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Young Actor Award Winners Hope Gala 2022, 25th Edition: August 25-27, 2022, at the Student Cultural Center in Alba Iulia

The 25th edition of the HOP Young Actor Gala, a traditional program of UNITER, concluded on the evening of August 27, at the Student House of Culture in Alba Iulia.

was the theme of the edition Musical = Total Reps + Show Total. The artistic director of HOP Gala was the choreographer and director Razvan Mazilo.

Contest jury: Marina Konstantinsko theater critic, Lucien UNESCO – the actor, Elena Pure – an actress , Carmen Stancio theater world, Lucien Farsandan Cultural manager.

Elite - perfect taste

Before announcing the winners of the anniversary edition, we would like to thank everyone who joined us in organizing the young actor’s party. For the generosity, availability and joy with which he accompanied us on this adventure. Thanks also to the 21 reps who made this 25 HOP!


ŞTEFAN IORDACHE AWARD – Grand Prix of HOP . Young Actor Gala

on the actress Laura Gabriella OanaFor: “Ladies of Brunch” from the musical a company (single section) and for “(another) musician!” (group section).

The award was announced by theater critic Marina Konstantinsko.

Best Actress Award Single Section

on the actress Maria Grossow For “Zuza from 14G”.

The award was announced by IOANA BOGĂȚAN, Director of the Puppet Theater “Prichindel” Alba Iulia with ION DUMITREL, President of the Alba County Council.

Best Actor Solo Division Award

not granted.

CORNEL TODEA Award – Best Actress Award

on the show band “(Another) musical!”with Andre DutoAnd the Dear Ioniza And the

Laura Gabriella Oana.

The award was announced by DRAGOȘ BUHAGIAR, President of UNITER.


on the actress Christina Dano About the “sexy” of music I mean girls (People Section) and “There must be something better than this!” of music sweet charity (group section).

The award was announced by AURA CORBEANU, UNITER Vice President and Actor

Petro Marginian – last year’s award winner.

Awards hosted

Performance, Theatrical Speech and Physical Expression Award

Actress DORINA LAZĂR, Director of the Odeon Theatre, awarded to the actor Theodore Grecian Manya.

Award “1/10 for FILM at TIFF”

Director Florentina Bratvanov Award for Actress Sarah Bongrac.

General Awards (Decided after voting on the website

Best Actress: Gabriella Burumbako

best actor: Robert Agabi

Best Group: The Show “I love you but not you”Directed by Vlad Selpatiko with: Edward Cruciano, Andre Marginiano, Mihai Andre Plecha, Sara Bongrac and Paul Tevan Tonka. why chobo

The presenters of HOP Gala 2022 were the cast Monica Odagio And the Alex Stefanescu.


Photo/Video Gallery HOP GALA 2022

Day 1: 2: Photo: ANDREI beetle

The competition was broadcast via live broadcast, by RoEvents, on the website and the HOP Gala Facebook account


Partners of the young actor HOP 2022 GALA


UNITER ASSOCIATION – Union of Playwrights from Romania

Alba County Council

Puppet Theater “Brishendel” Alba Yulia

A cultural project funded by:

Ministry of Culture


City Hall Sector 5 Bucharest through the Youth Cultural Center “Ștefan Iordache”

Romanian Cultural Institute

Odeon Theater Bucharest

“El Carragil” National Theater of Bucharest

TIFF – Transylvania International Film Festival

ITI – International Institute of Theatre, Romanian Department

Associate Producer:

Romanian Television Association

Traditional partner:

Romanian Broadcasting Association

Principal Media Partner:

Guerrilla Radio

Cultural partner:

Radio RFI Romania

Media Partners:

Metropolis Newspaper


Today Teatrul . Magazine

Daily magazine

days and nights

Radio Tawheed

The event was sent live by:


Monitor partner:

Media Triest


Alba Yulia Student Culture House

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