Novak’s Law, already trampled on by handball teams! harsh reactions

The Women’s National Handball League kicks off on Saturday and a richer tournament than ever is announced. The debate over public money has taken a back seat, with Novak’s law now the main topic of controversy.

In the two Super Cups, for both boys and girls, all teams violated the minister’s order, and only paid a fine of 3,000 lei, and the fine increased by 100 lei per group.

The Ministry of Sports announced, on July 7, via a message posted on a social networking site, that starting from the 2022-2023 season it imposes a commitment to a 40% quota of Romanian athletes in national competitions in team sports.

Novak’s Law, already trampled on by handball teams! Severe reactions from Adi Vasili and Carlos Vivre, coaches of CSM Bucharest and Rapid: “It was done too late”

professional sports He started a series dedicated to this start to the tournament and we spoke to the most important women’s handball coaches, asking them several questions. It’s the second episode. The first dedicated to the race itself And huge salaries given to players.

3. What do you think of Novak’s law and does it affect handball?
4. Is massive infusion of public money good for handball?

Florentine Pera – Mukhtar of Girls: “This law had to be introduced gradually”

3. I think it is a good measure to support Romanian players and implicitly national teams regardless of the sport.

Given that sports, unlike individual games, are increasingly difficult to qualify for the Olympic Games, this law aims to support Romanian athletes and increase their level of performance in the medium and long term, bearing in mind that the number of foreign athletes playing sports in Romania is large very.

I am of the opinion that this law should have been introduced gradually or early so that all clubs develop their strategy and transfers in relation to this decision.

4. It is beneficial that public money is also used for the purpose of developing Romanian handball, centers of excellence and the youth sector to produce valuable players for the national teams.

If we take the example of other countries where the sponsorship law exempts the private environment from taxation, it is certain that sponsors in Romania will have a more legal framework for investment, and therefore it will be possible for the sport not to depend so much on the public. money.

Carlos Fever – Rapid coach: “The law forces coaches to pay attention to tactical situations that have nothing to do with handball”

3. I appreciate this question and want to answer it with the greatest respect because I am just a coach who has recently arrived in Romania and I do not want my words to be misunderstood because I want to contribute as much as possible to the growth of Romanian handball.

My opinion of this rule it does not help. The first thing I feel is that this rule is applied very late, when the teams and their groups are already formed.

It’s like preparing your team to run 100m in athletics and a month before the competition they tell you that they are changing discipline in favor of the athletes and that you have to run a marathon, it’s very hard to understand. There are quite a few clubs that won’t be able to do that in every game throughout the season, it’s impossible.

In addition, the rule forces coaches to pay attention to tactical situations that have nothing to do with handball, such as three specific positions always occupied by Romanian players.

Perhaps the most logical solution would be for the Romanian players to have the fewest minutes at the end of the league.

Finally, I would like to say before applying this rule that the Romanian players played many minutes in Rapid and last season we won the championship with many of them on the field and without this rule. I don’t think the law is necessary, that’s my opinion.

4. I think the economic investment in sports and of course in handball is a positive thing. But the most important thing is what you do with those investments. I think training young players is essential and in this case the federation should set the right direction

Adi Vasili – coach of CSM Bucharest: “We try to quickly adjust our steps”

3. Such a ministerial order has no way of not affecting handball, especially since it was announced after the start of the international season and almost all the pieces were determined and contracts were completed. We try to adjust our steps immediately, while adhering to the principles of performance that govern us!

4. The entire Romanian sport has been operating for many years with great help from the Romanian state! It is clear that investing in sports is beneficial, we continue to represent us with honor and pride Romania We provide role models and success stories for the community and society!

Jorge Tadeshi – Zalo coach: “This is a good law”

3. It is the best law of the last thirty years, it protects the national teams.

4. Happens in any country in the world but In Romania, it turned into a theft of public money. The reason for imposing a ceiling on public money salaries.

Bogdan Borcia – Craiova coach: “A law in favor of Romanian sport”

Bogdan Borussia Euro 2020

3. A law in favor of Romanian sports!

4. Yes, with the application also in the events sector.

What does the women’s handball first round schedule look like?

▪️ Saturday 27 August:

13:00 SCM Râmnicu Vâlcea – CSM Galati
17:30 SCM Craiova – Minor Baia Mare (Pro Circuit)

▪️ Sunday, August 28:

11:00 HC Zallo Center – Gloria Bistrita-Nosaud
12:00 CSM TârguJiu – CS Dacia Mioveni 2012
17:30 Fast – CSM Bucharest (Pro Arena)
18:00 Gloria Buzau – CSM Slatina
18:00 Măgura Cisnădie – Braila Danube

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