Mihaela Ross, director of the theater “Toma Caragio” in Ploechte: “Theatre is happening now and here, with the transmission of emotions from the actors to the audience”

Mihaela Ross is the director of the “Toma Carragio” theater in Ploechte. In the interview, she talked about how she came to love theater and what makes her believe in the younger generation of actors in Romania.

It supports youth projects and explains why Blueity deserves to become the capital of youth. Mihaela Ross says that the big difference between theater and cinema is related to the transmission of emotions. The theater is happening now and here, while the movie is just a show with dozens of marital and cinematic manipulations.

Mihaela, introduce yourself in a few words.

“I’m Mihaela. Mihaela Ross now. I’ve been in the “Toma Caragiu” theater for as long as I know myself, more precisely since I was 21 – shortly after I finished high school. While I was already employed, I did my first acting course .

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Then, a few years later, I took the UNATC exam and graduated from the Faculty of Theater – Acting and Animation, the second major in directing and theater. I have pursued my masters in economic sciences and now am preparing to defend my PhD thesis in cultural management.

First of all, I have a great passion for what I do in each of them. I love urban tourism – I love visiting big and small, well-known and lesser-known cities. I love to read, it’s like a lifestyle and daily routine that I put my passion into.”

When did you first conquer the world of theater? Tell about it.

“I entered theater 21 years after I finished high school. I dealt with theater in primary and secondary school as well. I was in a theater troupe. I went to the children’s palace for the theater circuit. I entered real theater after failing at the Faculty of Philosophy. Then I took an exam that I didn’t take.”

At that time, Teatrul Ciufulici organized a competition in which many aspirants participated and it was a kind of qualification in the workplace. I mean, in a year and a half, we’ve had a lot of tests done and tested. Since then, from 1992-1993, of the 13 entered at that time, only 2. Me and scenography designer Mihai Androni. “

From your point of view, describe the word art and what it means to you.

“I think you can give a lot of answers without pleasing any of them or pleasing anyone. I think it’s the deepest and most beautiful expression of human creativity. I think it’s an expression of the artist’s talent and imagination. So no matter which side of the art we look at, we see the beauty there. We must Art makes you feel.

Perhaps only an art critic can analyze from a connoisseur’s point of view. It’s like you’re looking at a painting and loving it. You as a viewer should get a feel – this is how the artist achieves his goal. When you see a theatrical performance – let there be a transfer of emotion between what is happening on the stage and between the mind and soul of the spectator. Art means the transmission of feelings between the artist and the viewer.

Technology has locked us in front of screens. Do people still come to the theatre?

“There were a couple of years I watched more screens, and I could put in some cool screens and I’ll allow the contrast here because no one can stop us.

However, for an artist accustomed to the stage, live audience presence, and theatrical performance, the screen is still a cool thing – that doesn’t mean I’m against technology or even into technology. When we talk about theatrical performance, it needs a stage.

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Theatrical performance is an art form that takes place in the here and now – and that’s what makes the difference between theater and cinema. Every actor’s creativity is different every time he plays a role in a show. People come, even after the pandemic, a lot of them come to the theatre. There are no free seats. The audience has overcome all their fears and is on stage now that the pandemic is over. The audience is visiting the theater more and more.

What do you think is the big difference between a play and a movie on Netflix?

“I would like to link the answer to what I said before. The transmission of emotions between audience and theater is different from what is presented on screen. Theatrical performance creates a different emotion within you.

And the theatrical actor during the performance of the artwork is moved by other feelings. The movie gives you the opportunity to cut, repeat, and take a new shot. Everything happens in the theater in real time. There is nothing left to cut. Theatrical performance is more realistic.”

Since young people are also in theaters, and this shows a growing interest in culture, how do you think the theater world can help them?

“More and more young people are coming to the theater. The average age is decreasing and we are happy with it. Children’s theater is a kind of school that teaches you the first steps in the world of theater. Happy is he who teaches his children in this way, and brings them back to the stage from a young age. Theater is a form forms of education, escape, and the formation of spirit and character.”

Is it worth to be represented in Romania?

“I sit and think. It’s a very beautiful life, not necessarily easy. It depends a lot on luck, but it also depends on what you propose to do yourself. Romania produces so many actors in one year, more than the Roman theaters can contain. Few have finished their studies. In the theater they managed to climb onto the stage.

There are many who squander or choose to do something else for various reasons. Among all who graduate from theatrical colleges, there are those who persevere and are fortunate, those who persist in their passion for theater and are not discouraged by rejection.

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They are very good actors and I do not even agree with those who say that they are no longer born as they have seen in other generations. Younger generations of actors have some unusual peaks – they are definitely brilliant artists. How we discover this is up to us. It is not only television that gives actors. You see great actors primarily on stage. It is worth being represented in Romania, and everyone can make this decision for themselves.”

From a personal perspective, what does Ploieti look like?

Ploiesti looks beautiful. I have been a raindrop for as long as I have known myself. I like to say I have oil in my veins and oil in my purse. It’s like you have a child and you see it’s the most beautiful. That’s how I see it. From my point of view the city of Ploiesti is beautiful. They look at the city through the eyes of a tourist.

To go to the theatre, visit museums, walk Chestnut Street, get to the musician, etc. It is an exercise in the imagination of all. Only in this way can we discover the beauty of Blueity. It’s not grey at all. If you say that, it means that you are not looking at him with your soul.”

What are the three strong points of Ploiesti?

“First of all, it is a lively and beautiful city – it has the potential to become even more beautiful. Second, it has passionate people, professional people, beautiful people that if they are assigned to work together, the result will be one that will help the city tremendously. Last but not least, It has a well-rated theater with top performers and a great audience.”

Is Blueity ready to become the capital of youth?

“I believe that Beloiti is ready to become the capital of youth. I also believe that everyone who is involved in this project will do absolutely everything they know and are able and able to designate the city as the capital of youth.

The chances are very high – there are people who are professional at what they do. People with a very large stake, a stake that drives them into battle. I trust the people who represent this project. I want this to happen: Ploiesti – the capital of youth.

What projects/activities does Ploieti Theater “Toma Caragiu” carry out to help Ploieti become the capital of youth?

“First of all, theatrical performances. Presentations based on youth theater scripts and concerts. In addition, we can be partners, we can be co-organizers – we want to participate in as many projects as possible.

We have proven and can continue to do more than we set out to do. We are open to suggestions. For our part, we propose theater as a form of education, entertainment and life.”

In the end, he leaves a message for readers of the Observatorul Prahovean newspaper.

“I thank them for reading the interview. Each of us needs to do something better in our daily life. Thus we will be able to say clearly and openly that we are proud to be from my blues, wherever we are.”

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