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The USSR’s local chancellor, Christiana Popescu, was in studio REPLICA on Thursday to discuss the latest happenings at the local level. The most recent has been the opening of businesses on the front of the casino, as well as the sale of the Balcan Inn, a historic building that ended up in the ownership of a budget-conscious private person from Constanta. During the interview, Cristiana Popescu showed her displeasure with Annie Merley, head of European funds in Constanta City Council, who says she is trying to restrict the right to access public information. Learn more about this topic below.

At the beginning of the interview, Christiana Popescu spoke about the Constanta Casino, which she said would be a shame if the local administration could not manage its management after the completion of the business.

We are all excited about the casino restoration, it is much closer to the truth than other rehabilitation projects that have been carried out so far on the peninsula. It is the most representative building of the city, it is a symbol of the entire coastal region of the Black Sea, we should not have a concern in this regard, it can act on the cultural side. We must put all our skills at our disposal to make this monument shine at least 100 years from now. I hope that when there is an idea that the casino is being taken over by a private person, the mayor consults, so that it does not end there. From my point of view we will inflict defeat, in recognition of the inability to manage the site”says Christiana Popescu.

Balkan Inn, slip through the fingers of Constanta City Council

About the Balkan Inn and how it came into the possession of former governor Ion Konstantin, Popescu said:In fact, after the rejection of the Ministry of Culture, the Constana City Council and the local council were unable to exercise this right. The Balkan Inn was discovered to be involved in two city council-approved strategies that the city council had to implement. It was included in the cooperation protocol with our colleagues from the PNL, which was signed by the mayor. Pre-emption should have been exercised recently, and I can’t blame anyone for losing it“.

Christiana Popescu criticizes Annie Merley

Christiana Popescu also spoke about the European-funded projects, directed by Ani Merlă, of Constanța City Hall.

The USSR’s position on Annie Merley is one I cannot confirm, as long as there is support from the mayor and the party that has the largest percentage in CJ. There is a refusal to communicate between Mrs. Merley and the USSR. For example, including myself, I asked for the art restoration project of the Museum of Folk Art, not because I had the training necessary to analyze it, I wanted to consult a specialist. The only option was to make a request, and to go to the town hall, in Mrs. Merley’s direction, and consult with him there, with the superintendent. When I asked for technical project advice from Bd. Lăpuneanu, I also consulted him in the office. Unfortunately, this is the situation. The discussions are so fast – “These projects are made by experts” – really? I know they are made by experts, but I know how bidding for public projects is done, unfortunately”Popescu said.

Constanta PUG’s proof studies have many loopholes

As asked about the PUG of Constanţi, provided by Synergetics Corporations, and the stage of its formulation, the USSR Chancellor stated that proof studies had been conducted, which have significant gaps. The PUG should be ready in 2025, but there is a risk that the deadline will not be met.

Proof studies have been submitted, the technical committee sent a point of view, it’s not exactly the best, there are more and more lakes. The historical study is incomplete, there are only 10 proposals for the introduction of historical monuments. Unfortunately, it seems to me that there is disagreement regarding the needs of the city. They need more documentation and more help from professionals. PUG has been in business for 5 years, the contract was signed in 2020. The 25 evidentiary studies, they also complicate the situation, as well as the pending lawsuits with the company, have greatly delayed the situation.We will reach the approval stage of PUG with the negative opinion of the technical committee, such a thing is not possible. They respected the stages, the PUG should be delivered in 2025, but I have doubts that the deadline will be respected. We all want Constanta municipality to have very strong urban planning documents, no more PUZs are needed”, Popescu concluded.

You can watch more topics in the full interview below:

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