“We reject any association between Gabriel Oprea and the APP. Pure misinformation” – Today’s event


Through a press release, UNPR denied the information that Gabriel Opera Took the party alliance for the homeland (Application).

The National Union for the Advancement of Romania denies the information regarding the so-called Gabriel Opera takeover of the Alliance for the Fatherland (APP).

Statements by a former SPD collaborator that Gabriel Oprah, President of UNPR, had something to do with the creation of the APP or that he intended to take over this political formation, are pure misinformation.

Gabriel Oprah is and remains the president of the National Union for the Advancement of Romania, a center-left party he created in 2010.

UNPR ruled with both political right and left and ensured, in the difficult times for Romania, the country’s political, social and economic stability.

We reject any association between the name of UNPR President Gabriel Opera and the APP and still hope for correct and comprehensive documentation before the information is released into the public space.‘, on the press release sent by UNPR

The original news…

Former PSD Online coordinator George Harabaggio claims that the Alliance for the Fatherland will be taken over by General Gabriel Opera, formerly UNPR, which is why. Liviu Dragnia He asked to distance himself from the formation’s actions. Furthermore, he claims that since its inception, the APP behind it has had Gabriel Oprea, while Liviu Dragnea has only existed to give it an enhanced image.

“I have three dear friends whom I have told what is to come. I am sure they are reading these lines. Although I am far away, I know absolutely everything that happened in Bacau. On August 18th! The news is not that Livio Dragnea has retired. Not at all. The news is that for the General Gabriel Oprah (finally) a party (another)! In fact, he created it too. Through “psychics”. Tel Aviv knew it a year and a half ago. Am I wrong, Livio Dragnea? Anyway… You’re not alone on the road. …you know it well… said George Harabaggio.

Former Electronic Coordinator of PSD He also said that Livio Dragnea knew what would follow and that the party would be taken over by Gabriel Oprah, but he did not believe it.

“Other than that, good luck in the new UNPR for those caught in the trap. And don’t forget… Did you think you were working on Dragnea? Wrong – wrong – wrong! I worked (from the beginning) with Gabriel Oprah. Why? That was it The scenario… which Livio Dragnea knew (correctly informed) but didn’t want to believe it. Now, I am absolutely convinced that it proves me right. Let’s talk… Have Livio beer! I promise to learn to fish. Especially in cloudy waters. ‘,” George Harabaggio said in a Facebook post.

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How did Viorica Dancelo become prime minister?

In the same vein, George Harabaggio made a series of statements related to the context in which Viorica D’Ancilo took over the leadership of the government in 2018. He stated, at first, that Dragnea wanted to nominate Carmen Dane as prime minister, but was convinced to surrender.

“For the right price, a close friend of Liviu Dragnea convinced him not to nominate Carmen Dunn for prime minister. We know who this person is. Dancila found out he was going to lead the government 15 minutes before the start of the CEX from K10. Liviu Dragnea, am I lying about something? ? I dare believe it’s time to say what you know! You don’t have to “leave the house”… Others are the experts at this kind of thing. From what I’ve learned…” George Harabaggio wrote.

Image source: Razvan Valcanantu / EEC

Dragnea withdrew from the APP

The former head of the PSD, Liviu Dragnea, asked the Alliance for the Fatherland (APP) to stop using his name and image in the party’s actions. The application was submitted because his legal status does not allow him to engage in politics. Dragnea made this request at a meeting of the Executive Committee of the Alliance, on August 18, in Bacau. He attended as a guest and asked “that his image and name not be associated with the party’s statements and actions.” Representatives of the Alliance for the Homeland explained that the request came “in the wake of the current legal conditions he is facing, and the final court rulings that prevent him from joining any party and participating in politics.”

According to the aforementioned source, the APP management “took note” of the request and informed that it “does not want, during this period in which Mr. Liviu Dragnea is imposing restrictions imposed by law, to put his civil rights and liberties at risk”.

“In conclusion, the Alliance for the Fatherland is waiting for Mr. Liviu Dragnea to solve his legal problems, to decide later whether he wants to practice politics again and possibly become a member of the APP. Taking into account the above aspects, the Alliance for the Fatherland will not use the name and image of the master Liviu Dragnia from now on.”

It should be noted that the founding of the Alliance for the Fatherland Party was announced after the release of Liviu Dragnia from prison. Among the founders is Codrin Ștefănescu, a close friend of Dragnea, who also holds the position of General Secretary at APP.

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