Threats of the bodyguard and the athlete escapes from the stage!

Article by Viorel Tudorache – Published Saturday, August 27, 2022, 10:12 / Updated Saturday, August 27, 2022 10:59

The Director-General of the National Anti-Doping Agency, Gabriela Andreao, accuses the organizers of the “Eastern European Amateur Olympia” of preventing them from controlling doping.

Bodybuilding and fitness competition with scandal, last weekend (20-21 August), at Sala Polivalentă in Bucharest. – the organizers of the special international event “Olympia Amateur Eastern Europe-2022”, in which 250 athletes participated, Ban an anti-doping procedure by the National Anti-Doping Agency (ANAD).

In its inaugural edition, the competition was held under the auspices of NPC Worldwide, which, according to specialized websites, claims to be the largest amateur bodybuilding organization in the United States. But it is not recognized by the International Federation of Bodybuilding & Fitness (IFFB) due to doping.

“The owner of NPC Worldwide is Jim Manion, an athlete who has been suspended for doping for multiple anti-doping rule violations and is on the WADA Prohibited List.

explained the director general of the association, Gabriela Andreao, who led the task at the end last week.

The promoters of the Eastern European Olympia-2022 event were Romanian Alina Popa and Claudio Strizza.

The Romanian Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (FRCF) did not participate.

“Although it was a private event, ANAD established jurisdiction over these events, where they had the opportunity to test recreational sports athletes. Even the World Anti-Doping Agency assured us that we could do doping control at this event. The agency cannot World Anti-Doping Agency automatically intervened because the Contest Organizer is not a signatory to the World Anti-Doping Act,” Andreiașu stated.

Seven cases of rejection! There were tense moments in the multipurpose hall

Unfortunately, the organizers did their best to boycott the audition, citing it as a beauty pageant or cultural event.

After a heated discussion that lasted 45 minutes, we decided to take a doping test, and the control officers began the task and notified the athletes.

It was surprising and very unfortunate that the promoter of the event, Alina Popa, incited all seven athletes we selected to refuse doping control. They sign that they refuse. “I can get four years’ imprisonment and a fine,” the agency official added.

Romanian athletes who participated in this event are no longer part of the clubs of the Romanian Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness. We have a clear policy towards this type of competition, which discourages fair sport. They don’t care if the athlete is drugged or not
Official FRCF

Three dope, in competition

Doping control targeted bodybuilders from Romania only. Especially those with a checkered history.

“The Romanian Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness informed us and brought the event to our attention. We also had discussions with the International Federation.

I knew very well that among the participants there were Romanian athletes who were suspended for doping.

It is about Gabriel Burlaco, Sebastian Serpico and Roberta Brigbino. They have violated the bans imposed by the bans on not participating in any capacity in sporting activity, except for anti-doping education.”, the general manager of the association revealed that Serpescu was the junior world champion in 2020.

Stubborn control, blocked in a competition in Bucharest!  Embarrassing moments: threats to bodyguards and an athlete fleeing the stage!

General Director of ANAD, Gabriela Andrea

Run from the stage

ANAD officers also identified a Romanian athlete who participated, although he is under suspension. But he did not catch it.

“He ran to another part of the stage when he saw us, we didn’t have time to notify him. Those commentators and participants in competitions are suspended for 8 years! For others, we check if they are registered in clubs, let’s see what measures we apply”, Andreao said.

Foreign athletes have not been notified, since, according to the Code, jurisdiction over them lies with the Specialized International Federation and the anti-doping organizations of their countries.

‘A high-risk doping event’

The ANAD control frightened the organizers and some athletes. Gabriella Andreao says:

“We have been prepared with very good staff who can withstand such an event, where athletes at high risk of doping, who know all the regulations very well, are involved.

The organizers, Alina Popa and Claudio Strizza, were confused, not understanding why we were there. From their point of view I had no jurisdiction, because it is a private event.

I explained to them why we could do doping control and national jurisdiction over the event. They didn’t know these things.”

Call the lawyers

In the dispute with the National Agency for Development (ANAD), the organizers also summoned lawyers. Gabriella Andreao:

“Mr. Gabriel Zbrasya came to the gym. Alina Popa claimed it was a cultural event. He didn’t say anything like that on the site. Well, I’ll go to the site now and make it a cultural event,” the lawyer says, “I told him it was not possible, Because we already have the evidence that it’s an event that athletes take part in.”

Negotiations with the agency continued vigorously on the ground. “They have tried differently. Well, call it a beauty contest. It is not just a sports competition. After I showed the lawyer all the verdicts, he said, ‘I understand! You have the legal framework, you do your job. We can’t stop you.”

For us, it was clearly a sports competition. Trophies, medals, and 27 professional cards were awarded. It’s a real industry,” Andreao concluded.

It is critical for event organizers to sanction athletes for refusing doping control from athletes who are sanctioned for doping. Give better. If athletes know they are drugged, the result is the same
Stefan Runyan, President of ANAD

Threatening with bodyguards

There was also an attempt to expel ANAD representatives from the hall.

Alina Popa also told me: “And if I forbid you? The first lawyers I consulted told me to expel you with the guards.” I called her boss, Jack, who’s a guy from the US, telling me we can’t control doping. I explained to him from scratch that we have competence over the Romanian athletes.”

It didn’t take long from words to deeds. “Five very nervous bodyguards appeared next to us, their job was to escort us out. I told them we weren’t dangerous and they left. Gabriella Andreao said.

The ANAD team escaped safely. “It didn’t come to hitting, because it wasn’t allowed. We stood on the legal line. In the past, there were officers who were assaulted and beaten at official bodybuilding and fitness competitions.”

“I pay as much as I need”

Promoter Alina Popa quit her. “After the lawyers left, he said to me: ‘And if I refuse, what are you going to do with me?'” “.I told him I was reporting it. I will report it because it obstructs our activity!”

She said, “Okay, come back. I bear all the consequences myself. I’m paying whatever is required, just don’t do this doping control, because we haven’t told anyone that we will have doping control in this competition.”

I think he assured the participants that there would be no doping control. Besides, Alina Popa told me that “this is a business” and that she would not organize any other events in Romania.”

We did not work alone on this task. We have also involved the authorities of another country, the National Drug Control Agency, and the Romanian police, due to the presence of previous cases. The event was very large, with 250 athletes participating, mostly from Romania and Italy

You can do clean sports, with supplements and a lot of work, diet, and regimen, but as the athletes sounded, I have my doubts, as a scientist. Thick skin, some with acne marks. Girls transformed, the voice intensified, and the masculinity characteristics that appear only due to steroid use

Bodybuilding is a discipline that carries a high risk of doping. It’s the system we set in the athletes body from 9 to 12 banned substances

Refusal to control doping is not a criminal offence. Only if we discover any trafficking, consumption or sale of high-risk doping substances, then do we notify the police and they are subject to criminal charges.
Gabriela Andreao, General Manager of Enad

The event in Polivalentă was not related to the Romanian Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness. In Romania there are many competitions that fall outside the legal framework of the sport, and that do not belong to specialized federations, cycling, bicycle racing, or figure skating.
– Stephane Runyan, President of ANAD

100 EURThe participation fee for the Eastern European Amateur Olympia 2022 was

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