“Hell and Heaven can only be in man, in constant struggle with himself” – The Awakening

What is the value of that to you? Word Which carved in the opera?

I am still convinced that everything is communication, the spoken or written word that can take us around the fire to narrate events and events. In my writing, most of the time, I don’t even know who I am anymore: I am, as I would like to be, or the virtuous person insufficient to know myself as I am, with the joy of capturing different experiences and reflections that put some characters in more or more different situations of life Less dangerous, with its delusions and doubts. The word seems to be magic, magic that opens a portal to other worlds. Once you close the book, you return to reality enriched by the freedom of imagination. he is, Wordmakes and dismantles the world, worlds, gathers and expands the soul of man to the beats of the universe like a heartbeat, only man is the “patron of existence.”

Who is stuck in your soul: the prodigal son or his brother?

I will always choose the prodigal son, without neglecting your brother. The first always reminds us that we are human and we have a duty to forgive. The rebellion followed by solitude, the distance from oneself and the place of true freedom makes a person more generous and loving. “Getting a gift”, he can give it as a gift and that can redeem him. I should have no doubts about the love that is given “stronger than death,” nor that I am free to live or die “give life.” I love my fellow men and every creature of God, or else I would live in Hell. Good and evil must be in the balance of everyone, in order to survive as rational and conscious beings.

Do you sometimes hang out and quarrel with God?

The relationship with God is a special one and I think it should be so; Of sincerity, piety, and gratitude at least for granting me the miracle of a rational life. He does not seem bothered if I am not humble before him, I think he appreciates the more sincere humility which appears, when we sit down at the table and reproach him with something, like every mortal. In my youth, she would smile and even laugh at my plans and dreams. Now, that I’ve had life experience, I’m beginning to understand his silence as a symphony in a world of illusions and appearances.

As I, suffocated by reason and unaware of the “baptism of desire”, I want to believe that there must always be something instead of nothing Otherwise our existence would be just a fantasy, sort of matrix Always Promotion. Not having an echo to answer the cry of the lonely man in the cosmic abyss makes him programmed to be selfish. He wants to be a master, and, ignoring the fact that every part of it is the universe itself, he tends toward a “single fatal condition that wants the soul to work ceaselessly to destroy it, in the act of affirming its greatness,” Yankelevich warns us. At present, “the world of nature and man have come to the real danger of complete destruction.” The sin and ignorance of each is the sin and ignorance of humanity. The ego dominates and we do not have the moral force to accept the guilt within existence as truth, and repentance seems hypocritical. The world deserves its fate.

Is it a utopia of heaven and hell, or realistic variants of your future habitat?

– When you say heaven or hell, you think that each of us must die, and that the poor moral soul, with the noblest aspirations (poetry, philosophy, science…), sad, leaves with remorse a body that has been soaked to the point of rejection by Desire, ” He has all the fun.” It is difficult for us to look the lady with the scythe directly in the eye without fear and our knees are trembling. But can you live without it? The only way to get past the anxiety of death is to “pass through it,” as the melancholy Dane Søren Kierkegaard encourages us. Denying death is a civilized survival strategy, says Becker, which leads to the emergence of “immortality systems,” a jumble of muddled religions to support our illusion of immortality, Freud believed.

But I prefer Democritus, the one who always convinces me that “man is a small world,” and that there can only be in man, in perpetual battle with himself, with his sinful conscience in the silent and savage moral suffering, but also in the greatness of his life inclined to virtue The ethics of intention to holiness and understanding/misunderstanding of the occupied place in the universe. “In me is Heaven and Hell,” so says the direct and explicit verse of Omar Khayyam, like an angry cry of impotence to heaven.

Sometimes when betrayed, what did you feel: contentment, hatred, liberation, regret?

– In the outrageous sense of the word, I don’t remember intentionally betraying something or someone. I know from experience that a friend is more important than a relative, because it is about spiritual, moral and ethical connections. It remains your decision to choose, which is why I keep my childhood friendships. Group, teamwork, we never betrayed. But I’m really proud that I had the strength to forgive others.

In love betrayal it is more complex, emotional reactions determined by each person’s belief system. They belong to the sincerity of passion, their aesthetics, the search for the ideal in a person, the joy of giving feelings and the gratitude/ingratitude of these aspects, the sensitive battleground of my youth, where I was deceived until I was deceived. I say this because I have a particular interest in the “eternal feminine”. But when I betrayed, I confess, it was more of a liberation than a regret, perhaps because I could not hate a person, though I was sometimes jealous. Emotions can balance honor with friendship, compatibility delights, and respect honors. Only love fully completes oneself and allows eternity to enter the realm of time.

– If you can patching Basically something from pregnancy originWhat will this correction target?

I have never thought of it, not out of devout respect for the religions of the world, I simply do not want to be the Supreme Creator who tirelessly carries on his back all the pain of the world, all the resentment of the tortures of life, when in fact I would be grateful for the grant of becoming, liberation, and power On identifying souls who understand the need for balance between the cosmic world within us and the great universe that is reflected in it.

– The verse, the phrase that bothered you the most?

– There are many phrases and verses that disturbed me with creativity, aesthetic charm and depth of thought. “For the beautiful is / Only the beginning of what is hard to bear, / And we admire him so much because, indifferent, he refuses to destroy us…” (sand dune elegy, by Rainer Maria Rilke) is just an example of the anti-war view of today, the stain of human evil in all eras we know: of the “glory” of Pharaonic Egypt and the “proud” empires of ancient China. Persia or Alexander the Great, to the killing hordes of Central Asia and to the innumerable genocides or massacres of yesterday and today, which turn some people into beasts against their fellows, ‘man, lupus human’ savagely enters a reality where it seems that ‘time’ He’s finished his turn.”

Although my life has been more than diverse, I cannot say that “all that is human is known to me”. The great philosopher Socrates’s formula, “I know that I know nothing,” deeply reassures me, because it is a way of communicating with myself, suggests with bitter irony: “Remember that you are an ignorant,” or, somewhat harsher, he says, “Know the fools in you.”

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