A number of bodybuilding coaches from Romania, accused of not undergoing the necessary studies and endangering athletes

Fitness experts sometimes are not what they claim to be PHOTO sportsanatos.ro

The Romanian Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness organizes courses in which the lecturers are people who have not graduated from training school or university courses. This puts the health of the athletes at risk.

The president of Gym Sfinteş Bodybuilding Braşov, Gicu Sfinteş, asked the National Training School and the National University of Physical Education and Sports in Bucharest to verify several people from the Romanian Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness who stated that they had graduated from either training school courses, or UNEFS.

The president of the Brasov club says that at least 10 people have recommended themselves for several years to be trainers in this field, but they do not respect even the basic rules of safety in training.

Thus, Gekko Svenc sees these people as posing a risk to the safety and health of those who practice the sport as amateurs.

“After investigations, I attached a copy to address No. 220 / 11.04.2017, received from the National Center for the Training and Development of Trainers, regarding this subject, according to which it appears that these individuals do not have any qualification in the sports field,” wrote Gekko Sventes in the application sent on 8 April, 2021 to the Colleges of Physical Education and Sports.

Next, the coach asked Brasov to inform him if the people on the list had graduated from the faculty or bodybuilding and fitness courses and if they had any license from a higher education institution.

The people with whom this information was requested are Ovidiu Mezdrea from Braşov, Monica Mureşan from Baia Mare, Vasile Furde from Bucharest, Constantin Ilie from Bucharest, Felicia Purice from Iaşi, Dumitru Cheteleş from Târgu Mureş, Costel Torcea from Craiova, Ioan Curtan from Monte Sino From Bucharest and Angel Zubaran from Bistrita Nasod.

The National University of Physical Education and Sport in Bucharest says coaches do not appear in the institution's database PHOTO Ioan Buciumar

The coaches are not graduates of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Bucharest

The response of the University of Bucharest arrived on April 13, 2021. “Result of Address No. 1 / 08.04.2021, by which you request information about the sports culture of the following people: Mezdrea Ovidiu, Mureşan Monica, Furde Vasile, Ilie Cosnantin, Purice Felicia, Dumitru Cheteleş, Torcea Costel, Curtea Ioan, Irina Munteanu, Anghel Zăpârţan, and we report to you that after the examinations for bodybuilding and fitness courses, the above-mentioned persons do not appear in our database, ”the college replied.

In 2017, the Brasov bodybuilder asked the National Center for the Training and Improvement of Trainers the same information about the same people, that is, whether they were among the graduates of this school. “According to the CNFPA archive and database, the following people associated with some of the ones you mentioned do not appear as graduates of the National Training School (two-year training course for trainers),” said at the time in the answer provided by the training school.

They did not graduate from training schools, but they are lecturers

On the website of the Romanian Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness, something completely different appears. Here is a page entitled “Personal trainer courses”, where the lecturers are as follows: in Bucharest, theory lecturer: Daniel Oprah, practical lecturer: Monica Morechan; In Brasov, Theoretical Lecturer: Daniel Oprah, Practical Lecturer: Ovidiu Mezdrea; In Craiova, theoretical lecturer: Christian Verico, practical lecturer: Costel Torcia; In Călăraşi, Theoretical Lecturer: Daniel Oprah, Practical Lecturer: Monica Maurichan.

Law 69/2000, Title IX, states in Article 58: “The teaching of physical education or sports training, in organized forms, is provided only by persons accredited in this field through recognized diplomas or certificates, by law.” Article 59 in paragraph (1) states: “The training of graduates in physical education and sports, physical education teachers, coaches, managers and physiotherapists shall be done in institutions of higher education accredited or licensed by law,” and in paragraph (2): “It may also be possible to Training of trainers in post-secondary training schools, accredited or authorized by law. According to the law, a sports federation cannot train coaches if these courses are not organized by a training school.

The Romanian Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness does not wish to apply a final court decision

In 2006, Gicu Sfinteş went to the Republic of Moldova, where he worked for the Sports Federation of the neighboring country. Because he had no one to run the club from Brasov, he asked the federation in our country to take a break. When he returned, he was no longer accepted into the union.

“We filed a lawsuit against the federation, and three or four years ago, we obtained a final decision from the court, according to which the federation’s management obligated to rejoin the club. So far they have not implemented this final court decision,” says Gekko Svenc.

What happened to Gicu Sfinteş was repeated with the other club presidents. An example is Ioan Laszlo, of Şimleu Silvaniei, president of Go Gym.

“In the old statute, it was stated that if the club did not pay its fees to the federation for two years, the General Assembly voted and could disqualify it. The current president changed the statute and reduced the term to one year. What is interesting is that in 2017, it was awarded for the largest number of copies National competition, and in 2021 I was eliminated! Even the banks took care of their customers last year, when the epidemic came, but they did not forgive me for being late, ”says the coach from Saluji.

Kicked out for compliance

Euan Laszlo says that two moments were very important in the decision of the federation’s management to exclude the club. First of all, he opposed the election of Ovidiu Mezdrea as Vice-President, in an extraordinary assembly in 2019. Laszlo says that he did not oppose the election of a specific person, but demanded compliance with the provisions of the regulation, that is, elections can be organized only at regular meetings held once every 4 years.

Also at that meeting in 2019, Laszlo was very curious what a former athlete who was suspended for life at the meeting was looking for. Furthermore, President Gabriel Tunisian has suggested Christian Ross to be selected for the junior team, but Christian Ross received two suspensions for doping and for a third offense of this nature he was suspended for life from sports activity.

An example of an athlete who died in a gym in Brasov is already known, the case was announced a few years ago. Romania has an alarmingly high number of athletes who have tested positive for anti-doping tests, even if it also has athletes with outstanding performance in the field, including world and intercontinental champions.

We tried to get a point of view from the Romanian Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness, but at the moment it was impossible. I called repeatedly, over several days, to the number on the union website, but no one answered. We will get back with the details as soon as we get an offer for the said entity.

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