Vice Mayor Laicao brags about City Council investment: ‘Friday, August 19, we’re past any other year since 1990’

Ruben Laikao, Deputy Mayor of Timisoara user, boasts about the investments the local administration has made this year. Its total value will be more than 270 million lei, which means that the previous annual record has been surpassed in the first eight months of this year.

In a triumphant post on social networks, he accuses Laicao of “there was no significant investment” in the mayor’s office in previous years, but also accuses the performance of the province and national authorities in projects close to the municipality. Instead, the user’s “Vice” applauds the administration’s money, which he’s a part of this year, toward education and culture, but doesn’t forget the class he’s raised the most: infrastructure. Although the Liberals are currently accused of statistically benefiting from projects launched in the Robu administration, the mayor has made it clear in office that he does not agree with this position. “These things do not refer to legacies,” Laicao says, more accurately.

Here is the position of the deputy mayor:

“The largest amount of money invested by the city council in the first eight months of this year was reached. On Friday, August 19, we exceeded any other year since 1990: we already settled 277,709882 lei.

In education infrastructure alone, we invested 30 million lei in the first eight months, an amount equal to all that was invested in 2012-2015. Last year, we actually invested 41 million lei in education infrastructure, which is more than any other amount. Four years from the previous term.

After years without major investments that have tested our patience and affected our quality of life, we aim to increase the amounts spent. School starts soon and conditions in schools and kindergartens are back in discussion. Without investment, with only repairs, the conditions we all want for our children cannot be guaranteed. The difference will appear after a longer period and only after investments. Therefore, this year we aim to exceed the $41 million earmarked for education in 2021.

We are also preparing for next year, when we will be the cultural capital and we will need as many spaces for cultural events as possible. We are attentive and responsive to funding needs. We reached 21.8 million in the first eight months of this year, which is already higher than last year’s total of 20.7. From 2013 to 2020, the city council invested 43.9 million in cultural spaces in 8 years. In 2021 and 8 months of 2022 we reached 43.2 million. We will certainly in two years exceed the amount invested by the previous administration8.

In terms of infrastructure, from the beginning of the year until Friday, the mayor’s office has invested 190 million lei (150 from the local budget) in the projects we have in the city. This amount does not include the European wastewater funds, implemented by the City Hall Water Corporation, in the amount of 150 million lei, which will be implemented until 2024. The heating network benefited from 30 million lei, and 160 million lei. We spent on trams and road infrastructure. By the end of this year, I expect we will cross 250 million lei.

It will not be enough unfortunately, the needs are huge: we do not have a belt, an IV ring, new bridges over the Bega, unloading is also needed; The public transport network and vehicles are outdated, and all this cannot be resolved in two, maybe even four years. The priorities at the local level were different and unfortunately are still different at the provincial and national level, as evidence that the Southern Belt and Road from Jermata are doing very poorly. For roads, European money is no longer a solution, and infrastructure investments had to be planned and started in 2012, in order to benefit from European money. Thus Oradea made its lanes over the belt. Now, the financing of the European Commission has changed and we have to do from local or national funds what we did not know or could not do until now.

These things do not refer to legacies, they are numbers that speak of undiluted facts. This does not mean we have come a long way. It takes years for management to invest tens of millions in a school or cultural space to be completed and put into use. If the prioritization of funds is always done according to the criteria of likes or political pressure, the business ends up being incomplete, prohibited or not started; The pansies and the irrigated lawns in the center are nice but not enough for the schools, roads or infrastructure we need. This management consistency has been missing in recent years and is a big reason why we feel left behind.

I will return to important classes and projects in the coming days. I think it’s important to know what we’re investing our money in and what businesses we’ve come across in the city – and not always happily.”



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