General culture test: Dacia, a small car, takes you down, picks you up

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Do you think you are an expert in general culture? Find out how much you know with the help of these 27 questions, categorized by several areas of interest.

1 When was the company that produced the Dacia car founded?

in 1958

B. 1976

vs .1966

2 How long did it take to build the Mioveni Automobile Plant?

A. A year and a half

B – two years and ten months

c. one year

3 When did production of the Dacia 1100 start?


B .1968


4 Who is the Dacia 1300LS designed for?

a. Only for the Ceausescu couple

b – important members of the PCR

c. workers

5 What is the name of the Dacia van model?

a. D9

B. D8

c. D6

6 Where was the last Dacia 1310 produced?

a. IATSA SA Galati

B. DACIA SA Pitesti

C – Muvini Automobile Factory

7 In what year was the first 100% Romanian Dacia model launched?

a. 2000

B. 1995


8 At which car show was the Dacia Duster model launched?

a. Geneva Motor Show

B- Frankfurt Motor Show

C. New York Auto Show

9 Where was the Dacia 500 (Lăstun) designed and produced?

a. Galatians

B. Mueveni

c. Timisoara

10 What is the name of the first electric model of the Dacia brand?

a. Dacia Docker

B. Dacia spring

c. Dacia Docker Stepway

11 What is the name of the last model launched by Dacia?

a. Dacia Bigster

B. Dacia spring

c. Dacia jogger

12 When did production of the Berlina and Estate models of the Dacia 1300 series stop?


B. 2000

against 2002

13 When was the first Geneva Motor Show held?

A .1045



14 Who won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1922?

a. Niels Borg

B. Albert Einstein

against Jean-Baptiste Perrin

15 Who stars in the movie Changeling (2008)?

a. Angelina Jolie

B. Elizabeth Taylor

against Meryl Streep

16 Who drew “The Persistence of Memory”?

a. Johannes Vermeer

B – Claude Monet

against Salvador Dali

17 How many volumes does the ‘Lord of the Rings’ book series have?

a. six

B. three

c four

18 Who wrote the “Harry Potter” fantasy series?

a. JRR Tolkien

B. CS Lewis

against JK Rowling

19 Who Directed “Fearless Heart” (1995)?

a. Mel Gibson

B. James Cameron

against Steven Spielberg

20 Who is the author of the novel “Return from Heaven” (1934)?

a. Mircea Eliade

B. Nye Ionesko

C – Michael Sebastian

21 Where’s the Bear Cave?

a. Busiji Mountains

B – Gota Mountains

C. Abusini Mountains

22 What is the highest mountain peak in Romania?

a. Vârful Moldoveanu

B. Negoiu . summit

c. Barangol Marie Peak

23 In what year did the Horia, Kloshka and Krishan revolt erupt?


B .1790

C .1784

24 How many years reigned Queen Elizabeth I of England?

A .25

b .35

C .45

25 Where was the painter Arthur Verona born?

a. knights

B. Braille

against Bucharest

26 In what period did the cultural movement called the Renaissance occur?

(a) fourteenth – sixteenth

B. Thirteenth – fifteenth

c. fifteenth – seventeenth

27 How many years did Leonardo da Vinci live?

A .85

B .67

C .49

correct answers

1. v. 1966

2. A year and a half

3. B.1968

4. B important members of PCR

5. c. D6

6 a. IATSA SA Galati

7. b. 1995

8. A- Geneva Motor Show

9. Against Timisoara

10. b. Dacia spring

11. c. Dacia jogger

12- a. 2004

13. C.1905

14. A. Niels Bohr

15. A- Angelina Jolie

16- vs Salvador Dali

17. B Three

18. vs. JK Rowling

19. A. Mel Gibson

20. A. Mircea Eliade

21- Against the Apocene Mountains

22. A. Vârful Moldoveanu

23. C .1784

24. C .45

25. B. Braila

26. (a) fourteenth – sixteenth

27. B 67

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