevent it. Why ban? Very good, to give a Romanian state similar to the Hungarian state, to invest

CTP: “UDMR does Urban policy, what happened in hockey is not good”

To restore balance in the region.
– Yes, let the Roman state give more to the Romanians and Hungarians in that region. But you cannot prevent this. This is not the problem. The problem is in some situations such as those of the President of Hungary, Ms. Novak. Also, like Mr. Novak. Also like Mr. Clement Honore. Who are now making civil policy. UDMR is doing Urban policy at the moment. He did not always carry out this nationalist-populist-dictatorship policy. The UMD also experienced a period in which it maintained a distance or was even toward social democracy, and not toward the conservative far right. He is now in this position. This is not good, what happened in hockey etc. But you can’t tell the Hungarian country to stop donating money to exercise in Miercurea Ciuc or in the area there.

– Then how do we deal with the financing of the Romanian state in relation to the provincial clubs such as Steaua and Dinamo?
– Well, to finance it.

We have this intense debate, CSA Steaua, who doesn’t want to become a private club so he can promote, and then keep trying to change the law of the sport.
– I’m no good, Mr. Shiplin, up to star level – FCSB.

– It is related to the resources that have been placed in the hands of some ministries or some unions. We have Steaua, which is run by the Ministry of National Defense. We have the Arc de Triomphe in rugby union, a union that doesn’t want to let football get there. Some of these areas are very sensitive, coming from the state.
– They are sensitive because the disagreement here in ideas is what allows him to steal more. That’s it, to embezzle the money. Who should do it, should the union do it, and should the ministry do it? Who should be responsible for the money, at the buttons. That’s what it’s about. Nobody here is concerned with the glory of Romanian sports and the prosperity of socialist Romania, as they said in the matches before 1989.

Christian Teodor Popescu admired David Popovici:


Christian Teodor Popescu admired David Popovici: “Initially, I had a moment of reservation regarding excessive hair. But he has a personality, he is not a robot “

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